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281 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome


Formulating an impressive resume that stands out of the rest can be a challenging task especially when there are limited powerful verbs to be used.

Luckily there are abundant powerful verbs that are used to make your resume look awesome. Apart from the usual wordings which the hiring managers have heard all the time, getting a little more creative with powerful verbs can make your resume look special.

Make use of a few common words, along with strong phrases that will catch the eyes of hiring managers. Let’s glimpse through a few powerful verbs that will make your resume awesome.

verbs make resume awesome

Powerful Verbs List:

1. Verbs to use instead of lead:

As an employee, if you have to lead a project or a team and have been the responsible person from the start till the end of the project, then almost every one of you would use the word “lead” the project.

In order to make your resume look awesome, powerful verbs can be used instead of lead. Some of those verbs are,

S.No Poweful Verbs to use instead of lead
1 Executed
2 Controlled
3 Chaired
4 Coordinated
5 Operated
6 Headed
7 Organized
8 Orchestrated
9 Planned
10 Oversaw
11 Programmed
12 Produced
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When these powerful verbs are used in the appropriate place, then they make the resume look awesome.

2. Verbs instead of developed, created or introduced:

Many employees need to write something they developed for their company. When they have formulated new aspects for the company, they mention the usual word “Printed” in the resume.

When an employee introduced or created any project for the company, then he can make use of the following words. Some of them are,

S.No Powerful Verbs Instead of Developed, Created or Introduced
1 Built
2 Created
3 Chartered
4 Administered
5 Spearheaded
6 Introduced
7 Pioneered
8 Initiated
9 Launched
10 Instituted
11 Implemented
12 Incorporated
13 Formalized
14 Formulated
15 Formed
16 Engineered
17 Found
18 Established
19 Devised
20 Developed
21 Designed
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3. Verbs which are used to mention to save company time or money:

In order to present your talent in the company, employees use verbs where they used to be cost-effective and efficient.

Hiring managers lookout for exceptional resumes that show their cost-effective and efficient manner in their team.

To show the way you saved your team, these powerful verbs can be utilized to make your resume look awesome. Some of them are,

S.No Powerful Verbs to Save Company Time or Money
1 Yielded
2 Reconciled
3 Reduced
4 Diagnosed
5 Deducted
6 Lessened
7 Decreased
8 Conserved
9 Consolidated
10 Drain
11 Journey
12 Notice
13 Notify
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4. Verbs used in term of increased:

Every employee in their resume would try to bring in terms in English to mention that they have increased sales, customer satisfaction, efficiency, revenue, and more.

The employees need to put forth awesome verbs instead of “increase“. In that manner, powerful verbs used instead of increased are,

S.No Powerful Verbs used in term of Increased
1 Advanced
2 Accelerated
3 Amplified
4 Achieved
5 Boosted
6 Delivered
7 Capitalized
8 Enhanced
9 Furthered
10 Expedited
11 Expanded
12 Outpaced
13 Sustained
14 Stimulated
15 Improved
16 Maximized
17 Lifted
18 Generated
19 Gained
20 Advance
21 Amplify
22 Boost
23 Multiply
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5. Verbs used instead of changed or improved:

Every resume would surely have some aspect that uses the word “changed” or “improved”. You must have made a few amazing aspects in your department that need to be mentioned in the resume.

You may have changed or improved the invoicing system or something else related to technology into the latest updated one.

When discussing the amazing changes that have happened in the organization these verbs can be used. Some of them are,

S.No Powerful Verbs used Instead of Changed or Improved
1 Converted
2 Clarified
3 Centralized
4 Influenced
5 Integrated
6 Customized
7 Modified
8 Merged
9 Interacted
10 Redesigned
11 Refined
12 Overhauled
13 Rehabilitated
14 Refocused
15 Replaced
16 Reorganized
17 Remodeled
18 Simplified
19 Restructured
20 Revamped
21 Revitalized
22 Standardized
23 Transformed
24 Streamlined
25 Upgraded
26 Strengthened
27 Updated
28 Magnify
29 Modify
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6. Verbs used instead of managed:

Many times all the resumes found with the usual verbs when employees mention that they have “managed” a team. Instead of using the same old stuff where resumes have a sentence such as “managed a team” and more.

Employees can utilize these powerful words in their resumes so that it looks exceptional. Some of the verbs are,

S.No Verbs used instead of managed
1 Directed
2 Aligned
3 Cultivated
4 United
5 Trained
6 Unified
7 Shaped
8 Taught
9 Supervised
10 Facilitated
11 Fostered
12 Enabled
13 Inspired
14 Hired
15 Guided
16 Motivated
17 Mobilized
18 Mentored
19 Regulated
20 Recruited
21 Taught
22 Supervised
23 Shaped
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7. Verbs used when you brought in new partners:

You might have been an employee in your organization where you the one responsible for a great partner, has been a source of funding, or a sponsor. When such aspects need to mention, then these verbs can use. They are,

S.No Powerful Verbs used when you brought in new partners
1 Secured
2 Partnered
3 Navigated
4 Acquired
5 Forged
6 Negotiated
7 Launch
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8. Rephrasing phrases for supported:

In order to bring value to your resume by making use of exceptional verbs, you need to replace certain verbs.

When you have supported customers in your organization where you are meeting the needs of the customer by advising them, then the following verbs can be used without a doubt. Some of them are,

S.No Powefull Verbs Instead of Supported
1 Consulted
2 Arbitrated
3 Coached
4 Advocated
5 Advised
6 Fielded
7 Educated
8 Resolved
9 Informed
10 Advise
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9. Verbs involved instead of research aspects:

You might have been an employee who partners with research aspects; you have employed with research, fact-finding, analysis and more. In such scenarios mix your words with the below-mentioned verbs such as,

S.No Powerfull Verbs Instead of Research
1 Tracked
2 Qualified
3 Tested
4 Quantified
5 Surveyed
6 Measured
7 Explored
8 Mapped
9 Forecasted
10 Investigated
11 Identified
12 Interpreted
13 Examined
14 Analyzed
15 Evaluated
16 Assembled
17 Discovered
18 Assessed
19 Calculated
20 Audited
21 Discover
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10. Verbs used instead of wrote or communicated:

Would you like to include, writing, communicating, lobbying, speaking and related aspects of your resume? Then make use of powerful synonyms or verbs that make your resume stand out of the best.

S.No Powerful Verbs used instead of wrote or communicated
1 authored
2 reviewed
3 documented
4 publicized
5 edited
6 promoted
7 persuaded
8 illustrated
9 lobbied
10 critiqued
11 defined
12 counseled
13 conveyed
14 corresponded
15 convinced
16 composed
17 co-authored
18 authored
19 briefed
20 Brief
21 Broadcast
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11. Verbs used instead of oversaw or regulated:

It can be either you managed your department request or enforced protocol, it is important to mention in your resume what you did in a powerful manner with the following words. Some of the words used are,

S.No Powerfull Verbs Instead of Oversaw or Regulated
1 Delegated
2 authorized
3 blocked
4 ensured
5 dispatched
6 enforced
7 verified
8 monitored
9 scrutinized
10 screened
11 inspected
12 itemized
13 Amend
14 Attack
15 Bust
16 Instruct
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12. Verbs to use when you achieved anything:

Make your resume look unique by making use of quality words that are meaningful and make your resume look professional. In that manner, when you have achieved your goal, awarded with an award in your industry, your resume can make use of these mentioned words such as,

S.No Powerfull Verbs Instead of Acheived
1 Attained
2 exceeded
3 awarded
4 earned
5 demonstrated
6 completed
7 outperformed
8 targeted
9 surpassed
10 reached
11 succeeded
12 showcased
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13. Verbs to use to mention management skills:

Your resume needs a standard that can achieve by making use of appropriate verbs according to the subject has spoken. In that manner, when an employee speaks about management aspects words add quality to the resume, some of them are,

S.No Powerfull words Instead of Management Skils
1 Lead
2 Chaired
3 contracted
4 analyzed
5 reviewed
6 assigned
7 recommended
8 attained
9 produced
10 consolidated
11 prioritized
12 coordinated
13 planned
14 delegated
15 oversaw
16 developed
17 Pinpoint
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14. Verbs to use for communication skill aspects:

When your resume needs to mention a few terms related to communication skills, these mentioned verbs can be added which are,

S.No Powerfull Verbs instead of Communication Skills
1 Surveyed
2 summarized
3 revealed
4 adapted
5 mediated
6 consented
7 fabricated
8 explained
9 convinced
10 lectured
11 addressed
12 reported
13 supported
14 supplemented
15 represented
16 extracted
17 Report
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15. Helping skills and its related verbs:

Every resume may need a few helping skills mentioned in its appropriate session. Instead of the usual words that are mention, grab the attention of your hiring manager by making use of extraordinary words that makes your resume look awesome. In that manner, a few helping skills related words are,

S.No Powerfull Verbs Instead of Helping Skills
1 Aaided
2 rehabilitated
3 eased
4 mobilized
5 familiarized
6 endorsed
7 prescribed
8 cooperated
9 returned
10 alleviated
11 accommodated
12 served
13 coached
14 protected
15 provided
16 interceded
17 saved
18 enabled
19 advised
20 continued
21 assiste
22 counseled
23 sustained
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16. Verbs to be used to relate financial skills:

Your resume can look awesome and exceptional by making use of verbs that are unique and standard. Leave behind the usual monetary terms and use these mentioned terms to make your resume professional. Few of those words are,

S.No Powerfull Verbs for Financial Skills
1 Administered
2 planned
3 allocated
4 marketed
5 analyzed
6 managed
7 appraised
8 forecasted
9 audited
10 developed
11 balanced
12 computed
13 budgeted
14 calculated
15 researched
16 projected
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These are a few powerful verbs that can use in the resume to make it look awesome. A resume is an initial ticket which is also a decision maker where it takes the candidate to the next level in the hiring process.

Formulating a resume should prepare exceptionally so that the hiring manager inspires by your resume and the unique words used in the same. Only a powerful and standard resume that looks unique can fetch you an opportunity to reach the next level.