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17 Genuine Secrets Happy People Never Tell You


Happiness is set to a choice and almost all people love to be happy each and every day. Do you know that happy people also face challenges as normal folks? But they have the smartness to handle it their way and battle them. They know that they live a life they deserve for and hence they love to be positive and brim all the time.

Life is not always roses that bloom with its wonderful colors; there are situations where life brings you down to your knees. It is at those hard times that happy people get to work and make the situation happy. Let’s run into a few genuine secrets happy people never tell you.

secrets happy people never tell

Characteristics and Behaviors of Truly Happy People:

1. They aren’t happy always:

The truth is that none is happy all the time for any reason. It is always the downs that make us realize the value of ups in our life. Happy people know this secret and are down or sad sometimes. No one can force happiness into lives and they should allow for tears, sadness and any other obstacles that happen to realize the value of happiness.

2. They never faced easy life:

Not any one happy person would mention that they lead a soft and cushy life. They are individuals who have been knocked down a number of times, but woke up each time disliking staying down. The gusto and strength they summoned with to wake up and fight back is something which shows them the true color of happiness. For ones who are able to face tough times of life with a smile are sure to win.

3. They know the bottom view:

Most happy people have been pushed down a number of times and they know how the bottom looks like as they have worked from the bottom a number of times. It would be a signal, marking the end for more individuals who travel to the bottom after success.

Genuinely happy people consider the bottom as an initial start point, to build strong relationship, and a string basement. They are aware that there is no waste of knowledge and hence they keep marching forward with the knowledge they learned.

4. They love their defects:

Being available with a number imperfection is said to be a perfect person. They know who they are and accept themselves with all their defects. They conclude that they are special with all these imperfections and hence love to be that way. They have discovered that there is nothing called perfect and hence they have avoided chasing perfection and decided that imperfections are something that is brilliant in genuinely happy people.

5. They leave behind stress:

Getting away from stressful situation is the main chore of genuinely happy people by either ways such as yoga, meditation or by other ways. This cannot be avoided but they follow the strategy to focus on aspects that truly is of some value. By this way small stresses are avoided to turning into bigger and greater ones.

6. They never forget to exercise:

They live in a world of healthy living by following regular exercise where they look as well as feel better. They follow better ways which allows them to release the happy chemicals from within the body. Their choice may be a gym or running outside and they do it regularly as they know the value of endorphins.

7. They know they are what they are:

They don’t research or look out for the latest or greatest, and they do not get attached to the external things. They realize the truth that not any one thing around can make them happy or satisfied. When it’s time for any relationship they have the attitude to accept as they are.

They would have been individuals who would have chased for what they require and make them happy, they would have fought with their self-taught and now they have discovered that they are perfect as they are.

8. They love life:

For a genuinely happy person life is always an adventure and they accept it as it is with all its ups and downs. They are happy and appreciate the scars and bruises that marked their way. They understand life and take it as it is, instead of fighting for it. They take all steps that can make life happy, worthwhile and productive. They also know the truth to sit and enjoy the journey as it is in order to appreciate life.

9. They adopt differences:

It is a true fact that each individual is different. Genuinely happy people know and accept the same fact that there are differences in sex, religion, race, views and more which separates each individual. All these differences are not negated by happy people, instead they accept and celebrate these differences.

10. They seek help:

Asking for help never means you are weak, in that manner genuinely happy people do not hesitate to ask or render help for anybody. They look at it as a perspective for any situation so that they help other people in sharing the load.

They have a thought that not all people can do everything at all times and hence they need a helping hand or a friendly advice. Asking and offering help can take away nothing from them and also it adds to their experiences phase of their life.

11. They are honest to themselves initially:

The courage to admit the mistakes you make to yourself is the initial and first step towards being honest and comfortable to you before you are honest with others. They can lie to others but what about their inner mind? Genuine people are aware about what is required in order to be authentic to them.

12. They laugh:

Genuinely happy people look on the brighter side of life and always try to be happy and funny all the time. They are joyous and happy all the time and make even a dull and stony person burst out with a smile. They know the fact that laughter is the best healer and hence they lift others spirits and relieve them from stressful situations.

13. They encourage others:

They love to watch people happy and live life to their potential. They are happy to see others flourishing and hence they encourage and support people whom they love and care for. Others successes are also few reasons that encourage them and helps them win their life.

14. They avoid grudges:

Genuinely happy people are ones who do not hold on to past, hurts and anger. They instead allow pain to go away and move ahead with life. Happiness is surely destroyed when you’re carrying an old baggage that weighs you down. Genuinely happy person knows this truth and hence they acknowledge hurt and pain, forgive themselves, and make other happy.

15. They love to take risks:

Ones who take risks are the ones who are happy. New and excellent things can be experienced when you step out from your usual phase and enter into another new phase. By this way they learn more and grow more than their potential. They also have many chances to miss or fall down, but that too is taken as an experience by these people.

16. They do not fear:

Genuinely happy people do not use the word fear for any aspect in their life. They are equipped with braveness and step forward each step with happiness. When fear enters their lives they take steps back and they will not be able to achieve happiness.

17. They refocus:

They may view many problems in life and they always have another way where they can refocus the issue. By ways of refocusing they are able to view the problem in a different angle with fresh eyes. By this way they gain new perspective which in turn offers them a new solution.


These are a few genuine secrets happy people never tell you. They are the same as other human beings but have a different attitude which is positive. For ones who do not know the inner fact of happy people can read through the above pointers. They are genuine people who cross each barrier in a positive and creative way without getting exhausted in life. They have the inner strength and stamina to view gifted life as a precious one. They know that life is to be happy throughout and teach the same to others.