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How to Keep a Positive Attitude at a Job you Hate?


We all would love to be in a job that we love. Everyone has a dream job in mind which they aspire and hope to get. But in the real world, it is not always possible. Sometimes you are stuck in a job you hate and you can do nothing about it.

Quitting a job is not always the choice and if you do not take any concrete step to help you out, you will end up depressed resulting in decreased productivity and the chances are that rather than you leaving the job, you will be fired. Having such an attitude will only make things worse and make your daily life more unpleasant.

positive attitude at job hateThere are ways by which you can keep a positive attitude at work even if you hate your job.  Here’s how you can do it:

Simple Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude at Work:

The following mentioned are few ways to stay positive and tips on how to deal with a job you hate and staying positive at work.

1. Focus on the positive side:

Look at the positive sides of your job, and when you try to find, there can be many. They may be small inconsequential things but yet, they do make a difference and they will make you feel better.

2. There are reasons why you need the job:

It is easy to quit and stay at home unemployed, but then what about the bills? Write down the reasons why you need to keep the job and these reasons will definitely keep you motivated.

3. Talk about it:

Talk to someone who you respect and trust about the situation you are in. The person will be able to look at the situation objectively and suggest a solution. Don’t talk to someone who will only sympathize with you and pity you.

4. If possible, talk to a HR person or your boss:

This is a step you should take only if you think it is going to help you. Or else, it might backfire. If you are going to talk to them, then tell them that you want the situation to improve and you want to create a happy atmosphere at work so that it will help enhance your performance.

5. Think about the next step:

If the job completely de-motivates you and you find no reason to stick around, then it is better that you start looking for a new job. If you want to stay positive around and try to improve the situation, then join a study course or a workshop to help you improve your skills.

6. Find the reason for your dissatisfaction:

At times, there can be very simple reasons for you to being unhappy at work or your job. It can be a emotional or personal reason. A new mother might feel unhappy at job because she feels guilty of having to leave her child at day-care or a person might hate her job because it is not allowing her any progress. Find the reason and try to rectify it and just trying to find a solution to your problem will help you gain a positive work attitude.

7. Refrain from using negative words:

I hate my job’ is a common phrase used by those who dislike their job. This will only aid in emphasis. Hence, rather than saying this to yourself, say, what aspects of your job you dislike. Use the words such as ‘dislike’, ‘not comfortable’ or ‘not interesting’ rather than the word ‘hate’.

8. Don’t try to play victim:

When you consider yourself as a victim, you will only aggravate the negative situation. It will not only make each day worse at your job, this attitude will only make you a loser even in the long run. Try to take charge and change the things that you do not like. Be proactive and when you feel you are in charge of your life, you will automatically beam with positivity.

9. Take a look at the bigger picture:

This job is a benefactor for your life and family. Look at the bigger picture rather than focusing your energy on things beyond your control. When you realise that this job is benefiting you in some or the other way, you will find ways to enjoy it and make it a fulfilling experience.

10. Beware of triggers:

It can be that there are certain triggers that are making you hate your job. These can be certain colleagues, atmosphere, rules of promotion, your last appraisal or the attitude of your boss.

Identify these triggers, and if you can correct them, go ahead and if you can’t, learn ways to manage around them. Once you know the triggers, they will help you handle the situation and put up a brave and positive front.

11. Complain less:

Constant complaining makes you a negative person. When you do that on a regular basis and you open your heart out to any other person in office, it will lead to a gossip trail which can make matters worse.

Try to refrain from talking about office matters at home or when you are with friends. If you really want to speak about it, talk to one person who is trustworthy and worthy of giving an advice.

12. Think of solutions:

Successful people are those who try to find a solution instead of lamenting about it. When an apple fell on Isaac Newton’s head, he did not curse the tree nor did he change his position. Instead, he discovered the laws of gravitation. That’s what you should do. Try to find ways to be happy and positive. Fight the circumstances, manage people and emerge victorious.

13. Regard the job as a means to an end, not end:

This job is not the final step of your life. You are not going to retire from here, instead, this is a job that is going to enrich you with experience and skills that will help you in finding a better job. When you know that the current job is a journey and not your destination, you will feel positive about it.

14. Take small steps:

Even if you hate your job, you will have responsibilities to perform and as long as you are in the job, you are bound by duties. When you feel disenchanted, your work will also suffer. Hence in such a situation, set small but realistic goals for yourself like dividing your work into small portions, make a list of things to do etc. This will help you concentrate better and your time also will be managed well.

15. Try to be in contact with positive people:

When you feel disillusioned at work, look at positive people and try to be in touch with them. When there are team projects to work on, try to team up with constructive, positive and hard working people. Keep away from negative people, negative atmosphere and gossips.

16. Be a professional at all times:

When you are not happy with your work, a lot of emotions can take over you such as anger, hatred, jealousy, laziness and more. If you let these emotions control you, then you will harm your position at work more and they will make you look like an unprofessional.

Hence keep these emotions at bay and put up a positive face. No matter how much you hate your job, do your daily duties with diligence and care.

17. Be a team member:

Whatever problems you might be having at your job, never let them rub off on your team members. Respect them and work with them happily and professionally. This is the time to look at the above points and implement them.

18. Take ownership:

Regard yourself as a product and see how you can improve it to improve the situation. Consider that you are having a business relationship with the employers and see how this relationship can be improved.

If not, understand that the product will have many buyers. Just being aware of the fact that your services and potential will be valued elsewhere, will help you gain and have a positive attitude.

19. Dress in your best clothes:

Buy new clothes and wear your best dresses to work. When you dress better, you look better and when you look better, you feel more confident about yourself. This is one effective ways to bring in positive attitude.

20. When nothing works, the salary check does:

No matter how boring your job is or how much you hate work which your do, there is one moment that definitely lifts your spirits and that is when you get to your pay check. At moments, when nothing can stop you from being disillusioned, just close your eyes and visualise your pay check. Then do a mental plan as to what you are going to shop for. You will soon find a smile blossoming on your lips.

21. Take a leadership role:

Even if no one has entrusted upon you one, take up the role. Help others. Be a mentor. Take initiatives. When you assume yourself a leadership role, you feel empowered and it is definitely a great way to be positive.

22. Do a list of goody things:

Start your day with a positive attitude, think of good things, read an inspirational quote and spend at least 15 minutes of your morning with an exercise. Try to do at least one good thing for a colleague or your supervisor.

During lunch break, go for a walk or listen to soothing music. Maintain a diary to write about any negative thoughts or feelings but after some time tear it out and try not to allow those negative feelings to haunt you.

23. Remember you have a life outside your office:

Your work is just a part of your life but it isn’t what your life is. When you are outside your office, forget about work and spend time with friends and family. Go for a movie or attend a fair or invite friends and family for a get-together on weekends. Take a short trip with your loved one. Live life and that’s a positive attitude.

24. Smile, now and then and always:

It is said that a smile can actually change the chemistry of your brain. People respond positively to a smiling person. A smile can win you friends.

A smile can even decrease your stress and cheer you up, studies have proved. Keep smiling, no matter how hard the day is or how boring your job is.

25. Keep dreaming:

Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you stop aspiring for a better life or a better job. You do not have to give up on your dream. May be your dream is to be an actor, a writer or a dancer. Do something about it.

Join a dance class or an acting workshop or start your novel or book. Dreaming about a better future will help you to be on your toes and it will definitely install a positive attitude in you.

Final Words:

You are not the only person who is stuck up in a job you hate. There are hundreds or thousands like you. Do not despair. When you harbour a negative feeling about your job, it is only going to make you feel worse. Instead of being disillusioned and depressed, put up a positive attitude towards work.

These 25 steps are easy to follow and easier to implement. Make these changes in your life and you will find that you are able to sport a positive attitude in office even if you do not like what you do. Once you get hold of your mental attitude, you will know what proactive steps to take to find a solution.