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Married to Your Co-Founder? How to Make It Work (Balance All)


Working with your husband is one thing but owning a business with him is another story. When you start a business with your life partner things work differently because you are related with your co-founder on a very personal level and it changes everything.

Being a business partner and life partner is different, even many couples started as friends and ended up as couples but whatever the situation is whether you were already married when you started your business or married after engaging in business together it just changes things between couples.

how to make it work

How to Make It Work When You’re Married to Co-Founder:

You get married to your co-founder or start a business with your spouse, life is set to change and change is going to affect you on a greater level because you are the part of the change but working together and living together is interesting as well as challenging.

When you start a business together you get to know your partner on a more intimate level. Most people never get to see the working side of their spouse but when you work as co-founders then all the things change 360 degrees because now you got to see your spouse in professional mode.

Managing a relationship when you both are working as a business partner is a little risky and adventurous but the main question is ‘How to make it work when you’re married to your co-founder?

Every relationship has its pros and cons but when two relations merge to create a new relationship then things change. To deal with your spouse cum business partner and make your relationship work, use these simple tips and tricks and see the magic it creates.

1. Respect:

Having respect for each other is the key to a successful relationship whether you work together or separately or own the business mutually. Respecting each other is a must if you want to make your relationship as well as your business run without any hitch.

When you respect your partner you respect their opinion, decisions and it gives a start to a healthy communication where you can find the solution to every problem. Respecting your spouse also shows that you have great moral values and ethics.

2. Understanding:

Understanding is the salt of perfect relationship soup. Relationships are like soup; you add so many ingredients in the soup to make it healthy and tasty and just like soup relationships have so many things to make it perfect and enjoyable for both partners and understanding is that salt which adds taste in your relationship.

Without understanding, your relationship will taste sour and when it comes to a relationship where two life partners run a business together, understanding becomes more important. Don’t miss the salt of understanding otherwise you never get to taste some beautiful and amazing relationship.

3. Space:

Everybody in this world needs personal space no matter who the person is and when it comes to life partners cum business partners it becomes more important. You need personal space to reunite, to think and analyze or simply to enjoy some peaceful moment alone.

Reasons may differ from person to person but the need for personal space remains. Personal space becomes even more important when you are a business partner as well as a life partner because you spend way more time together than normal couples and know more about each other than any ordinary business partner. Maintain a healthy space between you and your partner.

4. Different responsibilities:

Managing a home is difficult but managing business together is much messier because now people depend on you and look after you to follow orders. When your life partner becomes your business partner dividing responsibilities come as blessings because it simplifies so many things and helps in maintaining a healthy environment for home and business.

Dividing responsibilities as per their qualification, interest, and personality also increase the productivity of your partner and they have less stress because they know what they have to do and what they are doing. So divide responsibilities equally and strategically and it will help in your personal as well as professional relationship.

5. Trust:

Another important thing in any relationship is trust. Trust plays a very important role in building a healthy relationship whether you have business relations or personal relationships and in this case both in relation to one person.

Having trust in your partner also strengthens your bond as business partners and there are more chances of you having a successful business when you have trust between you and your partner.

On the other hand lack of trust between lives, partners cause them to have an unsuccessful business relationship because they don’t have trust between them to keep them from falling.

6. Maintain difference between home and office:

When you both work for different company and organization you have your time in schedules for work and home but, when you start your own business with your life partner, life between work and home starts to fade because you own what you do and to make any business successful you need time and hard work.

The difference between home and work is what makes you ready to work the next day with the same enthusiasm and energy no matter where you work or for whom you are working, so maintain a difference between your home and work. Don’t bring your work to your home or don’t take your home to your work.

7. Time for yourselves:

Having some quality time to spend with your partner keep your relationship healthy and stress-free, also maintain freshness in your lives. When you started your own business with your partner and work hard to make it successful it’s natural for stress to enter into your life and cause distress for both of you.

To keep you motivated and stress-free take some time for you and spend with your life partner. Forget about work and anything else when you are with your partner and aiming for a relaxed evening. That way you will have time to spend with your partner and yourself.

8. Holidays and outing:

Holidays and outing seem a waste of money and time for many people and they try to work more to earn more. When you start working together as co-founders and have more to spend with your partner, the value of holidays gets fade because you are already spending your whole time together but this is causing you more problems than profit.

Holidays and vacations are meant to relax you and to let your mind free for some time. No matter how much time you are spending together or separately, holidays and vacations are what every person needs from time to time to keep going.

Life Partners and Co-founders:

There is no rule book for relationships especially when it comes to life partners. There are few tips and tricks which suit almost every situation when it comes to your spouse but these tricks and tips fail when you take your relationship to a new level by making your life partner your business partner.

Rules changed now, you both have more responsibilities and now many people look after you to follow orders and to make decisions and you have to set good examples for the people who trust you and follow you.

The journeys of life partners cum co-founders are full of ups and downs. You get to know your partner on the level so many people never get there but the road is full of risks and you have to trade carefully.

Every relationship is different and every business has its demand and needs, to fulfill both you need balance. We cannot give you the whole what to do and what not to do list but can help you by giving a general idea that what should be avoided and what should be included. Let us discuss few points so that you can ride the boat of co-founders and business partners without any hurdles.

1. PDA:

Don’t forget the line of PDA (public display of affection). Most couples like to show their bonding and love and it is common to have PDA but when you both work as co-founders then don’t do PDA especially in front of your staff and workers. Keep your private moments to yourself and display professionalism so that you can set an example for your people to follow.

2. Don’t interfere with every problem:

Yes, you are the boss and have the authority to do as you please but authority brings responsibility and as an owner, you have to be careful that you avoid interfering in other businesses especially in your partner’s matters.

Let them handle their issues themselves, help only when they ask. Doing everything and interfering with each other look good in the home but in office, it shows disrespect so avoid at any cost.

3. Separate workplace:

Sharing a bedroom shows the love between the couple but sharing an office looks awkward and unprofessional. As co-founders, you both have different responsibilities so take different workspace, that way you will focus more on work and less on each other.

4. Personal problems:

Like any other couple, you may have problems with your spouse but discussing problems in office shows poor work ethics and fighting in the office is a business killer. Leave your problem at home when you leave for work and leave office problems at the office when you set to go home. Never shows your conflicts in front of your workers.

5. Individual skills:

We all have something different from others and have a different comfort zone. Understand each other’s quality and help them in improving. You are the bigger strength and support system of your partner so support them with their quality and encourage improvement. Your support can do magic for your partner in your office as well as in your home.

6. Differences:

It’s next to impossible if you think your life partner is going to be just like you in every manner. Every individual is unique and has different qualities. Use them wisely and accept the differences you both have whether at home or in office because they may work in your favor or just simply appreciate them.

7. Communication:

Business communication is different from your typical couple of languages. Business language is much more formal than what you use in your house with your partner, so keep that in mind while talking and choose words according to the place where you are having a conversation. Also, check your words carefully because your words reflect your personality.


Whether as a co-founder or as a married couple, working together for your own business take lots of effort, energy and time as well as trust in each other. Working together has its benefits and doubts.

Take an example from the business world and you will know yourself that married co-founders have the highest success rate than individual ones because they know their partner inside out and work as a rock for them.

Married business partners or business partners who got married after starting a business together have different relation than any other couple.

Their boat faces higher tides than others but they also have a strong and lasting relationship but the mantra of making relationships work is to trust and stand for each other because every relationship is unique and no rule book will help you if you are not ready to help yourself. These steps will help you for sure but you need to follow them in your life.

Each step is learning the process and you learn your whole life but life becomes easier if you work with your partner side by side. Take it as a blessing and enjoy what you have and cherish it.