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14 Infallible Ways to Make Sure People Like and Respect You


We all want to be liked and respected among others. Nobody wants to be looked down upon or treated badly, especially when it comes to workplace. Respect is important for those who want a bright future and a better career. When it comes to getting raises and promotions, your boss will never go for someone who is disrespectful or someone who isn’t hard working nor has bad body language. They will always be in search of those who are worthy of getting the post. And if that is your call, then you have to give this post a read. In this article, we are going to tell you how to make sure people like and respect you at work!

make people like youHow to Make Sure People Like and Respect You?

1. Smile:

In order to make sure people appreciate and like your presence more than before, you have to learn how to master the body language. And the first way you can do that is by smiling. People always like to be around those who believe in being happy or at least enjoy themselves. Smiling is a good indicator that you are a fun person and someone people can talk to or approach. Remember that when you act like a happy person, you will also begin to feel like a happy one.

2. Make good eye contact:

make eye contactAlways remember to make good eye contact. Too little eye contact comes across as a bit rude. The person sitting in front of you would wonder if you are comfortable around them or not. Plus also remember that too much of eye contact isn’t all that great either. You could be creating a bad impression. It could look like you are staring down at the person and make them feel difficult. Make sure to balance eye contact. Look close but not too close. The point is to make the person like you and not scare them off.

3. Tilt your head towards the person speaking to you:

Tilting your head towards the person will always let the individual know that you are interested in making conversation with them. Tilting your head always means you are being sympathetic towards the person and like being around them. This will give them the impression that you are respectable person. In turn the person will start respecting you. This will help you earn both like and respect. You didn’t even have to try too hard. Just some body language and good vibes are enough to make a good impression.

4. Don’t be too emotional:

No matter what you do, try not to allow your emotions get the best of you. If you want to earn respect among others, you need to learn how to be a calm, cool and collected person no matter how the situation is. If you make the mistake of showing emotions and signs of anger, you will not be viewed in a very positive manner. So make sure to keep yourself relaxed and collected when there is an argument. You should look like a responsible person. This will attract people towards you.

5. Show leadership qualities:

show leadership qualitiesAnother wonderful way to make people respect you is by simply showing off some of your leadership qualities. If you have good communication skills, use them. If you don’t, develop them. When you speak on a whole variety of topics, you give people the impression that you are smart and can engage people with your words. In fact, you should refrain from cracking dirty jokes or speak poorly. Try to be warm, friendly, social and approachable. People also need to understand that you are educated and intelligent and sure of what you are saying.

6. Take care of your appearance:

You can’t afford to have bad appearance if you want people to both like and respect you. Make sure your nails are trimmed, your skin is looking radiant, flawless and clean and your clothes should never be shabby. You should be well dressed. Also make it a point to keep your teeth clean. If you want people to like you, you have to come across as likeable. And most people want to see someone who looks good on the surface. Work out at the gym if you have a beer belly

7. Look like a problem solver:

Another thing you should keep in mind is looking like someone who can solve problems. You should never give people the idea that you are a trouble maker. Never react emotionally first of all. Secondly, make sure to address the problem head on. The goal here is to take care of problems like a mature professional. Plus you should never be rude. Even if your client is snapping at you, be kind and helpful instead. They would be surprised seeing you.

8. Earn respect by giving respect:

You can always earn respect by giving them more respect. When you develop confidence, always remember that it is important to be humble. Treat everyone equally and never come across as an arrogant person. You should be able to treat others with kindness. Even though you are not going to be able to please every single person, always remember that you have to be nice in order to gain respect from most of your peers.

9. Keep your word:

Always remember to keep your word. The easiest way in which you can lose respect is by simply not doing what is expected of you. When you have already made a commitment or promise to anyone, don’t make the mistake of ditching them. When you want someone to respect you, you have to make sure you are worthy of it. So don’t make promises you can’t keep. And when you have made one, make sure you keep up with it.

10. Never miss out on a single deadline:

You should never make the mistake of missing out on a single deadline. When you have been given a job, make sure to do it well. Do not waste your time thinking about how you are going to earn the respect. Instead focus on having good intentions and refrain from missing out on something that is important. When you are expected to finish a project, make sure to submit it on time. Don’t delay things. Don’t make yourself look like a clumsy and a laid back person. That never works in office or reputed places.

11. Be a good listener:

be a good listenerIf you want to be respected, make sure you are good listener. That would always help. People always want to be heard. So make sure you are giving them that. Try to be a good person and allow the other person sitting in front of you speak what’s on their mind. Be attentive and nod your head when you understand something. You have to show you are interested. Make sure to follow all the body language tips we have taught you. If you would like to improve that, try rehearsing this at home with someone.

12. Give feedback:

Make sure to give people feedback. It is not a bad thing to give out feedback. In fact you are going to be liked and respected for that. Obviously you don’t want to gain the impression of a critic, but when you give someone feedback, you show that you care. And that is a very smart way to earn some respect from others.

13. Do small things for people:

You should always do small and nice things for people. They are going to like you much more when you finish one of their small chores. When you are grabbing some coffee for yourself, make sure to get them too.

14. Avoid gossiping:

Never gossip. Respected and reputed people never gossip. That is just bad. You should never others down or they will begin to have a bad impression of you. Be smart enough to keep miles away from the crowd that gossips always. And remember that nothing well ever came out of gossip. So the lesser talk bad about others, the better it is for you and your reputation. This will protect your image and get people to like you more.

This brings us to the end of the post. Hopefully all of our points have been of some use to you. You should apply all and let us know if there is a change in your colleague’s behaviour. If you are a fresher or know someone who is, definitely recommend the post to them. Also leave us a comment below with any of your doubts and questions. We will definitely try our best to answer all of them! Till then, good luck and take care,.