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Top 11 Common Job Search Myths and Misconceptions


There are thousands of work professionals in the world today who have limited knowledge about the method and strategies that should be implemented while trying to land the job of their dreams.

Most of them tend to fall for these false myths that make their search far more difficult. It surely isn’t easy to land the perfect job in any industry you are hoping to get into. This is also because of the high competition that has been prevalent for quite some time.

In order to achieve something you are so desirous of, you need to first get rid of all those myths that block your mind from the truth.

On that note, here are some of the top job search myths and misconceptions that have prevented young professionals from looking for the right opportunity.

Yes, they have been debunked which means they don’t hold any substance in the current scenario. The post has discussed all points in detail so that people like you never face a problem while searching.

job search myths debunked11 Truths Behind Biggest Job Search Myths:

1. If They Didn’t Call You Back, It Means The Job Has Already Been Taken:

One of the most common myths associated with jobs is this false preconceived notion that if the recruiter or hiring manager has not called you back or didn’t responded to your call, it means the job has already been taken away by someone else. This is not always true. When you are looking for a job, it is quite possible to encounter such situations but do not let it depress or discourage you. You should always give it a few weeks time and make it a point to call, message or send an email to the person who told you about the job. This will help you know what’s really going on and also give you necessary updates about the current work scenario.

2. Only The Most Qualified Person Will Get The Job:

A second myth associated with jobs is this: most people tend to believe that the most intelligent and skilled person will nail the job and not us. If you try to see this from a theoretical aspect, then it is true. But if the individual’s personality does not suit the work environment, there is no way they are going to make it to the list. Like most experts believe, companies tend to choose people for interviews on the basis of how excellent and good their resume is but the job will only be handed over to that person who fits into the work environment culturally. So if you want to land the job, make sure you do enough homework. Wear the right attire and choose your words carefully in order to make a fine impression and hopefully fit in.

3. It is not about your knowledge skills, but more about who know you:

This is the third misconception people have about jobs. But to be very honest, it isnt entirely false. Such statements often end up being true while sometimes they could be completely wrong. If you are looking for an opportunity to interview with a well known organization, a little help from some source will definitely help. But if you don’t have any experience, qualifications or basic skills required to nail the job, there is no way you are going to get it. In short, you need a combination of both to find the right opportunity sometimes.

4. Resumes shouldn’t be longer than one page:

If this is what you’ve been told, then probably you are starting off at the wrong foot. Your resume shouldn’t always be limited to a single page. Make sure to enter all important details regarding your previous work experiences, the progresses you’ve made, the awards you’ve received etc. The hiring manager and recruiter should have a good idea of what you have done in the past. So if you think a page is not enough, never think twice before moving on to the next.

5. Send your resumes to everybody:

Another blunder made by most people while trying to land the perfect job is sending resumes to every company they’ve heard or known about. It is not all that difficult to find an interdisciplinary resume. So before you are giving out your resumes to different companies make sure to shape and adjust the resume depending upon the job you are sending an application for. Here you are supposed to display your talent and potentials and only try to land those jobs that are suitable for you.

6. Cover Letters are not all that important:

If you thought cover letters make no difference, then think twice. Did you know that a well written cover letter can actually create a good impression in front of your hiring manager? It will also help them understand why you are so keen on getting the job. It will not only display your excellent communication skills, potentials, talent but also your high level of enthusiasm. This could also be your opportunity to shine out! A fine cover letter will let the recruiter and hiring manager know what you can do for the team, how you can contribute and most importantly why you are ideal for the post they want to fill.

7. When you demand for a lower salary, your profile becomes more attractive:

Instead of demanding for a lower salary, try to be reasonable. When you offer to work for companies at a rate that is much lower than usual market rates, there is higher possibility of ruining your impression. In short, you may not get the job because of your lesser demands. The smartest thing you could do in this situation is demand for an amount that is reasonable. A little light negotiation would do you no harm. A small tip for the wise lot- do not make the mistake of bringing up the topic of salary or money by yourself. Instead let them raise the question.

8. Accepting right at the first offer is the best thing to do:

When someone offers you a job, it does seem very exciting. But do not make the mistake of accepting something just because there is no other offer you have at the moment. Give yourself a little time and contemplate. Think about whether you want the job and if it’s really what you are in search of. When you prepare a list of pros and cons, it gives you a clearer idea on what would suit you best.

9. Looking for jobs both online and offline will help you find all vacancies:

This is quite common job myth. However the truth is that only a very tiny percentage of vacancies are advertised. Some of the best opportunities are not even posted online. Employers and recruiters look for them through the contacts they make and the recommendations they receive. They do not hunt for candidates any more through newspapers or the internet. This however does change the rules of finding a job as candidates have to work harder in order to prove themselves as better than the best. So what is the solution to a problem like this? Simple. Do some more research work; try to develop more networks online as well as offline and work towards establishing a professional look on social media.

10. If you respond to more job advertisements, you tend to get better interviews:

This is one the biggest misunderstanding cited among young professionals who are trying to hunt for a suitable job. They tend to believe that the number of sites they register to or the number of companies they send applications to, the more successful you become while trying to get interviews. If you would like to be more efficient and skilled in this field, learn to be selective. Choose to apply to only those companies where you feel you will be valued.

11. It’s okay to lie in your resume. Everyone does it:

If you make the mistake of lying in your own resume and think that nobody is going to find out, you couldn’t make things worse for yourself. The truth is, they will sooner or later. When you are made to go through a background check, up the employer will be able to easily figure out where you’ve lied. Plus, we live in a world where social media dominates. So it doesn’t take long to call your ex boss or HR and speak about their experiences while working with you. Maintaining your position and establishing a good reputation is therefore important.

These are some of the most common job search myths you will ever come across while searching for the perfect placement. Once you throw them out of your mind and start following the ideas suggested instead, a great job will definitely come your way. Here’s hoping that the post has benefitted you immensely and that in the longer run you will find what you’ve wanted for long. On that note, good luck!