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How to Craft a Perfect Modern Resume: 18 Awesome Tips


The resume is the mirror of an individual’s education, skills and everything related to him or her. The resume is the way through which a person gets an entry to the office. In order to get a job, one has to present him or herself along with a resume, so one should make sure that the resume you carry along with is a perfect modern one. The good attractive resume will make a great impression, so make sure it is perfect. Consider the following points:

craft perfect modern resumeCrafting a Perfect Modern Resume:

1. Do not write on your own:

This is the time of technology. Every work is being done through the help of technology, so why make use of the hands in writing. Use digital text to make your resume look professional. The writing of your own with pen and pencil will bring an awe factor. Do not let this happen ever.

2. Keep the fonts visible and simple:

You are not going to present yourself at any fashion show, so don’t make your resume look colorful. Don’t use the stylish fonts. Make use of the balanced and simple fonts but keep them bold. Bold fonts will be easily seen and attracts the attention of the reader.

3. Bring creation and innovation:

Don’t make your resume boring. Monotonous things distract the eye and lose the attention. Bring little innovation in your resume. Write good and attractive sentences with great English as it will put up an impression of you having a good command over your English. Make your resume a creative piece of paper, and not just a simple paper. Bring creation in what you write and it will certainly attract the individual.

4. The format should be acceptable:

Use the format which is acceptable at the corporate level. The format should not be informal. It should give an impression that you have the professional sense. So make sure you give a professional and more formal approach to your resume. Formal approach means to put the things in order like the education qualifications, experience, skills, hobbies and so on.

5. Positives should come at the first:

If you are bad at something, do not write that at the very first. Go for the things which you are good at and write those on the top as it will make your reader happy and will believe of you being a capable candidate. So put all what you know thoroughly on the top of your resume and also do not directly write what you are bad at. Just do not mention it in the resume.

6. Themes and storyline:

Mention the theme and the storyline while starting your resume. Focus on the relevant carreer accomplishments. Instead of mentioning the objectives, write down the profile which focuses on the benefits and the good points about the employer. Here the storyline is not about writing the story, but you should present yourself in the resume as if you are writing a story and it should interest the reader also.

7. Videos and pictures can be added:

Digitalized resume can contain the videos and the pictures in it. The video will certainly display the good personality and is a good idea. In the video explain the reason why you are best for the job. Before uploading the video, make sure everything you spoke and made is right and apt. it should be perfect and should describe the value so as you get the position you have applied for there.

8. More of the social presence should be mentioned:

Today having a social presence is must. If you are active on the social media networks, that also give a critical angle to the job. The basic points on the social media about you can either help you getting the job or will make you lose your job.

9. Modern technology should be used but do not forget the conventional one:

Your resume will have digital text but the cover letter should be strong, well-written and very concise. It should also have the option of call to letter, so that they can contact you whenever they feel like. Demonstrate the traits with proper work experience and the accomplishments you had in your life.

10. LinkedIn: Presents you, so be true!:

The companies now days prefer to consult the social networking sites like the linkedIn to know the employers and it somehow gives an insight if you are true in your resume or no. Do not write what you are bad at in your resume and also do not write the exaggerated good things about yourself. It will put a bad impression if in case you are traced at social networking sites and you got out being a lie. So, be who you are and be true to yourself as well as to others.

11. Make it colourful:

Colourful does not mean putting smilies, stars or something like this in your resume. Colourful mean you can make the headlines and the sub headlines bold, can even be in the red or any other colour, other than the black.

It will keep your resume look professional as well as colorful. It will not bore the reader if he or she will go through the resume. The resume will make them excited to know what is mentioned inside it and will grab the eyes till the end.

12. Make use of the charts and the tables:

If you use charts and the tables in the resume, it is the best thing as it saves time as well as you get to write less and everything is written in the tabular format. Adding of the charts and the tables in the resume makes it presentable and looks formal. It also shows that you are good at using the Microsoft word and the power point, which is considered the basics o the computer application.

13. Avoid the vague words:

Modernization does not mean you are free to make use of the vague and the wrong words. Just do not write the vague words. The words should not express the aggression, but should be flexible, hardworking and very reliable.

14. Check the grammar and the spellings:

Your grammar and the spellings must be correct. Making use of the wrong grammar and the sentences with the technical words will give a very wrong impression and it can give you a red signal as it will project lot of confusion in the minds of the interviewer.

15. Photograph:

The profile photo of yours should be perfect and at the right place. The photo should be clear and clean. It should present forth the professionalism. Do not get clicked in the fancy clothes with long earrings or tonnes of makeup. Just be simple, wear professional attire and then get clicked. The photograph should reflect the professional attitude and should be place at the right place.

16. You sell yourself through the resume:

You sell yourself through the resume. So, sell yourself in an effective manner. Make use of the headline and the hot links to show your profile to the HR manager or the executive through your online portfolio and the professional blog that you are running. Keep your linkedIn profile upto date and fresh, if you are giving the links. So, better be true and clear.

17. Also mention why you wish to work in that particular company:

Mentioning the reasons of why you wish to work in that company will provide you extra weightage and will give you extra points. It will act as a cherry on the cake and will also showcase the clarity of the reasons in your mind. Giving the reasons, tell that you have a clear cut mind without any confusion towards anything.

18. Consult someone who has the experience:

If you are a fresher, then consulting someone who has the experience will be the best option. It will not only broaden the prospective but also make your resume perfect, without any mistakes. Not knowing something is acceptable but doing something wrong even after knowing is not at all acceptable and also presents your careless attitude.


The above are the points which will help you out in forming a perfect modern resume. All the above points should be there as it will make the resume good enough and one will not find any mistake in that. Making a resume is the first step and whatever you write in the resume will show what you are. Do not mention anything that you are not in actual, as it will show that you are not at all true towards yourself and will give a bad impression. Your resume is the first impression, so do not let it go bad. Just make it right as the first impression is the last impression.