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How to Recruit on Twitter with Hashtags: 35 Awesome Tips


With many social networking sites that connect people, employers use this platform for searching their ideal candidates. To name those sites, some are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

While LinkedIn, Facebook do contribute in helping to get in touch with suitable candidates, Twitter is one of the best means of getting real time candidates.

recruit on twitter with hashtagsTwitter for Recruitment:

You would have observed that in Twitter it’s possible to use many types of search for engaged users of particular interest, especially with hashtags.

Searching for candidates through Twitter is one means where it’s best for an account holder to have at least a thousand tweets from a few thousand followers. The advantage is that you won’t be knowing them personally.

Hence, you could use the key words as search engine operation which could help to get leads.

So what are hashtags and why they are used?

It’s a word or phrase prefixed with a hash sign namely “#”. Its popularity rose through Twitter posts on social media websites to make searching for those words that created a trend.

Those words were regarded as “trending topics” on the front page of Twitter.

Example” # sunny day”. These trending topics can be searched geographically. It was also used to make users to ‘follow’ other users of similar interests. The words are number specific and words or phrase needs to be made limited.

How are the hashtags “#” useful?

It helps to locate users of ‘particular interests’ easier while using the search engine. It is considered as a powerful way to participate in conversation, share information, spread messages and track information.

Usually users indicate their interests in Twitter allowing them to be placed in the stream having ‘hashtags’ or in topics with ‘like’.

Such indicators make users to be grouped together or follow each other and give a platform for ‘like-minded’ to converse easily in the large pool of information.

By just clicking on the “#word” they will be carried to all those information linked with those already having the same.

How can you search these ‘hashtags’?

Use Hashtag There are certain tools like Twubs or Tagalus that help in identifying and searching for specific hashtags that users are looking out for. But normal search engine tools like google, are better to use and complete the tasks easily.

Tips and Guidelines for using #Hashtags while Recruiting:

1. Keep hashtags to minimum:

With each tweet keep the hashtags to minimum to make your message reach out loud. Or else you could land up with lot of spam creating junk and process could get out of hand.

2. Use right tags:

use relevant hashtags Verify the trending tag by reviewing the history and do a little homework. This way you could avoid unnecessary connotations that may lead you out of the track that you are intending for. Hence, use appropriate tags that has a meaning.

3. Check out before initiating:

In case you are going to use a new hashtag, then ensure it is easily understood and identifiable. It is better to have shorter tags as the characters are limited.

4. Send regular tweets:

As regular tweets last for less time, it is advisable to send out tweets in regular intervals so as to reach out to most of the people and the right audience.

5. Keep yourself engaged:

It would be better to make your presence in chats, post contents related to industry, post messages.

This will make the potential candidates feel that you are ‘involved’ in trends that are taking place and would consider to join your team.

How to Recruit on Twitter with hash tags?

Many companies use the following words to make users to follow and help to locate people looking out for jobs.

1. #jobs:

hashtag for jobs Many companies who advertise on the net use this hashtag to announce their vacancy through Twitter.

Candidates in search for jobs can use this tag to help organize their searches. It can also help to identify others who are in search for jobs or who has posted their experience about it.

2. #jobhunt:

This tag is useful for users to know about the jobs posted on other sites and also advice on the job hunting process.

3. #JobHuntChat:

Twitter is involved in many industry as well and there are chat rooms created in it. There are certain moderators who create a platform for connecting the jobseekers, recruiters and leaders in industry.

4. #hiring:

A company is looking out for candidates, use this tag to get connected with them.

5. #Interview and #Resume:

These are common hashtags used where questions related to interviewing process, the method of hiring, recruitment process are being exchanged.

6. #unemployment:

This specific tag details mainly unemployment news, how to avoid unemployment, jobs to avoid, trend in the market.

7. #City Name:

These tags are used to segregate the recruiters or job seekers from that specific city. It is one way for gathering information related to vacancies or recruitment in the name of the city identified.

8. #employers:

hashtag for hiring This tag mainly highlights about the employers. You could get information about the practices they employ and their reviews. It’s a way to know whether the employer is fit for you or not.

9. #seekingjob:

This tag helps to connect those that are looking out for jobs with the companies looking out for certain categories that may fulfill their requirement.

10. #tweetmyjobs:

This tag can be used for searching for jobs on Twitter.

11. #jobopening:

This tag details opportunities and helps connect with people searching for jobs or recruiters searching for candidates.

12. #jobposting:

This tag is important for job seekers to use for searching jobs. It describes about the types of work posted.

13. #employment:

This tag is used by employers and job seekers can use this tag to get information on the employer’s requirements.

14. #recruiting:

recruitment through twitter This tag describes about the methodologies used by employers while recruitment.

15. #joblisting:

This tag gets the job seekers attention as it denotes that there is a vacancy.

16. #HR:

There is a very simple meaning to this tag. It’s a way to directly connect to the HR or the recruiters itself.

17. #linkedin:

This is very easy way for the job seekers to say that their LinkedIn profile can be viewed and catch the attention of employers searching the Twitter.

18. #profile:

This is another way to make the search easier as it will be linked with other social networks as well.

19. #CV:

Besides resume, Curriculum Vitae is another way of making your profile to be viewed by prospective employers.

20. #Degree:

Sometimes to make the search easier tagging degree like MBA, BE, MCA, and so on is used by job seekers.

It could help the employers to filter those with the specific degrees as per their requirements.

21. #job:

job search using twitter A very generic tag will segregate all those seeking jobs and those advertising for jobs for candidates looking to view the market.

22. #manufacturing:

This tag details for vacancies in manufacturing sectors only and helps for candidates looking out in that sector.

23. #bilingual:

This tag indicates that the job requires candidates with bilingual experience. It will also help select candidates with those experience.

24. #retail:

This tag is to identify people with retail experience and those looking out for retail experience.

25. #graduate: 

This tag depicts that the requirement is for graduates in any business sectors.

26. #marketing:

The marketing skill requirement or posting can use this particular tag. It will help to filter out people with those skills as well.

27. #pharmaceutical:

Employers wishing to seek this qualification can use this tag and those candidates having such experience can put up using this tag.

28. #hrjobs:

Companies wishing to recruit candidates with HR qualification can use this tag and indicate in their vacancies.

29. #banking:

Most of banks can let out their requirements through this tag and individuals can use such tags to indicate their banking experience.

30. #greenjobs and #energyjobs:

This tag indicates energy sectors and jobs related to environmental aspects. Both companies and individuals can tweet using this tag.

From the above hashtags indicated, you would have noticed that adding the hashtag sign “#” in front of the word needed is to be used for making the search simplified.

Twitter, though, has come up lately to join the other social networking sites for fulfilling their hiring process, it is now being used by almost 60% of the companies worldwide. So what are you waiting for?

Employers use twitter to share your views using appropriate hashtags and be updated. Fresh candidates or experienced candidates use twitter’s hashtag and connect yourself with the network to enhance your career.