Being at home either for long summer vacations or for two, three days is in itself a great pleasure. For the first few days, you would like to sit idle but gradually you are likely to feel bored of idealism , so to get rid of the same, you need to do some productive work so that it adds to your personality and your present knowledge, intellect.

For the same explore something new that may be against your wish or go along with your hobby. Both are likely to add to your personality and will enhance knowledge. The productive things to do to pass time are:

productive things at homeWhat Productive Things to do at Home When Bored?

The following mentioned are few tips on best pass time activities and things to do to be productive.

1. Reading a good habit:

Go through the books, newspapers, magazines that interest you the most. Reading is important as it not only engages you in a task, but also help increase your knowledge, vocabulary as well as communicating and writing skills. So, try becoming an avid reader so that you are able to kill away the boredom.

2. Watch productive and informative programs:

Yeah! Television is not always the medium of spoiling you, but many a times it is also one of the best partners in loneliness and weariness. Go switch on your television, watch channels like discovery, national geographic or you can even go through the entertaining programs like singing, dancing and so on. These all will teach you one or the other thing and it’s productive in itself.

3. Art, can make you artistic:

If you are possessing good hand at art, then why not try new things at it. It may take years to become an artist, but there is nothing wrong in trying a little for the same. Strive for making new things. Search on the internet or sites for new ideas, refer books to get something new and see the whole of your time is utilized in a fruitful manner.

4. Planning the attire for the coming week:

Juggling with dresses is the most interesting activity of girls, whether in the market while shopping or at home in front of almirah, whatever is it, is always the exciting thing to do. You can spend less of your present time in deciding what to wear in the succeeding week. This not only helps in saving the time, but also the energy in thinking what to wear. So, planning what to wear the next is also one of the best things to do.

5. Call to a long distant friend:

It may be too long since you had called your true and long distance friend. If it really is, then move ahead and make a call. Talk to him or her all your past and the present, get ideas of how to improve the present and what should be done in the future. Talk about the recent changes in life and the effects it had brought into life. All such things will assist you in getting rid of the worries and will also prove to be the best time pass.

6. Make delectable Cuisines at home:

Instead of going to restaurants, try making varied dishes at home. Bring innovation in your techniques of cooking and you will discover happiness in your as well as on the faces of your family members. You will certainly enjoy the gestures and facial expressions after you serve them your maiden cuisine.

7. Photography:

Yeah! It is quite productive as not only does it provide pleasure, but also arouses interest, may be making you a future professional in photography. You never know. Moreover, now days photography has a successful career. Not just this, helps you in handling cameras, knowing angles, but also offers you memories in the printed format. So, create memories through photography.

8. Gardening:

If you have immense love for the flowers, then why not spend time visualizing the moments, feeling the aura of the flowers in your nearby garden or in your home. Go, water them, change the flower pot settings, plant new one’s, enjoy the whirling of flower petal, the freshness of early dew drops, the moist grass and so on. Ogle at the real beauty and cherish the moment.

9. Dancing to the tunes of your favorite songs:

Shake your legs with your friends, cousins and enjoy the songs. If dancing is what you love, then do it without feeling shy. Do, what makes you feel happy from inside . If dancing is your hobby, then do not stop yourself, but feel the music, dance on the tunes, scream, feel, and adore the time.

10. Learn something new:

Learning something is far better than sitting idle and killing the precious time. No matter of what age you are, you are eligible to learn at anytime irrespective of the age and time. You can learn different language say any of the foreign language like French, German and so on. If not, you can learn new words that will also escalate your knowledge and understanding. Moreover, anything learned yields in some or the other better way, irrespective of the time.

11. Exercise, gym, yoga:

You may not get time otherwise caring for yourself, but dude this is the right time to do what you have left due to work schedule and all. Utilize the free time in giving all what your body demands and for sure it desires for good health. Exercise or either go to the gym and offer your body the best, after all it’s your body not of stranger’s.

12. Abolish the unnecessary:

You may have non essential messages on your mobile, e-mails, texts, calls, images, videos, etc. Go ahead and remove all the unwanted stuff from your electronic gizmos. Not just this, but also throw away the undesired clothes and clean up the almirahs. You will actually feel free and messed up! A sigh of relief will rule you.

13. Play indoor games:

Sitting at home and nothing to do, why not play games, the indoor games like chess, pool and so on. These games are brainy and helps in increasing the concentration level, also are the brain exercises. It will give you relief, happiness and is also very productive. If not these, you may even play online games that are now days in more demand and are also energy enhancer.

14. Attend your health:

You may even consult the doctor and get yourself checked. It will shed away all your doubts regarding your health and will make you fit, thus ready for the future daily routine. Concentrate on your health during this time and give yourself the best with healthy food, medicine and so. Instead of spending time on your whatsapp or any of the social networking sites, go get a doctor’s advice.

15. Spend time with your pet:

Spending time with pets is lovely. Play with your pet, give it proper food, make them learn new things, go for a walk with it and spent some time this way. Take care of them and provide them love and adore that moment. This will prove to be your best time and you will recall it whenever feel being alone.

16. Apply for jobs online:

Sit home and plan your future by applying for the best jobs you can do. Now days everything is possible on internet and so are the application of jobs. Find the jobs that suits your profile and apply for the same. If you are not satisfied with the current job profile, then certainly do it and utilize this time for new opportunities.

17. Earn from home:

There are many productive things to do online, one such thing is work from home and earn money. You may even sit and earn from home. There are many jobs available online like writing content, freelancing, data entry and son on. You may join according to your interest and get paid online. This is the best way to utilize time while being at home and not even moving an, this is also one of the most productive things, you can do by being at home.

18. Work on your weaknesses:

Everyone is aware about his or her weakness. You may also know it. Weakness can be non effective communicating skills, bad handwriting, writing skills, poor grammar, poor reading skills and so on. Work on what you are bad and weak at. Consult books for this or you may even go through the online applications that help fighting your weaknesses. Utilize the time and turn your weakness into your strength.

19. Invite friends and organize a get together:

This is also a fun. Invite your friends at your place either for dinner or for lunch. Dine together and discuss your woes and joys with each other. Spend quality time with each one of your friends and turn a boring day into memorable, interesting one.

20. Change your body language and looks:

Give yourself, your body language a chance. Try a new look, attire, hairstyles and see you will like it a lot. This is because change is always acceptable and brings happiness by kicking away the regular monotony of life.

21. Listen to the melody of songs:

Let your ear hear the best. Listen to the pop, soothing and love songs, all according to your choice and give yourself a relief from the everyday burden. The song may bring you some sort of valuable message or your ear may even cross through the offensive words. Listen to what is productive and rest bid farewell.

22. Send wishes, greetings to your near and dear:

Greet your friends with beautiful cards on their birthdays, anniversaries and so on. Either make the card with your hand or you may even send them online. Send birthday wishes and make them happy with the unexpected. This is likely to help you in spending a whole day in a productive manner just by being at home.

23. Try something new, that you never did before:

Trying something new may include anything like, swimming at pool at home, trying to play your instruments you had never played before, eating something you never ate till date, get online banking or anything which you thought was against your personality or nature. Do that and you will surely learn something new from that. Thus, in this way the day will turn productive.

24. Reorganize the things that are kept messy:

Keep your things in order, whether it is your books on shelves, clothes in your wardrobe or anything which is creating a mess at your place. Organize it in a systematic manner and treat your day well.

25. Create a plan and set goals for the future:

Make a concrete plan and also try and follow that unflinchingly. Set goals for the future and start working on that for the same day. Make a plan which you can follow strictly in future and also crawl it accordingly.

26. Prioritize your things:

If ever you didn’t make priorities, then do it now. Start prioritizing your things and make a list of to do list. The things you won’t do should also be noted down so as to bring effectiveness out of what you do. Making your priorities will certainly give you the best and will eliminate all the unwanted things from your life.


So, above are some of the things that can be done at home and turn your days into productive one.

Sitting idle is a home to devil and one should always try himself or herself indulge in some or the other work, indulging in work will help you get something fruitful from the whole day and will also provide you a great deal of satisfaction.

Even if you are doing nothing and thinking, that is also productive. Apart from the above, you may even meditate,think, concentrate so as to turn the day into something good.