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13 Best Jobs for People Who Love Kids or Children


A good job can be considered as one which is valued more than a paycheck. A good job or a great job can be felt from the satisfaction it offers. In that manner some people would love to do a valuable job and try to make some difference in others life.

Careers working with children is loved by many people and opted as a great career option. For this category of good career choices, the working options are unlimited. The main requirement for jobs working with little kids is that they require patience, love towards children, energy and sensitivity.

Jobs for People Love KidsJobs for People Who Love Kids or Working With Children:

The following mentioned are few jobs that involve working with kids.

1. Teacher:

The very first job that strikes one’s mind regarding jobs for people who love kids is teacher job. The job initiates with love for children and the valuable form of education provided to them.

It is equally important for teachers to possess patience and persistence in order to handle children. The main duty of the teacher would be to inflict part of knowledge to a mind which is restless. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there is enhanced growth in the teaching sector and would be continued in the next ten years.

The rate of growth for teachers is mentioned as 20% increase for special education teachers, preschool teachers are expected to elevate to 19%, and 15-16% for elementary or play school teachers.

2. Childcare:

To get along and work with children, job in child care or child care jobs is another option which is considered as the best choice. Child care workers are ones who open up their own business or being employed in daycare for taking care of kids.

This category of child care careers requires more of hands on work and may require others assistance for changing diapers and feeding the kids. Little older children are to be taken care of their studies and completion of homework. Child care workers are not needed to possess any degree but a high school diploma is a must.

3. Pediatrician:

Pediatrician jobs are awesome careers where working with children is possible. Another place where children are always found in clusters in the clinics or hospitals is pediatrician.

These pediatricians are physicians who work with children and require a degree along with a medical college doctorate for four years. To get trained as a pediatrician, training and internship are mandatory.

4. Photographer:

The field of photography can whirl around many areas. For ones who desire to work with kids can opt for school photography, youth sport photography, baby photography and more fields where children are involved.

Photographers are usually self-employed and some working in large studios can find out if they have contract with schools for taking photography. This kind of job is great and satisfying as children cooperate and good business is also achieved when children are on the film.

Through training and workshops are present for photography for children, a high school diploma is mandatory for a photographer.

5. Coach:

Youth sports coach can be a great way to get acquainted with children. Like a teacher a coach also plays a key role in changing the child’s life into a successful one. Life lessons and personal career ideas are taught by these coaches.

A college degree in physical education is required. Apart from learning games they also teach moral values and good habits to children. The Bureau of Labor statistics states that the position for coached would enhance to twenty five percent.

6. Camp counselor:

Camp counselor is an awesome job that focuses on school children and young adults of college where they have fun with them outdoors.

Camp counselors are role model positions as they teach the children respect, responsibility along with fun and enjoyment. The safety and security is another aspect the camp counselors are held responsible for.

7. Ice cream truck driver:

Ice cream can be the simple and most enjoyable job which makes any kid happy. A ice cream truck driver is the one who brings in cold and creamy happiness amongst children as he drives his ice cream truck through the streets. In that manner ice cream truck driver is one category of job for people who love kids.

8. Social worker:

Social worker is another job category which is chosen by individuals who love children. Social workers can work in orphanages, helping HIV affected children or homeless children. They can also join up UNICEF to work for child rights.

9. Special advocate:

With the number of jobs to work for children, court appointed special advocates are ones who stand for ill-treated and ignored children.

They advocate the child and work with them till they find a best and permanent home. These advocates get a chance to handle and take responsibility of affected children.

10. School bus driver:

School bus driver can be a great option for people who love to spend time with kids. The bus drivers are responsible for taking kids to school in the morning and getting them back home safely.

Apart from morning and evening sessions the driver can be free and is a flexible job for them. They can get along with kids and spend a few hours with them along with responsibility.

11. Nursery nurse:

To get along and handle small children and born babies, nursery nurses are the right choice. These nurses that work with babies are responsible for handling new born babies and also handling them immediately after delivery. They help the mother in terms of feeding, injection and other assistance after birth.

12. Kids swim instructor:

Babies, preschoolers and toddlers are ones who seek the help and method of swimming from kids swim instructor. This profession can be the right choice for individuals who loves to spend time with kids and teach them swimming lessons.

13. Children clothing designer:

To think about children and design clothes for them is another occupation loved by most people. Kids are used as models and innovative dresses are designed for them.

The kids clothes or dress can attract in more kids and one can gain good orders with dress designing for kids too.

Careers for People Who Love Children:

Here we created a list of jobs working with children or in other words jobs for people who want to work with children. Also note that the jobs which have been mentioned in the above list may also be included in the table along with average salary details. Jobs Average salary
1 Pediatrician $175,018 per year
2 Pediatric nurse $110,268 per year
3 Principal $106,693 per year
4 Superintendent $91,444 per year
5 Child psychologist $87,965 per year
6 Juvenile justice attorney $58,987 per year
7 Social worker $58,809 per year
8 Family Counselor $53,877 per year
9 Nutritionist $52,832 per year
10 School nurse $46,061 per year
11 Daycare director $38,152 per year
12 Occupational therapist $1,487 per week
13 Speech pathologist $40.46 per hour
14 Pediatric dental hygienist $34.48 per hour
15 Music therapist $27.67 per hour
16 School librarian $26.60 per hour
17 Coach $21.43 per hour
18 Teacher $19.01 per hour
19 Cosmetologist $18.91 per hour
20 Pediatric dental assistant $17.39 per hour
21 Museum curator $16.92 per hour
22 Juvenile corrections officer $16.60 per hour
23 Children's recreation coordinator $16.37 per hour
24 Nanny $16.29 per hour
25 Bus driver $16.03 per hour
26 Family photographer $14.44 per hour
27 Camp director $14.32 per hour
28 Crossing guard $12.83 per hour
29 Teacher's aide $11.61 per hour
30 Cafeteria worker $10.95 per hour
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These above mentioned are few important and best career paths that are possible where you can work with children. For ones who love kids, there are a number of professions and job opportunities available outside.

Many people love to do jobs that work with little kids, this in turn help them being happy and lively. These people can run through the websites and get to know a number of job ideas and opportunities for them.

Though there are many surveys which are done annually for child care debating about the cost and arrangements, there are few countries who put forward that childcare jobs are the ones who earn less. With all these arguments, there are people who still love to work with children rather than choosing the various other high paid jobs.