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How to Make a Slow day at Work go Fast: 18 Things to do


Every day at the office is a new adventure, sometimes, the entire day flies by so swiftly, whereas at other times no matter what, you find that the time seems to move so slowly.

This mostly happens when you have completed all your tasks at hand and you are just waiting for the time when you will be permitted to head home.

So hopefully on one of those days, you can make use of these tips to give the illusion of time moving faster.

Once you get your head involved in something then sure enough time will automatically start to move much faster on your slow day at work.

slow day go fast

How to Speed up Your Work on a Slow Day:

1. Redo a task that you are dissatisfied with how you submitted:

In the event of being a slow day at the office, rather than sitting around what you can do is redo a project which you have submitted which you think that ought to have been done better.

Though you should always try and give your best in whatever work that you submit, yet sometimes it does happen that due to time constraints or a heath problem you may have not been able to do your best.

When you offer to redo a task you silently communicate to the boss that you are a hard worker and when you immerse yourself in the task time will go by soon.

2. Watch some news online or view the stock market:

Another good thing for you to do on a slow day at work is watching some news online or even viewing the stock markets. Many corporate companies as well as business houses do not mind their employees doing this as being up to date with business news is something that is absolutely vital for employees.

3. Stop looking at the clock constantly:

One of the biggest mistakes which you can make when at work on a slow day is keeping on looking at the clock. Chances are when you do this; all the more you feel that times is not moving at all.

So if you were to abstain from looking at the clock for a while then automatically your focus will be drawn towards something else other than the clock. This is a trick that many people use across the globe when they try their level best to make a slow day at work go faster.

4. Complete any pending tasks that you have been putting off:

Very often on busy days we do not know where the time goes by and we keep putting off certain tasks that do not need to be done immediately, and due to this, over a while they end up getting piled up.

When you actually sit down to address these topics then you will realize that it will take up quite a bit of your time and before you know it your work hours will be over.

A slow day at work moves even slower when you opt to do nothing, rather than spending your time doing concrete work that needs to be done.

5. Ask a colleague if he or she needs help:

help your colleagueIn the event of having completed your own work and not knowing what to do with the remaining time at work, what you can always do is opt to help a colleague who seeming to be tied down with immense work that needs to be done soon.

A little competition at the work place is a good thing, yet what is more admirable is if you choose to help a co worker in need.

Even though you might not realize it but, your silent as well as unobtrusive manner is being noticed and in the bargain you get to speed up your day without even knowing it.

6. Organize your work station and make it orderly:

Even a simple task like organizing your work desk could really help your slow day go faster. You might not even realize it but when you have a clear work station then automatically it has a positive impact on your mind and your mind too begins to work in a clear as well as methodical fashion.

Psychological study points to the fact that a neat surrounding increases the quality of work output as well.

So when you do the job of cleaning your desk, then the task which you are doing actually serves a two fold purpose and has a double benefit for you.

7. Organize all your files to increase efficiency:

Another task serves a similar dual purpose is when you actually sit down to organize your files as well as paper work. This is a task that we cannot possibly give our attention to on busy days, so we ought to use a slow day at work. This is a light task that takes up a fair bit of time.

So why not spend your time engaged in this so as to increase your work efficiency in future as well. Bosses take special note of those who take the time to get organized.

8. Make up some fun plans for after work:

Making some fun plans after your day at work, could really keep your mind occupied and excited through the day and it will indeed give the impression of time moving faster. However fair warning, sometimes when you have plans it always makes a slow day at work seem to go slower.

9. Plan out your work for the next day at the office:

plan things beforehandIf by chance you have finished your work fast today and that is why the remaining part of your day is moving slow, then what you ought to do is spend some time in contemplation wondering how it is that you were able to get everything done so well and smoothly today.

To get done quickly with work tomorrow you can spend a while planning and organizing your task for the next day as well.

When you do this then you automatically end up spending some time to help your slow day at work move a little faster without even realizing it.

10. Focus on your task at hand rather than worrying about the time:

A big mistake that most people make on a slow day at work is spending their time focusing on the time rather than the task at hand. If you were to completely immerse yourself in the task at hand then automatically you will find that there is so much that you can do rather than merely wasting your time assuming you have nothing to do.

11. Start working on some of your next day’s work:

Rather than merely planning on what needs to be done the next day, you can always start doing your next day’s work; especially if you find that your next day’s schedule is pretty tight.

Thinking ahead and completing tasks beforehand will really ensure that you receive a lot of praise at your work place from your boss, seniors as well as colleagues.

Once you develop this system of working then you will not bother looking at the time, rather you will try your best to utilize each and every moment as best you can so that you are able to bag some promotions as well.

12. Taking a lunch break could help or doing something different:

On finding that a day is moving tremendously slow at office you could take a lunch break and try and do something which you regularly would not think of doing.

Such as rather than eating at the canteen you can go and grab a bite from a popular restaurant that you have been dying to try out.

This is a luxury that you cannot take on usually busy days at work, but sometimes it is permitted. Doing something different and thinking out of the box on a slow day at the office could really help give you the impression that time is moving faster.

13. Opt to visit a client:

A great way to help time move faster at work is by opting to do some field work, such as visiting a client or attending a seminar. Since this is something novel and different then automatically you will feel like time is moving by quicker than it really is.

14. Catch up on some reading online:

reading onlineFor any avid reader a great way to spend your time would be to indulge in a little reading. If reading is something you are into then you could spend hours doing it without even realizing how much time has elapsed.

On a slow work day, if you have completed all your tasks at hand then you can download a good book which you would like to read in addition to doing this you could also opt to read a book that is related to the work which helps you to be up to date with all the advancement in your field of work.

15. Try striking a conversation with your colleagues:

A slow day at the office tends to give the impression of moving even slower if you have no one to talk to.

So instead of being a stick in the mud and not bothering to communicate with colleagues as you view them as rivals, you could always let go for this idea and start making few friends.

People that are able to forge meaningful relationships at the work place are people that have fun quite a bit of fun at work

16. Ask your boss if there are any new projects which you can be assigned:

Something you can do on a slow day at work is go up to your boss or senior and ask if there is any additional work or assignments which you can take up. Do not mention that you are doing this because time seems to be moving slowly, but rather let it appear that you are someone who is genuinely interested in accepting new challenges.

17. Playing some fun online games:

On a slow day at work if you find that your mind too is completely saturated then you can while away a bit of your time playing some fun online games. When you do this not only do you end up taking up quite a bit of time, but it also serves as a good stress buster to help you.

18. Browse through some social media sites:

browse social media sitesMany companies do not permit this but if your company does, then you could make a slow day at the office move really quick by browsing through some social media sites and catching up with your old friends.

Make sure that you do not get caught and you finish all your tasks at hand first as otherwise it might land you in trouble.

There are quite a few companies that refuse to let employees leave before a specific time, this is often because they believe that work can come in at any given time so employees must always be on standby.

So if it is just one of those days where since you have precious nothing to do that is why the time is dragging on slower, than a snail, then maybe you can make use of some of these tips to help time go by faster. So be happy, many would like having an easy breezy day at the office where they have a no pressing work to be done.