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You Think these Job Search Techniques Work, But They Don’t


Education brings one the knowledge about handling all practical outside forces. Getting a job can be tougher than searching for it. A well educated person normally starts looking for a job which can help him / her support their family and also fulfills their vision about their dream job. But sometimes there is a possibility that while searching for a job, as human nature goes a person may start getting excited about certain things and tend to choose unnecessary techniques.

job search techniques work

12 Job Search Techniques that Don’t Work:

There may be a possibility that while searching for a job because of desperation or over excitement, a person tends to lose focus on the brighter side of job search techniques. And here are some of the mistakes that a person commits while using such job search techniques, they are as follows.

1. Applying for more than one job:

When a person decides to start searching for a job, it is possible that he / she may start using certain job portals or other job search techniques. It is not wrong to apply for more than one job, but it is always better to apply for the job which a person thinks it is perfect for him / her. Before applying for any job, a person needs to think about his / her working interests. These working interests can help them understand or help them to find the job which they can handle for their living.

2. Applying for any job as soon as possible:

The second mistake a person commits which searching job is applying for any kind of jobs as soon as possible. Every selection process for a job consists of certain duration of time. The duration of time can differ from company to company. And if a person starts applying for that particular job which has not been published, at that point of time it happens that when actual process starts that person won’t be aware of such job.

3. Sending resumes to unnecessary people:

That’s a biggest mistake one can do while searching for job that he / she is using such job search techniques where in which the resumes are addressed to send all the unnecessary people. Sending resumes to unnecessary people in the name of job search technique is a foolish thing to do. Also, it is not going to help find a new job, instead of that, the person to whom you have sent your resume may misplace given resume just with the thinking that it is unnecessary for him / her.

4. Applying for over qualified jobs:

While applying for a job there is a possibility that a person may be a little desperate to start his / her career. And at that time the person may start applying for a job for which he / she is overqualified. While searching for a job it is necessary to understand the type of job which can support your working skills and ability and one needs to make sure that the job he / she is working for, is comfortable as well. Without thinking all of that, a person makes a mistake of considering only annual salary and the area of working while applying for a job.

5. Applying for under qualified jobs:

As mentioned earlier, a person starts applying for a job without thinking that a particular job he/she is applying for, is maybe under qualified to that person. If a job a person applying for, is little under qualified then that person need to rethink his / her decision before applying for that job. And if a person still applies for such job, then it is possible that he may not sort list for an initial process of that job selection.

6. Spending a small portion of time on job search:

Applying for a job is a long process and one needs to be ahead while applying for such jobs. When a person starts thinking about applying for the job, then at that time he / she needs to understand the portion of time he / she is spending while using job search techniques. A person needs to invest a bigger portion of time while applying for a job because there may be a possibility of missing certain job offer through one small mistake.

7. Using luck over applying a job:

It is not possible that a person applying for certain jobs can get selected on the basis of mere luck. To be honest, there is no such thing as luck while applying for certain jobs. A person can earn a job only by the way of his / her professional knowledge and qualification. Luck can not bring anyone his / her dream job. And if a person applying for a job is very qualified and professional suited for a job, then that is the luckiest job for that person to get selected for.

8. Never rely on advertising job openings:

Sometimes it happens that the job or company that a person is trying to apply for doesn’t even advertise their job online or anywhere. To apply for a job, a person needs to start searching for a job in possible sourcing advertising and non- advertising. When a job is not published online, then it is possible that there will be less competition over such job search. If a person find such job which is available with less competition than he / she should grab that opportunity.

9. Always prefer networking only If comfortable:

A person starts applying for a job and sometime it seem little late for everything and at that point of time that person may be advised to apply for a job through networking. Sometimes it is not necessary that people are comfortable with networking to apply for certain jobs. When a person is uncomfortable using networking as a possible job search techniques, then he / she should stop applying job in that manner or technique.

10. Use customized resume:

While applying for a job, a person always thinks about their resume writing as a different structure but it is not true. When it comes to the point of view of managers, they prefer resumes of pattern which suits their system. And if they reject a resume by the look of it, then there is a possibility that the chances of grabbing that particular job are very less. Through this a person needs to update about the recent developmental change all around.

11. Never act as if a resume is a tool of marketing document with search engine optimization:

Sometimes there are people who think that the resume they have created is a tool of some kind of marketing document. A job seeker needs to understand that a job can only be grabbed through a technique of knowledge and skills and it never happened that a person availed a job because of his / her resume writing. A person need to be clear with this thinking that applying for a job is not like popularizing ones website wherein he / she can use a keyword for its successful launch.

12. Follow up with each applied employer:

It is possible that, if a person after applying for a certain job gets rejected by it, that person never follows up with that particular employer just because of ones rejection. It is a bad process to apply for a job with that attitude. A person applying for a job needs to be open with all the outcome of it whether it is positive or negative. A person should follow up with his / her previous employer for any new job opportunities.

To end this discussion, we would like to suggest that getting hired for a job is a big thing in one’s life and that also for a job which has been one’s dream. The process of job search will be less time consuming, but if a person starts taking proper job search techniques, then it is possible that he / she can end up having their dream job or the perfect job. Therefore, to apply for a job, a person should avoid certain kind of job search techniques which is never useful for a job search and instead of that, a person should start applying for a job with new agenda or with a new perspective. To avoid such job search techniques, a job seeker needs to find out such bad job search techniques. And also can start following all the above mentioned ways to avoid certain kind of job search techniques.