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How to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work: Top 25 Ways


In today’s scenario, getting the right job itself is difficult, and retaining one is harder.

There is only one way to ensure your current job position and that is to become a key member of your team, or in other words, be indispensable at work.

Being indispensable does not mean that you cannot be replaced, anybody can be, but being indispensable at work means you are so unique that certain work cannot be done without you and that you are a necessary requirement to meet workplace goals. That makes you a specialist at your workplace, no one else can do what you do.

When you are an indispensable member at your workplace, your morale and happiness too see an increase. You feel more confident and your output too sees an upward trend.

make yourself indispensable workIndispensable at Work:

Hence being indispensable at work not only helps you but it is also productive for your office.

Here are 25 ways to make yourself unique that will set you apart from the office crowd and make you indispensable at work:

1. Being proactive is the first step:

Take responsibility. Find ways to be more effective and smarter at your work. Be on your toes all the time.

Look at what you can learn from those around you. Take tips from efficient colleagues and learn a thing or two from the lazy ones too.

2. Be positive all times:

Everybody loves a positive person. Work is often related to stress. There will be occasions when going seems hard. While negativity and despair are of no help at any of life’s situations, it doesn’t work at all at workplace.

By staying positive, you not only help yourself but also help light up office atmosphere.

3. Bring in a little ‘extra’ at work:

Be it lending a helping hand or doing more than what is expected of you, when you put in extra efforts, you are always appreciated and you become wanted and thus a necessary team member who is there in times of need.

4. Find ways to save your company’s money:

This is one of the most important ways to be indispensable at work.

For example, if your company is looking at a software for any of its department and it becomes an expensive affair, you can suggest cheaper alternatives if you are aware of any.

Think of less expensive and smarter initiatives that will save time and money for the company.

5. Be smart at work:

be smart at work

Learn ways to do a particular job in half the time compared to others. Find out smarter ways to complete work. Employers like those who are quick in their work. Be innovative which will make you unique.

6. Try to be a specialist:

Be an expert in a unique skill that is required for the company. Update yourself regularly and become a one-point source for the skill.

When you become a specialist, you automatically become indispensable at work because nobody else has the expertise or knowledge to do what you are good at. Skill development is a constant practice and you need to be at it all the time.

7. Focus on important work:

Of the many works that you may have, do those that matter and which is going to help your company.

Instead of spending your valuable time at office doing easy task, prioritize the ones that are important and which will add value to your company.

8. Take initiatives:

Not employees but even your colleagues will like you if you are there in times of need. Hence take initiatives to take up a responsibility, or help your boss and colleagues and travel that extra mile to be a supporting team member and be ready to take up even those tasks that do not come under you.

9. Volunteer at times:

There are times when a certain assignment comes up and many do not want to take it up for various reasons.

Jump at this opportunity and volunteer to take such assignments that others hesitate about. It will not only give you an edge over others, but will also offer a rewarding experience.

10. Be a part of important projects:

be indispensable at work

To become indispensable at work, you have to be visible first and then able to leave imprints.

When you become part of high-profile and important projects, you are not only becoming more visible, your efforts and contribution too, get noted.

11. Let your company’s and your priorities match:

Look at your priorities at work. You don’t like to wait long hours at work, don’t but try to complete work faster so that all your work gets done quickly.

Get things done on time. This not only helps you but it is also useful for your company.

12. Attend training sessions regularly:

Many companies offer workshops or seminars to boost the skills of their employees. Be the first one to join.

Employers prefer those who like to learn and acquire more knowledge. If there is any particular course or training that you want to attend to help in your work, let your bosses know about it and seek their permission.

Most of the companies give flexibility to employees who want to brush up their skills.

13. Learn to smile more and sulk less:

This is an important step that most of us tend to take lightly. Analyse yourself.

How many times and when do you smile while in office?

May be to wish your boss or when you spot someone who you like. This is not enough. Give a smile to everyone; learn to be polite and friendly. That means even when you are not there in office, people should miss you and your smile.

14. Know what is trending:

With internet and social media, it is easy to know about latest industry trends and more. Use these media wisely to learn about what is going around the world in terms of your work field.

Is there a new technology that is being tried out?

Learn about it and suggest it to your boss before anyone will even have an idea about it.

15. Update your communication skills:


improve your communication skills

Be it conversational or writing skills, stay updated and be polite. Even when you are sending an email to a colleague, the principle is never write when you are angry or disappointed.

Even after you type the mail, sit on for a few seconds, read it again and send it only after ensuring that the mail is polite and professional.

Your angry outburst can backfire during appraisals.

16. Stay ahead of others:

This does not mean that you have to be over-competitive. Staying ahead of others does not necessarily mean just at work but also in temperament, in communication and in kindness.

Ensure that every day you become a better person and a better employee.

17. Nourish relationships:

If you wish to be indispensable at work, then you have to work on your relationships with your colleagues along with improving yourself at your job.

When you have strong working relations with your colleagues, work tends to become fun and less stressful. Companies love to retain employees who are positive and friendly.

18. Be more productive and make yours and your boss’s work easier:

When you become more productive, your boss’s work also becomes lot easier. This is a good way to please your boss rather than flattering him or her.

The latter step never works in the long term, so focus on your work. A productive and efficient employee is an asset to all organizations.

19. Give reliability a new meaning:

There may be many reliable employees in your office and if you want to be a notch higher, then lend a new meaning to the term.

Be there when going gets tough, learn to share and learn, offer a helping hand even if it is not within your comfort zone, and that means be there.

20. Do not indulge in gossips:

avoid gossiping at work

An indispensable employee is one who let their work speak for themselves rather than spending long hours at the coffee machine speaking about others. Avoid gossipers and talking ill of others.

21. Display your leadership skills at events:

When there is an event in your office or a seminar organised by your company, don’t just stick to your duties half-heartedly, be a leader and take initiatives.

Offer ideas and put in your best to make the events a success. These are platforms where your expertise and capabilities are tested.

22. Be honest and loyal:

As an employee, you are expected to be loyal but do that with all your heart. Think of the company as your own and not as something that you work for. Develop an ownership attitude. At the same time, do not hesitate to be honest.

If you find something that may not augur well with company’s prospects, then say it clearly.  Companies value employees who are honest and upright.

23. Be a contributing team player:

Though you should by all means try to stay ahead and think ahead, being a good team member is also important.

Take the team along and be polite and responsible. Working in isolation does not help you and it also does not work well for the organization.

24. Be flexible:

If the company has to choose between two efficient employees, it will opt for the one who is more flexible.

So, adapt yourself to changes and be flexible when required. Being too stubborn and adamant are not the qualities of an indispensable worker.

25. Be happy at work:

be happy at work

If you wish to be indispensable at work, then make your job your passion because only then you will be able to excel at it. If there is anything that makes you unhappy, try to change it.

Put your best foot at work and be the best human being, the best employee, the best colleague and the best team player so that you are not only indispensable but also the most valuable.


Striving to be an indispensable employee does wonders for you because it makes you feel counted and to know that your work is making a difference to the company. It not only helps to avoid layoffs but also helps you achieve higher career goals in addition to giving you job satisfaction.

Being indispensable means your job is secure and you are stress free. Go ahead and practice the above steps to be an employee who is a necessary part of the team and the organization.