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How to Stay Positive Around Negative People Easily


Just like positivity, even negativity can be contagious. While the former is good, the latter is a strict no-no. Hence it is necessary to try to be positive at all times. Yet, how much ever one tries or succeeds in being positive, there will always be some factor or a person who will soon dab it with negativity. You cannot control who you come in contact with, or the kind of people you live with or you work with, and there will be invariably a good number of negative people around you, who will always lament about their and your life, or who will keep reminding you that something is not possible or someone who will discourage you from doing anything further in life by their remarks.

How to Stay Positive around Negative People

How to Stay Positive around Negative People:

If you wish to take charge of your life and you wish to be happy and positive, then you have to ensure that negativity doesn’t even get to peek at you. The only way out is to completely lose contact with negative people. If that’s not possible, then these are the steps you should take to keep your positive attitude intact while surrounded or coming in contact with negative people:

1. Do not give a quick response:

It might be tempting to give a befitting reply to any negative remark that come your way but when you snap, you are also becoming negative in the process. So, wait for some time and only then reply. Emotionally charged responses can only aggravate any situation making your condition worse.

2. Take a walk:

When there is so much negativity around, just take a break and go for a walk. Give some time to yourself, spend it with your inner voice and relax. Problems cannot be resolved by taking a walk, no doubt, but the time will refresh you and will give you sense and wisdom to deal with the issue.

3. Coat with honey:

If you are fed up of the negative person near you, and you do not know how to deal with her, then, try the honey method. Praise her, share a joke with her, try to be a friend to her. This is called coating with honey. Your positive attitude will definitely help her and she may transform to a positive person like you, who knows! Try it for sure.

4. Shun the negative:

It is basic human tendency to focus on one negative comment and forget all about the appreciation. Instead of spending all energy on the negative person, look around and focus on the positivity and positive people instead.

5. Create your own boundary:

While it is not possible to create a physical boundary around you, you can create an invisible boundary for sure. See yourself as someone who needs to be protected in this sacred space of yours and do not allow negative comments or people to enter this space. They can shout their lungs out from outside but those voices should not reach you.

6. It’s not necessary to be defensive all the time:

What is it that makes you respond to a negative person? It is the inner desire to prove that you are right. Hence understand that you need not be always right and you do not need to be. You are a human being and not a super man or super woman. Hence, there is no need to defend yourself all the time. Just ignoring can be the best policy.

7. If you can’t stop them, leave:

If it is possible to make the person shut up and see sense, then do that. If that’s not possible, then excuse yourself and leave the scene.

8. Try to transform:

If you feel that the interaction or the meeting is turning negative, then try to turn it around and try to bring in some positivity. You can try to be more polite, keep the tone down, bring in a little humour to the situation or just be diplomatic.

9. Do not make it personal:

If you hear negative remarks from negative people, remember, it is not always about you. It is the person’s insecurities that are making them say or behave the way they do. Thus, it is better that you do not take negative remarks and people personally. If you can understand this, and move forward, negative people will never be a matter of concern to you.

10.An objective view can help:

When you are confronted with negative comments most of the time and it is disturbing your peace and concentration, then it is better to talk about it to someone who is objective and who will not judge you. He or she can help put things in perspective so that you have a clearer view of what’s going on and you can seek a solution to the problem.

11.You are the master of your thoughts:

You alone can control your thought process. If you are going to be discontented or feel terrible about some negative person, then no one can help you. Others should not be allowed to make you feel bad about yourself. You know you are talented and smart, then why should some negative person make you think otherwise? Control your thoughts and the way you feel and things will be fine.

12.Sow good, so you reap good:

Check your own self once in a while to see if you have in some way or the other sown negativity around you. Even in the most delicate moments, when you wish to vent your feelings or thoughts, do so in the presence of someone who you trust and not some colleague who survives on gossips.

13. Limit your communication with negative people:

If it is possible, then do it. Sometimes it is not possible, if the negative person is the colleague next to you or a close family member. Yet, you can try to be far and yet, not make the person realize anything about it. You can ask the office to change your seat by saying that you need more air or you want another place or so. During family functions or get-togethers, you can limit your conversation with the negative family member to a hello and how are you.

14. Do not be judgemental:

Do not judge the person if she or he is being negative. Just because that person is not helping in bringing the best about you, does not mean that the person is all bad. Just being non-judgmental can make you positive, no matter where you are.

15. Negative people need more compassion:

A person who tends to be negative at all times might have some burning issues inside. May be, it is her personal problems that is making her behave the way she is. Try to be compassionate and see if the person has any issues that she would like to share with you. A little support from you will make the negative person see sense.

16. Focus on the positive traits of the person:

No matter how negative a person is, there will be invariably some positive aspect about him or her. Focus on that and try to bring those traits out. If you keep complaining about the negativity in the person, that trait will soon supersede any positivity that person might have.

17. Be positive no matter what:

Trying to stay positive amidst negative atmosphere and people need lot of practice. Each time your mind is disturbed, pause and think and revert to your positive state. It is not easy to be always positive but with time and practice, you can easily make it a part of your daily routine.

18. Consider every aspect as a learning experience:

Each day of your life offers a learning experience. Consider the negative people too as a lesson. These situations help you to transform into a stronger you and you learn to deal with different people. A lesson learnt definitely brings a smile to your face.

19. Check your negative thoughts from time to time:

There are times when we succumb to the negative atmosphere and become negative ourselves even without our knowledge. Hence it is important to keep a check on our negative thoughts and comments from time to time. If you find that you too have been participating in negative talk, then put an end to it promptly and do your exercise to be positive as said in point 17.

20. Do a balancing act:

If there are negative colleagues in your life, balance it out with a supportive and positive family atmosphere. If you have a friend in your group who is negative, you rely more on the positive friends and try to keep this negative friend at bay. It is important to have a balancing life, hence try to balance the negative aspects with positive ones and stay positive all the time. Never let your professional and personal life be affected by negativity and that is the key to maintaining a positive attitude.

Trying to stay positive when there are negative people all around you to bring you down can be hard. But remember that it is up to you to remain positive or negative or disillusioned. You can decide how you are going to think or behave. The above points will definitely help you tackle negative situations and will help you handle negative people well. Start practising them in your life and you will see that you have learnt to live life better by accepting a positive attitude.