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How to Judge a Person by his Face, Eyes and Behavior


Comprehending body language will bring about closer relationships and help in judging a person. Facial characteristics and features speak a lot about a person, so far that you can judge people by just looking at their face, eyes and observing their behavior.

With little attention on a person you will discover a lot about what a person is thinking, what are they feeling as well as a various aspect of their personality. Below are tips that will help you to learn about a how to judge people through their eyes, face and behavior.

judge person by face

How to Judge a Person by his Face:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to read people just by looking at people’s faces.

1. Wide Face:

It can also be referred as round face. Individuals with this face shape are generally kind hearted, honest, open and generous. People with wide face can be described as the ideal friend to have for others.

These people will be approachable and easy to talk to, which in turn makes socializing easy for them. People with wide face are good in keeping secrets and they do not have any hidden motives, but are genuine.

2. Negative about wide Face:

When there is a conflict, a person with wide face is more likely to maintain the peace and is ready to accept defeat from an argument. It may be a good thing but at times this passive behavior can be possibly seen as the person being naïve and being unable to stand up for themselves.

3. Long face:

When you meet people with this face feature, know that they are evidently linked with self-preservation. This face shape people have powerful traits to be a good leader, can take decisive action without any need of consultation.

This person is a deep thinker and can observe things from different perspectives. However, they want to control their lives more than others, which can cause frustration in them and for others, who want them to often let go of things more.

4. Large nose:

A person with this face feature is actually someone who lives active lifestyle and is curious about things. They have lot of energy and thus enjoy exercise. They love to explore, be outdoors, go for travelling and experience different culture.

People with large nose can also be associated with uncertainty. These people are often resistant to change and may take too much of time to act for something good for them too and which implies that they miss out on many opportunities.

5. Small nose:

A person with small nose is very considerate one. They find it easy to put themselves on others shoes before judging others.

As they do well with other people, they are known to be good for friendship. These people may be considered deceitful, there is more than just what meets the eye and so you may want to be careful with this person.

6. High forehead:

If a person has a large amount of space between his eyes and the start of his hairline, they are considered to have high forehead. These people are highly intelligent, contain high level of confidence and are very analytical when approaching things.

They are not impulsive but will analyze a situation from all sides and make good decision based on their analyzation. Thus due to this trait they may suffer from anxiety, fear and paranoia.

7. Low forehead:

The person with less space between his eyes and the start of his hairline is considered to have low forehead. On contrary to high forehead, this type of face feature people, are impulsive and lively.

They do not over think things. However they may have passive aggressive behavior and low level of intelligence. As they fail to think before acting, they suffer from regrets.

8. Rounded forehead:

A person who has rounded forehead typically indicates that they are creative, artistic and highly emotional. As they have the tendency to be trapped by emotions, they sometimes, fail to be logical.

9. Slanted forehead:

A person with slanted forehead usually indicates that he or she is entrepreneurial and is keen towards end results. They do not like to talk much about their personal self. They have the tendency to do their own thing in a relationship.

10. Flat forehead:

A person having flat forehead are analytical too. They think before they take any action. Hence, they are slow decision makers and consider things from all perspectives.

11. Strong eyebrows:

This face feature people are very self assured and ambitious. They have a logical approach to life’s circumstances and have a strong drive for sex. They deal with emotions very well and hence it is easy for them to stand up to people.

12. Thin eyebrows:

If you encounter a person with thin eyebrows understand it could be plucked or natural ones. If it is naturally thin, the person will be struggling to build self confidence, but their features will indicate the opposite for their confidence.

A plucked eyebrow person is also one with low self assurance, as they pluck away their inner strength.

13. Largemouth/Full lips:

One of the important signals that a large mouth sends is how that person is in a relationship. They will be nurturing, caring, giving ones and are persuasive in a relationship. Friendships are really important to these people.

14. Smallmouth/Thin lips:

A person with this face feature seeks a lot of privacy and personal space. They always need to be with their partner or friends. They are not so approachable and friendly.

15. Larger bottom or upper lip:

If a person’s bottom lip is large in comparison to his or her upper lip, they are pleasure seekers and love to live in the joys of life. However they may enjoy life a bit more and may go after pleasure more than maintaining balance.

16. Strong chin:

The more prominent a person’s chin is, the more stubborn they will be, though they have the ability to endure difficult times. These people are super independent, so they might struggle with monogamy.

17. Small chin:

A person with a small chin, which is not prominent, will be someone who lacks self-confidence and willpower. This person may feel weak and believe that he cannot make it through, but it is not true. They tend to give up soon.

18. Round and strong or flat cheeks:

The more prominent a person’s cheeks are, the more likely it is that they will hold a position of power, and will be great in speaking up and giving advice.

People with flat cheeks generally do not like to give orders and they do not like to take them as well.

How to Judge a Person by his Eyes:

1. Almond shaped Eyes:

People with almond shaped eyes are self-disciplined and manage their urges well. When you encounter a person with almond shaped eyes, you will have a sense of secrecy.

The person will be warm and sensitive as well as has control over emotions. These people have more capability of common sense.

2. Round shaped Eyes:

When you meet people with highly curved upper and lower lids, know that they are emotional, have intense mood swings, speak their minds easily and tend to be very dramatic. Usually, they are very attractive to their opposite sex and are sociable, artistic, charming, impulsive and creative.

3. Closed Set Eyes:

Know that a person with this eye feature has incredibly powerful ability to focus. They hate to be disturbed and hence have a tendency to become easily stressed. They love to have in-depth knowledge about things, even when you are narrating something.

People having less distance between their eyes cannot tolerate temperature changes and external influences. They tend to be angry often as they have low tolerance ability.

4. Wide Set Eyes:

People having more space between their eyes are more adaptable, flexible and understanding. They have a broad perspective about life. They appreciate everything in life and are innovative thinkers.

5. Deep Set Eyes:

When you find a person with eyes deeply set, understand that they are intense and observant. They can be found in creative and writing fields as they are fond of creative work. They like to observe things however very easily build conclusions about things.

6. Prominent Eyes:

When you find a person whose eyes are the prominent feature of the whole face, you will see that they are friendly. The person with prominent eyes are kind hearted and always blissful.

7. Protruding Eyes:

When you see a person with protruding eyes, know that they are very energetic and highly active. People with this eye feature have the tendency to hate people who ignore them.

8. Big Eyes:

People with large or big eyes are open-minded and have scholarly curiosity. They are well suited for creative work as they can come up with bright ideas. They are warm and have sympathetic nature.

9. Small Eyes:

Small eyes personality people are particularly watchful of details. They have perfectionist and attentive nature as they are watchful of what is going around them. It also indicates far sighted vision and a sharp mind. They are also considered as skilled person.

10. Downward Slanting Eyes:

The people with this eye feature are pessimistic and can get discouraged easily. They are however a dedicated lover. Downward slanting eye people have the tendency to happily let others override them.

11. Upward Slanting eyes:

When a person’s eye corner is higher than the inner corner they have upward slanting eye, also referred as cat’s eyes. These people are optimistic and determined and always curious.

They have the ability to instantly locate opportunities and usually are known for their quick witted nature. They are entertaining but always try to get what they want.

12. Hooded Eyes:

People who have hooded eyes are always happy to help. They do not stress over details and do not wish anything in return after helping others. For them, all are happy in the world, which is not exactly the truth and thus people have negative thoughts about hooded eyed people.

How to Judge a Person by his Behavior:

1. Notice what you feel around people:

Some people’s behavior may make you feel that something is not right. When you have a feeling that you need to be vigilant around a person, then perhaps that person is not a good choice for any relationship formal or informal, personal or professional.

2. Check for reliability:

How does a person behave after borrowing something from you; do they return it right away or tell you when they are going to return it. If they follow through, they are reliable. If they tell you that they will call or email you and if they fail, they are not reliable.

In short, it is how a person keeps their word. Even a person who gossips much and shows up late every time can be considered unreliable person.

3. Their behavior towards others:

When a person is respective, patient and helpful towards others, he is generally considered as good person. It is nice to be around such people. If a person is inconsiderate, disrespectful and self absorbed when around people, their personality is not considered a good one.

4. Truth quotient:

No one ever is 100% truthful but when you find a person who tosses lie every now and then, even for minute situations, this person surely doesn’t display an honest personality.

They cannot be trusted. Even when people borrow stuffs and never return them back and make regular excuses, you cannot believe them too.

5. Comments on their past:

A person who comments on his past, continuously focuses on what wrong happened to them in past which has affected them in the present. If they are continuously blaming others for the bad that is happening in their life, they are most likely to never take any blames for their mistakes. They will never own up to their blunders.

6. Everyday life approach:

When you see the person holding the door for someone else to pass, they are more likely to be a considerate and sensible person. When they yell and scream often or take out their anger on general people, such people are always having mood swings and are usually bad tempered. They always benefit seekers.


The above mentioned are few details or tips on how to know the nature of a person. Paying attention to the facial features, eyes and conduct is a vital skill to learn the characteristics of a person.

The features of eyes, face shape and body actions are something that will describe a lot about a person. The above tips and facts are about how to judge a person by his face, eyes and behavior.