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What your LinkedIn Photo says about you: 18 Things to Know


Do you know who looks at your LinkedIn profile pic more than you? More people take a glimpse than you think. It is always good to know about personal as well as professional brand on the internet. Recruiters go through your LinkedIn profile to know your professional standards. There are quite a few rules to post your LinkedIn photo. A current shot which looks professional can be the best choice for posting a LinkedIn photo. There are a lot more aspects to look into when LinkedIn profile picture is selected. The way you smile, the attire you wear and the way you position your face are few aspects to be concentrated. Here are a few pointers about what your LinkedIn photo says about you.

what linkedin photo saysImportant LinkedIn Photo Tips and Guidelines:

1. Concentrate on background:

Your background should be conceptualized with aspects which are associated with your business. A clear example can be that if you are a chef then a good snap taken in the kitchen can work well. Take a glimpse at the LinkedIn profile picture of famed and successful people in the industry. By this way you can get an idea of what you should do for your LinkedIn profile picture. Your LinkedIn photo will thus predict that you are career oriented and love your profession.

2. Enlarging pupils:

With a regular light setting the pupil of normal human being is widen and another way to widen is when you’re happy with your liked person beside. When artificial photo lighting or a camera flash is utilized it shrinks your pupils and puts on your enthusiasm and confidence. It can be a good suggestion when you use Pic Monkey or Adobe Photoshop for regularizing the pupils. Your profile picture will thus look happy and energetic when uploaded.

3. Dressing:

The dressing should be appropriate to your industry. To look effective and powerful, good dressing is mandatory. It can be great to snap a shot with a grey or black blazer. A blouse with button down and bright accessories can help you gain a good view from others. Concentrating on dressing is important which shows that you’re a professional by person.

4. Contrast:

There are number of minute aspects which should be looked into in order to make your profile picture look great. To grab others attention a bit of contrast needs to be added so that your picture looks more professional.

5. Color photos:

Life and vitality are conveyed by colors and hence color photos are to be used instead of black and white. The main disadvantage of black and white is that it can age you and bring you down. Color photos are ones which grasp recruiters attention and also colored photos show that you are to the trend.

6. Smile:

According to photo feelers research, a closed mouth smile does not make an individual liked more by others. While smiling your chances of getting liked are enhanced but based on preserved competence and influence you may drop points. Take time and practice in front of the mirror smiling before you snap a shot. By this way you look friendlier and also feel healthier, happier and more stress-free. Your photo should convey positive energy and warmth instead of bored, unhappy and fuzzy feeling.

7. Squinch:

Competence and influence is enhanced by a slight squinch or a slight squint. The main intention for this idea is that a wide eye gives a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability whereas narrowed eyes offer confidence and comfortableness.

8. Jawline:

In the profile picture while you smile, a shadow which outlines the jaw picture elevated likeability, influence and competent scores.

9. Eye contact with camera:

When people look at each other, they like each other more is something which certain studies have said. In that manner when a profile picture is shot, it can be a good suggestion when the person looks at the camera. So, when someone looks at the picture; it seems as if the photo looks at them. Low ratings are awarded to ones who wear glasses, obstructed with hair, glare and lot more.

10. Branding yourself:

A LinkedIn profile picture speaks an individual’s complete profile and professionalism. The recruiters get to know that this person has complete package by the picture. If a graduate is out from college, her picture would represent that this person is a go-getter and up-and-comer. These are the ones who obtain the importance of brands to get into any company.

11. Recognition and networking power:

You can always get a chance to meet a recruiter at any networking event and try to impress the same person by applying for the company. After receiving ample CV’s, recruiters have the habit of glancing through the LinkedIn profile. By this way they can recognize you by looking at your photo. You might have a personal connection and the recruiter can recognize and invite you for an interview.

12. No picture is a risk:

Recruiters dedicate time and glimpse through profiles that have a photo, so do not move off your attention by not having a profile picture. There are many people who set out social media without a profile picture. It is also a fact that entries that have a profile photo are clicked seven times than profiles that do not have a photo.

13. Grainy- pixelated photos:

The other biggest mistake done by other people is that they crop their image from an existing photo. This will result in a pixelated image on LinkedIn and clearly shows that you did not take time to brand yourself. This will clearly predict that if the candidate does not dedicate time to brand himself then, in future he will not take time to brand the future company. With the present trends, all employees are considered as brand ambassadors. Maximize your resources as there are a number of freelance resources and freelancers can offer you with a professional headshot. Have a professional photo and get noticed.

14. Your age:

There are people who put over comics and avatar as profile pics unless your one working in the cartoon business. Authenticity is the key and you need to develop trust as well as transparency with those who recognize you in person. People make a mistake of uploading picture taken long ago which leads to mistrust when face to face meetings take place. It is important for candidates to sell themselves but not to lie.

15. Selling yourself to recruiters:

A profile picture at LinkedIn is for your recruiters to get to know yourself, your personal brand and other aspects related to career. It is not a proper source to place picture of your dogs, favorite alcoholic drink, boat and lot more. Your profile should be considered as modern resume and so focus on career worthy photos, instead of showing the amount of enjoyment and fun you’re having. The profile picture should have only the person as the subject.

16. Choose the best:

There is nothing to go crazy instead people can try a few headshots in a natural and polished manner where they look better. Just a good shirt or blouse could be ample, try to take as many as headshots from your camera or cell phone with and without flash. Seek the help of your colleague to pick the right photo and upload as a profile picture. The profile picture makes a strong first impression and is a stepping stone for your future career.

17. Avert using company logo:

When you’re displaying your photo as profile picture make sure to avert company logo, or symbol as people desire to get to you as an individual. When such aspects the displayed they can get to know your company, and product through your profile picture. Displaying pictures with company logo can be done only on company page and not on LinkedIn.

18. Best headshot:

A LinkedIn profile picture should be shot by a professional says Donna Serdula on her book called LinkedIn make over. It is also important to remember that only a small thumbnail would be available and only a headshot with slight shoulders must be shot. When entire body is uploaded, the recruiter cannot have a clear vision of the face and hence a headshot is ample.

LinkedIn profile photos are ones which receive 50 to 70 percent inquiries than your resumes. When you do not have an effective profile picture then it is considered as a biggest mistake. For ones who do not have a profile picture, or have uploaded an inappropriate one should bear in mind that a professional picture is a must for LinkedIn as recruiters view your profile. LinkedIn is a source to start your career and your personal persona is viewed by the recruiter. Hence a professional profile picture which makes you look worthy and professional is needed.