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What is a Skill Based Resume? Is it Good for you?


Do you have very little experience but still want a good job? Are you talented and capable but do not know how to present a good resume? If the answer is yes, then you definitely need to come up with a skill based resume! There are several benefits that come with resumes like this. Also they promise to help you land the job of your dreams. Some have also questioned whether skill based resumes are good in the long run. And if that worries you too, then let this post provide you with all details. Hopefully after reading this you will know where, when and how to present a skill based resume. So keep reading!

what is skill based resumeWhat is a Skill Based Resume?

A skill based resume can be described as a document which consists of the persons qualifications, past experiences and qualities in the form of a list. This is quite different than a standard approach and might not always be appreciated. In a skill based resume you are also allowed to mention your employment but make sure to mention it towards the end of the resume. Also since skill based resumes only focus on potential and abilities, you will be able to show a much more comprehensive view of your abilities.

Why do People go for Skill Based Resumes?

You can go for skill based resumes if the position you have at the moment is temporary or is an internship. You may also try if there have been quite some gaps in your work history, even if it was for one or more years. Plus if any of you would like to make a full time job out of your current passion or are volunteering for something you like, then a skill based job would be ideal. There are also several who want to start a new career in the industry and have changed many job titles. This could be a great opportunity for them.

How Should you Create a Skill Based Resume?

Here are some of the resume tips and techniques you can apply while trying to create a skill-based resume!

Know the audience:

Before you write a skill based resume, you need to first think of the audience. Is it going to be a hiring manager at an established company or a startup or someone you know for a very long time. That will help you decide how to write a resume and go about the resume writing. So make sure to have a good idea on what your audience will like.

Give a personal idea of yourself:

Before you really begin with the resume, it is important to give a personal idea of yourself. And for that you should spend not more than 30 to 40 words. Keep the lines short and crisp while giving an account of yourself. Also mention the reason why you will benefit the organization and what makes you so unique to land a job like this. Make sure that your profile looks interesting. It is the first thing your recruiter will see after all.

Mention all the basic points:

The next thing we would recommend you to do is mention all the basic points. By this we mean you should add your education, past experiences, hobbies as well as interests. If you have done a couple of jobs during holidays, then please mention them as well. What holiday jobs do is that they show that you are capable of working and full of potential. It will surely benefit your application and create a good impression. So don’t miss out on this!

Gather all your skills:

Now we come to the main point. First of all closely analyze the job you would like to land. What are the main work skills that are required for the job? Think of them. Do you possess them all? If yes, then jot it down. It will not only be a huge chunk of the CV but also be a great resume  summary of all your skills for a job. However you should mention three to four of the most important skills that you possess. Also back them up with your past experiences and other accomplishments. Some of the most common skills spoken about are communication and leadership abilities.

Use bullet points:

Once you have mentioned all skills, explain every skill that you possess in each area. Also make sure to mention the experience you have had in the past,. You don’t have to stress over the companies that you have worked for or the posts you have held. Instead write more about the achievements you’ve had so far and the results you’ve got. Plus try not to be too industry specific. An example can be used to explain this. If you have been working in the health care industry for some time and are trying your luck for the sales department, replace the word patient with client. That would look better.

Talk about your history:

Your work history is highly important. Once you have written the skill section, make sure to mention your work history. You don’t have to use bullet points here again. All you need to do is mention the name of the company, the title of the job and the dates during which you worked. The beginning of the job and the end of it is good enough. You should also mention some of the volunteering jobs and internship done so far.

Don’t forget the extra points:

Towards the end of your skill based resume, you should mention the extra points that you’ve missed out earlier. Since this is the last section, try to make it as outstanding as possible. You should be as creative as you can, but do remember that things that you have mentioned on the resume should make it a professional resume. Plus talk about those things that are related to the job. Nobody wants to know if you can cook, unless it’s Masterchef!

What are the Advantages of Skill Based Resume?

There are plenty of advantages attached to skill based resumes. If you are looking for a change in your career, this will really help. Or if you want to go for some unpaid experience then a skill based resume would do you wonders. Plus people who have had to suffer with employment for a very long time can definitely try this. If your job targets are very different from each other, then you could use and make a resume for each one. That would suffice.

What are the Disadvantages of Skill Based Resume?

Skill based resumes also come with a couple of disadvantages. People who are looking for some extensive growth in their career can add this on the second page of their CV. It cannot be used as prominent job resume. Plus a resume format that is barely used will not be liked or appreciated by everyone. If one of your employers is a prestigious person, you can get past it by using a very simple method. All you have to do is put their names on the resume cover letter as well as the profile. See if that works!

Can this be Recommended to Others?

According to some of the experts, it is always easier to understand the candidate and his skills if the resume is skill based. If the resume is traditional, then there is a long way a person has to do. There are a lot of dots that need to be connected. Also there will be several times when people won’t mention all their skills and you have to work ten times more to get information out of them. So in that way, skill based resumes can definitely be recommended.

How are Skill Based Resumes the Best for Some People?

Skill based resumes are great for people who are trying to make a couple of changes in their career and looking out for some other options. Plus it is a great way to read perfect  resumes as all important skills are highlighted. People who haven’t been in the work place for a couple of years should consider this first. Plus since it’s going to be read online, you can always present it better with the usage of bullet points just like it has been mentioned above. Plus skill based resumes are not very long. Two pages are considered enough for them.

And that brings the article to an end. Hopefully you have learnt enough about skill based resume and will be able to create one for yourself very soon. If you know someone who wants to learn more about skill based resumes, recommend this article to them. Plus it would be great if could send some of your feedback. We would love to hear from you. And don’t forget to drop in some of your questions. We will try our best to answer all.