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How to Reject a Job Offer Politely? 18 Best Tips


You may be an individual who has applied for many jobs and interviewed in a number of places. You can be positioned in a desirable position where you are offered with many offers. Now it’s time to turn at least one of them down which is not very easy. Being courteous and graceful is an important aspect to be remembered during declining a job offer. It is important for the candidate to keep all the opportunities open, avoid burning bridges and also to leave a great impression every time. Let’s address few important aspects about how to reject a job offer.

how not accept job offer

Best Ways to Reject a Job Offer:

Here are few tips on how to turn down a job offer or rejecting a job offer.

1. Timely response to the offer:

When you have decided to turn down job offer it would be best to be prompt in your response. Though it may be a courteous thing to do, this suggestion allows the organization and move forward with another alternative. They might take steps to recruit another candidate and move forward before it’s late.

2. Plan your message:

It is good to take time and plan well ahead about writing proper drafts about what to inform the employer prior sending a message or calling the employer. A positive image would be created when you have a well-thought message; this kind of message would also offer you with another chance as to why you are planning to decline the job offer.

3. Being courteous:

Being professional and courteous is important when you’re informing about your job decline. Though you are turning down a job offer, make sure that you must be remembered for future opportunities. There are very few chances to network with savvy job seekers and hence thank the one who interviewed you and also wish them all success for their organization.

4. Call immediately:

When you have decided to decline your job offer, call the hiring officer who recruited you. The more you delay the more time employees take for an alternate decision. There may be a number of reasons for you to decline offer letter of the job such as compensation, work environment, responsibilities, and more but it would be efficient if a call is made by the applicant.

5. You may not like the company’s culture:

You may not accept a job offer for a number of reasons such as your prospective supervisor, culture, products, and services. In such a situation you simply thank the employer, with a vague reference mentioning that the job is not a great fit in your career. Almost all candidates do not express their dissatisfaction about the organization with whom they have interviewed. You paths might cross with players in the future and hence moving in a smooth manner and declining the job offers is important.

6. Thanking them:

Irrespective of your decision of not accepting job offer, it is vital to thank the HR and communicate your appreciation for spending time and offer. Make them understand that you have given importance for the situation. Remember not to criticize any part of their organization and their offer.

7. Give your explanation for not accepting the job offer:

The way you explain about not accepting the job offer is important and should be handled in the right manner. Below are a few set of examples which are used for not accepting a job offer.

For personal reasons: When discussing personal reasons, the commute can be far off about 60 miles and may find it tough for everyday work. Another personal reason can be that the parents are ill. With a number of personal reasons, it is always good to give straight forward and honest explanation to the employers. You start in a positive tone for example “I would like to accept the job offer but unluckily…….. “.

For financial issues: There are individuals who may be uncomfortable with the salary, in such cases, you can explain your thought but only if it’s true. When such discussions are made the employer would try to re-negotiate the offer. When the candidate does not want to accept the job offer ever at high range salary then discussing this particular point can be avoided.

The job does not align with my goals: It is always good to be open when you find that the job has low-visibility and you do not find any career path in the long run. You can be honest and provide an explanation for the same. An example to explain is that “my aim is to manage a group of programmers; I don’t think that this position would offer me with the experience I require to reach my goal…..”

About corporate culture: In a corporate, there are a number of politics that happens within the employees. There may be rumors about the department head, he may have nicknames, but remember these are things that must be kept within you. Always provide a professional excuse for example “I’m happy that I’m offered but I would like to work for a professionally held company”,” I am not looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity”. Make your complaints and faults on the corporate culture and not the people.

Got another offer: When you have got another offer, make sure to be honest and mention the same. Explain the reason that makes the other offer the best in all ways. Be honest and explain instead of accepting both offers.

8. Don’t burn bridges:

As an applicant, even if you have decided to turn down job offer, but it is always good to remember that you should never burn bridges. Present your gratefulness that you were a preferred candidate by the company and make a confession for the inconvenience. Also, remember to explain the situation in a considerate manner. It is important to remain professional and respectful because you may get an opportunity to apply for a job in the same organization again. Once your conversation regarding nonacceptance of job offer is done, remember to send an invitation to the recruitment team and hiring manager through LinkedIn so that future opportunities and networking options are open for you.

9. How not to accept a job offer:

Be diplomatic in the decision you have taken, state the reason in a polite and positive manner thinking the employer as a future potential employer. Make a clear and steady speech, you must be an individual who desires to get off the phone, but make sure you convey the message in a confident and clear way. Have an even and sensible tone and do not sound as if you do not care about the company. Mention that it was a tough decision to make and you really wish you work in such an organization.

10. Know your decision:

In such instances, you can find that the hiring manager can persuade you and make you adhere to your original decision. There may be negotiations that take place but make sure to be confident and move in your direction and stick to your decision. Don’t ever get into haggling in that situation. There are no employee contracts signed and hence, there is never a need to fear about anything.

11. Answer all the questions asked by the employer:

Since you have decided not to accept the job offer, make sure to answer all the questions asked by the employer. Clarify all the doubts your employer asks you in a polite and professional manner. Carefully listen with full concentration and be courteous, make a positive and complimentary tone.

12. Complete with a grace:

The conversation about how not to accept a job offer must be completed with a grace. Thank the employer or hiring manager for the opportunity provided. Complete the conversation with a small compliment and remember to mention that you were impressed with the company. Wish the employer and company good luck and complete your conversation in a positive tone.

13. Writing a perfect letter:

When you hunt for perfect ways about how not to accept a job offer, letting the employer know by means of writing is a perfect way. The letter should be formulated in a brief, to the point and polite manner. It is equally important for the employer to avoid burning bridges as he may have offers from the same employer later down the road. It is also mandatory to remember not to get into any specifics about the work environment, pay or even the awful work hours.

14. By being diplomatic:

As an employee, you may have received other offers, but still you can avert describing the position and other details about your new job. Present your recruiter that you are impressed by the company and have considered the offer in a careful manner. The main reason can be that the position does not sync with your career objectives and hence you aren’t accepting.

15. Through verbal communication:

Talk about the ones who interviewed you, you can mention a few words about that person that he was kind, welcoming, thought provoking, professional and whatever was best for the appropriate situation. Make sure not to overdo praises over the phone and you may not have to do it for an hour. Just frame about two or three sentences and show that you remember the person who interviewed you.

16. Avoid enthusiasm:

At times of not accepting a job offer, the employee should maintain the appropriate tone. Do not present it to be obvious that you just called to deliver the news that you’re rejecting job offer. Do not sound to be enthusiastic that the person who hears you over the phone might be astonished that you’re happy to reject offer letter.

17. Being attentive:

At times of not accepting a job offer and you are with the recruiters explaining about the same, make sure to be attentive. Do not feel uncomfortable and present the recruiters that you still care for the company. By this way, the organization has chances to think about you in future. They would remember that you are a valuable employee and consider you for any opportunity.

18. Do not offend:

Though you may have got a better chance, remember that you must not offend the organization in any aspect and bring them down. This would lead to burning bridges and avoid you from gaining more opportunities in future. This would be a professional way of handling the situation.

It is a true fact that many job hunters these days get a number of job offers and are in a dilemma about how not to accept a job offer. The above-mentioned tips are for those kinds of people. The reasons for not accepting can be many they may have got another offer, they did not have a good impression about the organization, and they may have personal reasons and lot more.

It is actually a nerve-wrecking situation and hence must be handled with professionalism and care. When a nonacceptance for a job offer is handled in the right manner, good professional relationships are maintained which can pave a way for future opportunities. When handled in the wrong manner you can burn bridges and also face a professional havoc in your reputation. There are a number of sample letters and emails regarding how not to accept a job offer, employees can run the samples and proceed forward with their process. These are a few tips which are mentioned about how not to accept a job offer.