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13 Best Jobs for Thrill Seekers (Adrenaline Junkies)


Some people like the adrenaline rush in their body and are not designed to do the regular 9-5 jobs. They find it difficult to live their life in confinements and always seek adventure in their daily life.

Turning what you enjoy as your full-time profession is not difficult in the modern world with so many opportunities that one can avail. There are various job opportunities where you can live the life you want with an high adrenaline rush and contribute to the society.

But to take these outdoor jobs, one need to be sure of their own capability and be ready to take any kind of challenges that will come up in their way.

Jobs for Thrill Seekers

Most Thrilling Careers for Adventure Seekers:

1. Police officer jobs:

A police officer is the one who brings peace in the society and fight crimes, which keeps the people safe and let them sleep peacefully at night. Being a police officer means living your life at risk every moment, you will never know from where the trouble might erupt, they put themselves in danger to protect the people.

If you think fear is not your thing then a life as a police officer may bring you surprises of adrenaline rush. There are various government police academies that trains the young people who intend to pursue their career in police.

To be a police officer it is advisable to have a bachelor’s degree, a clean record, and a good physical fitness. The work of a police officer is hectic and they always work overtime.

2. Surgeons and doctors:

Being a doctor is one of the biggest responsibility in the world because lives of the people are dependent on them. Those who work in emergency rooms requires immense skills and talent of using the sharp mind and strong physical actions. Because in emergency rooms when the patients come from a trauma then it becomes high importance for the person to make quick judgement to save the life.

The job in ER is extremely stressful but more than that the satisfaction of saving a life and bringing the smile on the faces of the patients and their loved ones. The job of an ER doctor is rigorous with immense training required but if you are one of those who have the capability of quick judgment and knows the value of human life then it is a fulfilling job. Not only in terms of saving lives but it is financially rewarding.

3. Crime investigator jobs:

The popularity of detectives and crime investigators has always been through novels and various tv series like Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew or CSI. To be a detective requires good critical thinking and knowledge of various domains, a person who can easily detect the smallest of the information.

If you are one of those who can fit the bill then it is better to be one rather than just reading or watching about crime investigators. The jobs for them are in police department as well as there are many private detectives who work independently.

The pay for both the arena varies, a detective in police department earns more than the private detective. It is not compulsory to have a degree but it is beneficial to graduate in a chosen subject, as the opportunities as a police investigators are more.

4. Nurses in critical care:

In emergency room after the doctor it is the critical care nurses who are always ready to tackle any situation at any given point of time. Many a times their job is more strenuous than a doctor because they need to train the person, ask the questions and handle the family of the patients. They are also required to work unusual hours like the ER doctors.

To become a critical care nurse, it requires intense training and requires formal education in nursing as a diploma or a bachelor’s degree. The salaries of critical care nurses is quite high as compared to regular nurses and the job requirement of these is increasing day by day.

5. Firefighters jobs:

The life of a firefighter is exciting because they are the first people needed during a crisis. The job of firefighters is not restricted only to enter the burning buildings and saving lives but they tackle with almost all kinds of disasters. Their life is tough and it requires a lot of physical and mental strength, the working hours are too long for them and they generally stay at the fire stations to be ready to tackle any situation that may arise.

To be a firefighter, a college degree is not necessary but if you are looking to be able to lead the team as a captain and chief, then a degree in fire science is required. They are also trained to handle high-pressure equipment like hoses and other fire extinguishing objects.

6. Adventure sports instructor:

If you are one of those who lives, breathe and survive on adventure sports be it sky diving, scuba diving or trekking, the adventure sports instructor job is the one which will be extremely fulfilling to you. To be an instructor in this arena you need to be a person with extreme passion into what you are doing. Because the life of an adventure sports instructor is completely different from just being a participant in the adventure sports.

It does not necessarily requires a college degree but it requires immense experience in the chosen field because as an instructor you are responsible for the lives of others. You cannot afford to make mistakes and no rectification can happen in such a scenario.

You need to be completely aware of the skills and safety measures that are required to be taken. To become an adventure sports instructor, you need to be trained from a recognized institute with good deal of experience before beginning as an instructor.

7. Explosive workers:

For an explosive worker, facing or even watching an explosive is a part of their life, which for any other general person is something they may not even face in their lifetime. The conditions for explosive workers are extremely tough because they need to be extra cautious while diffusing a bomb.

Explosive workers are highly needed in construction, mining, oil extraction, where they need to remove the earth with the help of explosives and the place is further used for building structures. They are also needed during the demolition of buildings, if you are one of those whose adrenaline rush is high in level then this is the perfect job for you. Not many people are there in this profession, it does not require a college degree but it requires intensive training and a precise mind.

8. Defence:

The glory and respect a person in defence jobs gets is one to envy for and no other job in the world get to experience it. Being part of the defence team means to protect your country and sacrificing your own personal needs for a bigger cause.

You may be thousands of miles away from your family which can at times make you emotionally weak but the vigour as a defence personnel is something to look forward to. It gives an opportunity for travel and various benefits from the government are provided to the people and their family in defence.

There is always some or the other form of danger when you are fighting or even protecting your country. Whichever branch of defence you choose, be it marine, air force jobs or army jobs, all of them provide various opportunities for work and to learn.

9. Ambulance driver:

As an ambulance driver, the pressure to bring the patient to the emergency room in the least amount of time is highly intense and generally the time is not on their side. On the other hand, it is not just about driving because they also need to take care to prevent from rash driving and hurt those on the roads.

A college degree is not required but a good knowledge of first aid and CPR skills are needed to be efficient in. Not many people opt ambulance jobs of driver as a career path because it has its own risk for a person to face. Also to be one, you need a special commercial driving license from the government authorities.

10. Reporters:

The job of a reporter is filled with experience and sometimes with danger. They get the opportunity to meet various kinds of people and gain lot of different experience of life. They get to the place of news and try to be the first one to bring news to the world. They are the ones who go to the war fronts and with so much danger they deliver the news, they go the the places of disasters, meet politicians, sportspersons, film personalities and many more.

A job or a reporter requires lot of patience and the working hours are extremely long, they start from the lowest of the work profile,with hard work and perseverance they can become the editors or news directors. A college degree is essential to be a reporter and interest in current affairs is another requisite to fulfill the need.

11. Hazardous material removal workers:

As the name says it, hazardous material removing is extremely risky and dangerous jobs to do. A person needs to wear protective gear from head to toe and they always work in dangerous environments, where the toxic materials are found which has the capacity of huge destruction to the mankind. They need to be extremely cautious while working because their job is not only to protect people’s life but also their own and of their team.

A small mistake may lead to the disasters one may not be able to imagine. To be a hazardous material removal workers a college degree is not compulsory, but a formal training in safety is essential in theory and in practical.

12. Correctional officers:

The job of a correctional officer happens in the confinement of prison and they are always surrounded by all kinds of criminals from petty to serious hardcore criminals. They require immense courage and strength to deal with tough criminals to implement rules and regulations within the prison because if the rules are not enforced properly then there could be riots within the prison.

Correctional officers generally works in shifts but their work hours may go even beyond the estimated time. Their employment protection is for lifetime and they get good retirement plans with other benefits and perks. A college degree is generally not required to become a correctional officer but a degree is always beneficial when looking for career advancement. A strong personality is an important requirement to be in this job.

13. Biologists:

Biologist jobs or a zoologist is never confined like a desk job. They spend most of their time in forests and jungles, understanding the animals, learning their behaviours, characteristics. They also perform various scientific experiments and researchers to understand the questions like evolution. If you are those who love to explore the unknown in the nature and explore the new, then this is the best job for you.

Interest in biology is important and you need to be sure if you intend to choose this as your career because you need to start studying from quite young age. Bachelor’s in biology and later master in the subject is an added advantage.

Final words:

Every person out there is always looking for the dream job, but no job is a dream job until you make it one. It does not matter what you do, if done with perfection and dedication. If you know what you are looking for or seeking thrill for life, then these suggested jobs are totally meant for you.

But do make sure that you are ready to accept the challenge because it might seem easy of which brings thrill in life, but the possibility of one getting bored is also high. Once you decide on it, then you will live your life without any regrets.