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16 Things Recruiters really want to see on your CV


As we all are well aware that business world is a cut throat one indeed where owing to the fact that there is so much intense competition between various companies, they are constantly on the lookout for those individuals who they are sure will be an asset to the office and will always strive to keep the company banner flying as high as ever. So if you are seeking employment in a company, for your benefit, given here is a list to help you get a clear understanding of what recruiters actually want to see on your CV, follow the list and you will be on the right track.

what recruiters want on cvWhat Recruiters want to see on your CV?

1. That you know exactly what they are looking out for:

In this day and age if you want to be a part of a company, you have to be able to think quickly as well as be able to be a very fast learner, however this having been said if you are someone who wants to join the corporate world as well as make it big, then what you should do is try your level best to consult as many sources as you can, to find out exactly what it is that they are looking for when looking through your CV If you take the trouble to actually find out, then chances are that this is going to come shining through in the CV which you submit to the company.

2. The ability to prepare a good looking and neat CV of yours:

Nowadays, there is no scope for you to make mistakes or even submit haphazard work, if you want to get ahead in your field and achieve success, then you have to be able to deliver top quality work at all times as well as under all circumstances. The manner in which you submit your CV will be a clear reflection to your attitude to work in general. If you give up a good looking, neatly presented CV then you will automatically be setting a very good impression right at the onset, but if your work is untidy it will reflect badly on you.

3. Your ability to say a lot in minimum number of words:

Understand that nowadays a CV is not merely a summary of everything which you have achieved so far in your career, mentioned in a point blank manner, rather on the other end of the spectrum it is powerful marketing as well as advertising tool, where the product on display is you. You should make it a point to make the most use of this tool so that you really able to them get the point across that you will be an invaluable asset to the company and that under all costs you try your best and put your one hundred and ten percent.

4. Your educational qualifications neatly mentioned:

Naturally one of the most important things which is mandatory to mention on your CV is your educational qualifications. The more qualifications you have naturally the better it will be for you. But it does not mean that, only high qualification will help you get the job or you will be really good in the job you get. It might also happen that someone who does not have very high qualifications has the unique ability to think in a unique as well as unconventional manner.

5. The ability you have to express yourself coherently: Trying to remain a relevant part of today’s twenty first century business world is no easy task at all, yet this having been said, as long as you are good at what you do and constantly try to improve yourself as well as your skills, you do not have to worry about losing your job. One of the most important skills in the business world is communication skills. If you are someone who can do a great deal of writing work but cannot quite speak very well then you might not be able to move ahead. So ensure that your CV reflects your ability to express yourself well.

6. Any previous work experience which you have:

In addition to mentioning your educational qualifications it is also of paramount importance that you mention your work experience. You should make it a point to mention as many companies as you possibly can. Companies really prefer to hire those individuals who do have some amount of work experience so that they do not have to start from scratch and teach employees basic things. So do not simply mention the name of the company in a bullet point, rather ensure that you also mention the time frame and also the post which you held in that company as well.

7. Projects which you have successfully been able to manage:

When preparing your CV you must try your level best to showcase your talents as well as abilities as much as possible. It is absolutely vital to remember that simply mentioning the skills which you have will certainly not mean anything at all. For example if you state- “Has leadership skills and is a good orator”, statements like these mean absolutely nothing at all as they have no base. Rather giving concrete examples from projects which are actually renowned could really make a big difference as well as make a more lasting impression in the mind of the recruiters present.

8. Your contact details should necessarily be given:

You should most certainly not forget to mention your contact details on your CV otherwise in the event of wanting to get back to you or even call you for an interview, the recruiter will have absolutely no way of getting in touch with you. In this technological age all of us have personal mobile numbers, landline numbers and even fax numbers so ensure that you mention all the numbers which you need to, provided you are sure that they will be able to reach you. Mentioning your address is absolutely vital as well. Many people choose to mention their email id’s too.

9. Your ability to think out of the box and be a little unique:

Right through our lives we try our level best to ‘fit in’ as well as stick to the status quo, however, rather than always trying to blend in with everyone else, you should try your level best to stand out as well as be unique. If you are someone who are unique as well as memorable then chances are that you will be able to make a place in everyone’s heart as well as mind. So you must ensure that you allow your unique characteristics to shine though the CV which you deliver to your company. Though a CV has to be a formal document, that does not mean that you cannot do things in your own way.

10. Recruiters do not want ambiguous statements:

One of the worst things which you can do on your CV is mention ambiguous statements which have no meaning at all, this is something which recruiters absolutely do not want to see at any point in time. So at all costs ensure that you mention things which are relevant as well as which are backed by concrete examples as well as details. Avoid saying things like ‘Had a key role to play in the success of the company in the year 2012’ as this will most certainly make you come across as terribly unprofessional, inexperienced and juvenile.

11. Your ability to distinguish important details from the unimportant:

Your ability to distinguish, important details from irrelevant things will be the primary focus of the recruiters when they are looking at your CV You should not be under the misconception that the longer you’re CV, the better it is for you. You should keep in mind that in the business world, time and money are both invaluable resources and at no point in time should you go so far as to waste either of them. So you need not mention irrelevant life stories in your CV as that is merely a waste of space in your CV However this having been said ensure that you do not take brevity to a different level altogether.

12. Any references which you have would be extremely helpful:

Though this is certainly not mandatory, if possible do give a reference or two as this would go far in giving your CV some weightage. Rather than you praising yourself and blowing your own trumpet it would obviously mean a lot more if you have some individual who is famous in your field, saying some positive things about you and the manner in which you work as well as conduct yourself. Just remember that at the end of the day it is your CV and as long as you are able to bring together everything that you would like to include neatly, you have nothing to fret about.

13. That you have no unusual long gaps in your career timeline:

As far as possible recruiters want to see that you are someone who has worked in reputed companies and knows the way in which companies function. They most certainly do not want to see huge gaps in your career timeline as that is going to raise a huge number of questions in the mind right at the very onset.

14. That you have not made any grammatical mistakes:

Needless to say that the recruiters want to see whether you are able to write well as well as more importantly in grammatically correct sentences with proper punctuation. So ensure that you double check whatever you submit, even if you make a typographical error and do not bother printing out the page as once more, then this is certainly not going to go down well with the recruiters who are on the lookout for perfectionists.

15. That you have an eye for details:

Having an eye for details implies that you take the pains to choose a proper font which is legible as well as ensure that you place proper borders on the pages and highlight details which are very important indeed. The manner in which you submit your work will be a reflection of you as a person. So the recruiters, basically wants to see you on paper, nothing more, nothing less.

16. That you do not focus on superficial things:

Last but certainly not the least is that your CV should mean that, you are someone who really likes to delve deep into the matter rather than focusing on superficial things which at the end of the day do not even add up to anything at all. It is important to note that rather than you having to mention these things, it should come shining through that CV that you are not someone who likes to talk the talk rather you prefer to walk the walk though the excellent quality of work that you deliver at all points of time.

So these are some of the things which you have to keep in mind, because these are exactly the things which any recruiter is looking for on your CV You must ensure that you take ample time to ensure that your CV has been prepared and been put together with the uttermost care as well as attention. A recruiter is someone who is skilled as well as experienced to be able to tell the difference at once between a CV that has been prepared in an hour or two and a CV which has been put together after a great deal of effort. So if you want the job, ensure that you are doing everything you can.