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List of 14 Most Innovative Startups in the World


Each country has a huge number of startups in the world.  The organization named National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has predicted that India has shoot up to the third position in World Wide Web.

Moreover, it has emerged as one of the largest startup organizations center. One should keep in mind that Startups are emerging companies and not the idle version of a bulkier organization.

worlds most innovative startups

What is a Startup?

A startup can be defined as a newly established business. It accommodates lesser quantity of people where the success is not guaranteed.

These startup companies do not contain hard and fast rules on revenue, employment, allowances etc.

It mainly focuses on the growth that is left unconstrained by the natural calamities.

How to Start a Startup Company?

To create a new startup one should be aware of all basic technologies that are involved in creating a new startup plan. One can use the mass media to spread the details about their organization. To experience a startup he/she must live it.

The processes are as follows:

1. Concept
2. Managing the process
3. Development
4. Testing
5. Launching
6. Marketing
7. Plans that are to be undertaken
8. Sales

1. Concept of Startup:

Start up companies are organizations that are emerged on temporary basis to identify a product or market that is accompanied by a business model, where as a large company is defined as an organization that runs on permanent income, which has already achieved a product or market which are designed to assassinate a precise, transparent, well-explained, proven, verified, clear, unambiguous business model.

2. Managing the process:

The better way to manage the process is to arrange various teams that work with different radical ideas. As everyone knows a new startup is the excellent work of an entrepreneur which paves the way for different backgrounds working together.

One should be ready to work outside the walls as to attain the given deadline of the project. They should be clear in understanding the profit and loss of the projects.

3. Development:

This stage of project development is considered to be the most expensive, if one has no revenues for the development efforts. It includes the waterfall model which is a step by step process. This involves:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Verification
  • Maintenance

4. Testing:

An entrepreneur will run out of money in most of the cases, which may disrupt the person in attaining his / her goals. As the development process is done one should concentrate more on testing process.

They should passively quantify the timings on spending effectively. Identification of the product’s feature based on the differentiation with that of other products in the market is mandatory.

5. Launching:

The product that has passed the testing stage should be launched. There are few steps that are considered before launching a startup. They are:

  • Gather people in your contact list and create awareness among them.
  • Sign up a webpage regarding the startup
  • Collect the details from the pre launched blogs and write your own blogs.

6. Marketing:

Marketing is nothing but learning the way to establish or publish the launched project. It consists of multiple plans and strategies. This will be the start of the plan.

Depending upon this data collected, one can start selecting the communication channels to get advancement in business: mass media, blogging website and email newsletters, advertisements, via radio channels, NEWS broadcast, fliers and Web banners.

7. Plans that are to be undertaken:

There are various plans that are to be taken into account. They can be categorized into customer service plan and business plan. Customer Service Plan helps the customer to sign up and create a bonding with your website and blogs respectively.

Business plans deals with how to handle the employees. It will also help one make a backbone of the buying guarantee, incentives of the employees. It helps one to widen their network.

8. Sales:

It is one’s passion to understand about the needs of customer which are mandatory to the startups. Truth is that one may not be aware of the logics that are to be handled during selling. One should be conscious of what is the exact product that he/she deals with.

It gives an opportunity for the person to boost themselves and concentrate towards their work. Proper training should be undergone to improve in the lacking skills.

Top Countries with Emerging Startups:

1. Mexico with 13.8%
2. Brazil with 76.3%
3. Poland with 11.3%
4. Turkey with 18.8%
5. India with 77.5%
6. Indonesia with 28.8%
7. South Africa with 25.0%
8. China with 75.0%
9. Vietnam with 20.0%

Most Innovative and Promising Startups in the World:

The following are few world’s most innovative companies in the world.

1. Uber
2. Airbnb
3. Dropbox
4. Snapchat
5. Xiaomi
6. Cask
7. LinkedIn
8. Amgen
9. Tesla Motors
10. e-cycle
11. Edukart
12. CashKaro
13. Consure Medical
14. Amigobulls Inc.

1. Uber:

Founder of Uber is Travis Kalanick and Garett Camp 2009. Uber application that required huge direct investments which reached milestones ahead and has been raised to $2.5 billion since it is launched.

At last, it has reached $40 billion. Uber has been found to reduce the legal policies of the licensed corporations of the taxis. Its response is found in both practice and in rhetoric manner.

It offers better services at lower prices which add up competitors to the Uber. The basic challenges that Uber face are:

  • Uber has employed female drivers.
  • Since it is a worldwide service the rotating cost is higher and due to this it is planning to increase the cost of operation.
  • It also pays Social Security tax and worker’s compensation and finally it is liaison between the customer and the driver.

2. Airbnb:

This provides website in which people can find the rented lodges and rented homes. It was found in the year August 2008. Airbnb is founded by Brain Chesky. It is connected with 34,000 cities among 190 countries. Its stock sale caused a huge change in the investment.

It has appealing growth because of the tourists who would like to have memorable experience. It also deals with the level of collaboration. Airbnb exactly provides the accommodations with food which is mentioned as homemade. This works upon the operation principle such as:

  • It provides the property as rent for the users looking for rented place.
  • As the other organizations of the same kind it focuses mainly on the user reviews and shared social networks.
  • They have built up a good reputation and trustworthy dealership with their customers.
  • It enables people to register online in their profile earlier along with the mobile applications.
  • Airbnb still faces the challenges from the landlords who feel reluctant to offer their properties even after the money is deposited.

3. Dropbox:

It enables people to store and access their files. Otherwise it is called as hosting of files. It offers cloud storage, synchronization of files etc. Dropbox was founded by Drew Houston. It valued $10 billion as the client software.

It enables the people to store their files safely and easy to access. It is considered to be a multifaceted tool which is so powerful to store and synchronize the documents and files. Dropbox offers facilities such as:

  • It is fast and free.
  • It is designed in such a way that it can work on different platforms.
  • The files can even be shared.
  • It helps in storing generic data such as photos, date of birth etc.

4. Snapchat:

It helps the people to talk with friends easily, watch the stories around the world and to discover new techniques. It was founded by Evan Thomas in 1990. It allows sending videos and audios which makes the life easier and helps people to live with fun.

One can send a brief picture or save videos to friends. It enables the users to speak with more people in less time. A general point is that it enables the people to transfer data and ensure privacy.

5. Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is considered to be the China’s valued mobile phones. It is designed as the Smartphone with lesser price comparatively. It is more fascinating than the other mobiles that were released by China.

It was designed by Hong Feng, Lei Jun, Zhon Guangping in 2011. It is the first Smartphone in which China gained huge market.

6. Cask:

Cask was founded by Jonathan Gray and Nitin Motgi in the year 2011. It is designed as a distributed framework that provides the software of management of private and public clouds. It provides a platform to the users which will help them to create applications that are built using Hadoop.

It is considered as a smarter way for creating a large data warehouse with the high through-put and low- latency. It competes with the Cooper which works in public and OpenStack cloud modules.

7. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a business oriented social network which was established in the year 2002 and launched in 2003. The founder of this network is Reid Hoffman. It enables employers to choose the eligible candidate from the list of other candidates.

One can post their photos as a sign of identification. It also enables people to identify who has visited their profile page. It uses cryptographic hashes which enables the user to find the stolen hashes online. Its services are available in six different languages.

8. Amgen:

Amgen can be abbreviated as Applied Molecular Genetics which was established in the year 1988 by George B.Rathmann and Gordon M.Binder. It is a multinational biopharmaceutical company which cures cancer and the related infections.

9. Tesla Motors:

It is American automotive company that enables the design, manufacture and sell electric cars which was developed in the year 2013 and later established in the year 2015.

It is equipped with the high-powered superchargers that are operated based upon a charging program. It eventually aims at offering electric cars at affordable prices to the customers.

10. e-cycle:

E-cycle was founded in the year 1990. e-cycle is identified as a electronic waste recycling system, which was discovered by Switzerland.

It helps in the process of collecting the waste that are discharged by the electronic equipments. It reduces the environmental cost compared to mining, extraction and refining.

11. Edukart:

Edukart was established in the year 2013 and the founder of edukart is Ishan Gupta. This website enables the volunteers to enroll themselves for the higher education systems. It is available in English.

It is configured with various courses such as retail, digital marketing, Information Technology etc.

12. CashKaro:

CashKaro is a website that provides coupons and cashback offers to the users. It was established in the year 2013 by Rohan and Swati Bhargava. This site handles 7,000 transactions per day. Now it is under establishment in Southeast Asia.

13. Consure Medical:

Consure Medical aims at developing and customizing the health care devices for which it uses Qora Stool kit. It was implemented by Nish Chasmawala and Amit Sharma in the year 2014. It helps in the commercial growth of India, China and Japan.

14. Amigobulls Inc:

Amigobulls Inc. is a platform which enables the stock market holders to share the videos regarding stocks. It was founded by Chandu Sohoni, Mandeep Makkar and Poorna Nayak in the year 2013.


People are eagerly waiting to live the life more convenient which outlooks on the total funding and generated up to the mark. They also expect hassle free ideas from the founders.

As the investors look upon strong risks that are mitigated in the operating markets, people rely on reality. One must focus on the entrepreneurship in the business to succeed.

Finally, it is in the hands of the nurturing minds that “One should aim at giving payment to the employees rather than getting paid by someone”, which indicates the fruit of entrepreneurship.