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16 Awful Job Search Advice or Tips to Ignore Completely


As we are all well aware of the fact that today’s twenty first century world is a fast paced one and if we do not remain at the top of our game at all times as well as under all circumstances, sooner or later we will lose all our relevance. This having been said searching for a job is no easy task indeed given that there is so much fearsome rivalry in the corporate world and the present economic condition isn’t very good. However to help you, given here is a list of some absolutely awful job search advice which you would be better off ignoring all together.

awful job search advice

Horrible Job Search Advice and Tips You’re Better Off Ignoring:

1. Being told to ‘Take Initiative’:

There is some truth in the common saying that ‘You got to make your own luck in this world!’ So when you are job hunting there will be many people who might come up to you uttering clichés like this one, while it is vital that you take initiative and try your best to carve a niche for yourself in the business world, it certainly does not imply that you begin to take this piece of advice absolutely seriously and go out of your way to try and make things happen to the event of seeming like a lion or tiger chasing after its prey. Anything in moderation is okay, yet going over board is something which is unacceptable.

2. ‘It is always much better to meet the recruiters in person’:

This is another awful tip which should be ignored, because jobs are anyway scarce in the business world and if a company is willing to speak with you, you pounce at the opportunity irrespective of whether it is on the phone, on video chat or even in person. Remember that you are the one who needs the job and if you refuse the chance given to you, then there will be a hundred others who will be more than happy to grab the opportunity with open arms. So ensure that you do not listen to any silly tips like this one or you might lose out on something good.

3. ‘Ensure that you let them know that you love the company’:

In the event of being called for an interview you should just stick to the basics and not let anyone’s words, tips or pieces of advice play on your mind too much. A tip which is often given, but means little or nothing at all is the tip which tells you to let the recruiters know that you are someone that really loves the company! Chances are that if you say something as juvenile as this, you might come across as looking not endearing but stupid. Companies will never want foolish individuals representing them rather they prefer to opt for someone who knows what to say and when.

4. ‘If it is meant to be it will be, there is nothing you can do’:

Searching for a job is never easy at times, you might even feel a little down and discouraged, in the vent of this happening some people might come to you with words of comfort as well as tips which they think might make you feel a little better. One awful tip, which might make you feel good at a moment, is that there is nothing you can do , you should leave things up to fate. In the business world, there is no room for luck. As mentioned above being like a blood hound is bad, yet washing your hands off things entirely is even worse!

5. ‘Let them get to know who you really are as a person’:

In the business world it is always advisable to try and stand out rather than trying your level best to fit in. This having been said, when searching for a job, people might advise you that in the event of being called for an interview you should really try and let them know who you really are as a person. While letting your personality shine through in the course of your interview, is naturally a good and desirable thing, but this having been said, you should not take this as an opportunity to really make it a point to mention even the most irrelevant details of your life which nobody wants to hear about.

6. ‘Let your resume be long and detailed’:

In this day and age a resume is no longer a summation of your educational qualifications as well as experience. Nowadays it is equivalent to a powerful advertising and marketing tool where the product on display is you! So ignore the awful tip that says that the longer the resume the better it is for you, because this is something which could not be further away from the truth! A crisp well written resume will show how intelligent you are and what grasp you have over the English language.

7. ‘Just agree to whatever is being said to you’:

Bagging a job is something that is certainly not easily nowadays and the interview process often consists of a number of different rounds. This having been said when you appear for a one on one interview in the event of trying to come across as agreeable you should most certainly not agree to everything that is being said to you, thinking that you will make amends later on once you have secured the job. Following a tip like this is something which will cost you heavily in the long run and might even cause you to lose your job.

8. ‘You have to make it a point to tell them all that you are capable of’:

Companies always prefer to employ individuals who are able to walk the walk rather than simply talking the talk. An awful tip which chances are that you will be given is the tip telling you that you ought to use the period of the interview to really let them know how eager you are to learn new things and also how capable you are as an individual. Doing this is excessively silly as during an interview you should never speak out of turn and talk about something which has not been even asked about.

9. ‘Make several rounds of the office which you would like to join’:

One of the most awful tips that can be given to you is the tip which tells you to make several rounds of the office which you would like to work at so that you come across as someone who is persevering. Yet on the contrary when you do something like this rather than coming across as eager you come across as rather jobless and even desperate. Companies never want employees who lack integrity.

10. ‘Ensure that you make a lasting impression in the mind of the person you meet’:

This is a piece of advice which you could benefit from, if you execute it properly. Yet this said, if you make a deliberate effort to try and make a lasting impression in the mind of the boss or recruiter then chances are that you will certainly come across as fake.

11. ‘Don’t be afraid to ask questions’:

Companies are always on the lookout for individuals who have an analytical bend of mind and ask pointed as well as relevant questions. In the course of your job hunt many people will tell you that in an interview you should make it a point to show that you are someone who doesn’t shy away from asking questions. This is a trait which is most certainly desirable, yet on the other hand asking too many questions might make you come across as being stupid. So ensure you ignore this tip and do not go out of your way to be someone who you aren’t.

12. ‘Talk about all the successful projects which you handled’:

In the event of being called for an interview during your job search, you should try your level best to create a good impression and simultaneously show that you are someone who will prove to be a great asset to the company, this having been said, there will be people who will tell you that you should use the interview as a chance to showcase how successful you are in your field and how many projects you have been able to manage in a successful manner. However blowing your own trumpet during an interview is something which is not desirable so ignoring this tip would benefit you greatly.

13. ‘Play hard to get’:

Different people have different ways of going about their job searches. Some people believe that being militant and disciplined in your job search is the way to go, whereas on the other end of the spectrum there are those who believe that you ought to just go with the flow. When you are job hunting, chances are that someone will come up to you and tell you that in the event of hearing from a company , which you have submitted your resume to, you should try your level best to play hard to get and give them the impression that you are not so interested in the job.

14. ‘Newspapers are archaic and will not help you find a job’:

As we are all well aware, there are multiple kinds of media whether it is print media or electronic media. In the twenty first century technological world, there are many people who believe that news papers have become absolutely archaic and practically extinct, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Owing to the fact that it is so cheap and convenient it is still a very popular medium of communication. There are also several top companies which post about company vacancies in the newspaper so ensure that you do not turn a blind eye to the newspaper during your job search.

15. ‘Asking around, will not help you in any way at all’:

As mentioned in the very first line, the business world has become a cut throat one indeed where everyone is longing to get ahead, even if it means that they have to trample and steamroll over other individuals. This having been said, when job hunting, no matter what, you should never shy away from speaking to other friends, family members and even acquaintances asking them if they know of any job vacancies in any top company. Chances are that everyone you ask might not be willing to help yet you can be rest assured that a select few will help you in your time of need.

16. ‘Following the company’s website is all that you can do’:

Last but certainly not the least is that very often people will tell you that when looking for a job following closely a company’s website is all that you can do, yet this is something that is absolutely false. But often even the biggest companies do not have an up to date company website, simply because hiring someone to do so, can be pretty expensive. So even if such a piece of advice is given to you, ensure that you do not take it seriously and sit at home, thinking that you following the website is enough. You ought to try a little harder!

After going through the list it is pretty evident that these are awful job search advice which are given, but in the long run they prove to be silly and ineffectual. It is for this very reason that you should listen to whatever others have to say to you, but do not start blindly following them. At the end of the day no one knows you better than you know yourself, it is for this reason that no matter what you should always have your own best interests at heart and try your level best to always deliver top quality work whenever a responsibility of any kind is entrusted to you.