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12 Best Jobs for People with ADHD(Attention Deficit Disorder)


Do you have low attention span?

Do you often find your mind drifting? Or worse… do you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)? If the answer is a yes, then do give this post a good read.

First and foremost, we do understand how difficult it must be for you to work in an environment where hundred percent attentions are expected. But that is definitely not the end of it! We have some great career options lined up just for you.

Hopefully you will be able to find something great for yourself by the end of this. So keep reading about better suited jobs for people with ADHD!

people with adhd jobs

Perfect Careers for People with ADHD Inattentive:

1. Salesperson:

A great job opportunity for someone with adhd would definitely be one of a sales person. Such jobs really don’t have much demands if you look at it. All you have to do is have great communication skills, convincing power and a whole lot of patience.

If you think you possess all these qualities, then the job of a sales person would be absolutely ideal. Plus there are more than hundreds of companies all over the world who look for sales persons. So there is literally no need to worry about employment opportunities.

2. Artists:

A second thing you could definitely try becoming is an artist. This job is great for all adhd patients. If you really love art and you think you can paint and draw well, then nothing should stop you from doing this.

The only sad part is that artists take some time to make money. It doesn’t happen very easily. You will need a good amount of time to get things settled and be financially stable. So make sure to go to an art school first. Some classes will definitely help you in this field.

3. Entertainer:

A third option we could imagine at this moment is one of an entertainer. You will be able to make a whole lot of money if you become a successful one. When we speak of entertainers, we don’t mean TV actors as such. You could be a stand up comedian or maybe a wedding singer.

Even theatre is a good choice for you. So if you feel like you possess some really good acting or musical skills, go ahead and enrol in a good acting class or music school and let your journey begin. Who knows how far you can go.

4. Military:

Another thing you can do is join the military or become a part of the army. Again you will not need to spend a whole lot of time focusing on something. Most of it will be physical work. Plus you will be earning well. The only con with military is that you have to put your life at stake sometimes. Otherwise everything else is taken care of.

So if you possess immense physical strength and are physically fit and strong, then the military would be the best career opportunity for you. Plus you will have to spend a whole lot of time working your body which means your mind hardly gets engaged.

5. Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs tend to have a whole lot of strength and determination. They need to have energy in order to succeed in the business. Work is challenging for them but it has very little to do with engaging the mind.

So if you think you can handle the job of an entrepreneur, go ahead and do so. All you will need is some good independent and organizational skills and planning. If that is taken care of, nothing can stop you from being on top.

6. Construction Workers:

Construction workers are usually expected to follow clear instructions that are given beforehand. The job is usually physical which means they don’t have to spend a whole lot of time thinking or paying attention to something. Plus there is so much to do once you become a construction worker. You will never get bored. The work is also quite endless.

You could finish one task but there will be plenty of other stuff lined up right after that. So if you think you can work that hard and stay busy, choose to become a construction worker.

7. Delivery Truck Driver:

A delivery truck driver is also quite a simple and easy job opportunity for people suffering with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These people have just one mission… they have to be somewhere within a particular period of time.

All they have to do is reach the destination as allotted, deliver whatever is told to them and leave for the next destination.

The pay is quite decent and you don’t have to pay attention to anything for too long. People with adhd might not be able to spend time thinking but they are definitely good when it comes to physical work or just dropping off things.

8. Mechanics:

Another job opportunity you can definitely try is one of a mechanic. Here you will have to work mostly with cars, boats or maybe motorbikes. It is entirely a physical job which is definitely a good piece of news for those who have low attention span.

Sometimes you will have to deal with face to face interactions which mean your communication skills should be on point as well. There is no way you are going to feel like you’re trapped in a desk and have to sit all day solving problems.

9. Police Officer:

Love catching cops? Would you love to be the guy who arrests people for not having a parking ticket? If that was a yes, then you can definitely become a police officer in the future. Your job is definitely going to be fun and exciting.

You will not be answerable to anybody almost. Plus there will be new things to do on a regular basis. Plus police officers and cops are often well paid. So if you think you possess all the qualities that are necessary to become a police officer, do give it a shot soon.

10. Doctor:

Becoming a doctor is not easy at all. You will have to study a lot before you finally get a medical degree. The environment is usually very intense which is absolutely perfect for those who suffer with adhd. Plus you are going to be very well paid if you become a doctor.

The only con is that you will be working long hours and often during unexpected time of the day. So if you think you can pursue medicine and handle this profession in the future, then there is literally nothing like it. Go ahead and pursue it right away.

11. Commission Salespeople:

Commission salespeople have become quite popular these days. Here you will be only be paid when you manage to make some good sales. But a good base salary will be provided to you nonetheless.

The sad part about commission salespeople is that they have to put up with a whole lot of paper work which can be a huge burden at times. Otherwise your duty mostly consists of collecting and handling payments. So if you can manage all of these, then the job of a commission salespeople would be perfect. Plus if you have low attention span, this won’t be a problem.

12. Nurse:

You could also try becoming a nurse if that suits you best. It is an ideal career option for people who have very little attention span. Most of your job will be in the hospital of course… in the ICU where operations are carried out.

You will be expected to take great care of patients, assist and support the doctor when the need arises and often work as a therapist too. Nurses have often been called social worker since they are responsible for taking care of patients who are physically and mentally ill.

What should you avoid at work?

If you are suffering with ADHD, make sure to keep away from places that are cluttered. Try to keep your own space clean and organized. Next you should always keep your hands busy by holding on to something instead of fidgeting constantly.

Also make it a point to create a checklist so that you have a clear idea on the things you have already done and the things you have yet to cover. If there are things that you need to remember, always keep a notepad ready. It will help you remember important things.


This brings us to the end of the post. Hope you have found something that will prove worthwhile and fruitful for you. As you can see, there are several career opportunities lined up for you and most of them seem quite promising and fun.

There is hardly anything that will bore you to death. Plus none of these jobs will even remind you that you actually have a disorder. And that is the best part. On that note, we would like to wish you good luck! And if you have something interesting to tell us, leave a comment below.