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How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


Showing signs of emotional intelligence in the workplace can improve your professional career by leaps and bounds. Maintaining a high emotional intelligence EI at work can be very rewarding. It will surely help you bag that long coveted contract, your boss has been running after since you can remember. This becomes possible with a mind with adequate emotional intelligence. Nevertheless, acquiring and developing emotional intelligence can most often be a hard task to accomplish since it takes months of practice and focus. Also, reaping the best results off can be difficult to an uncertain degree because most people are not able to think straight when they are in a nasty spot. The following points are going to help you improving  emotional intelligence for all intents and purposes:

emotional intelligence at work

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace:

The following mentioned are few reasons that explain why emotional intelligence is beneficial in the workplace.

1. Effective interaction:

High emotional intelligence arms you with an ability of spontaneous and effective interaction. This goes hand in hand with workplaces that require constant interaction and convincing customers for the quality of products. Most of the time, buyers or dealers return disappointed because retailers or salesmen are unable to have an effective conversation with them. Working on your EI or emotional quotient  can help you change this. It not only lets you understand what others want or secretly desire but also empowers you with the right choice of words. Knowing what to say in times of need is a boon that can come from high emotional intelligence.

2. Going with the flow:

Emotional intelligence at work helps maintain balance at work by instilling a sensible approach into the workers. Inexperienced workers in the prime of their youth can be very hot headed and it is undoubtedly a big loss for any company. EI helps you in handling every matter with efficient tactfulness. Not only that, it will also portray you in your most proficient avatar. Sometimes buyers sift through a lot of products asking for help without any intention to buy. So EI will either bear on you by maintaining your cool or able to assist you to successfully convince the shoppers to buy a thing or two.

3. Harmony:

Undeniably the concept of emotional intelligence brings mental peace and harmony among workers at office. This is essential as workers constitute a family and a family has to have peace. Most of the time, the person incharge is not even around to keep an eye and make sure the workers are keen to maintain peace. So it is basically on the employees to keep conflicts and harmful cross talks at bay. However, it is impractical to not expect any problem or disagreeability at work since it is a democratic country and everyone has equal right to assert their will. Nonetheless, emotionally mature people know that the best way through work is to cooperate and be averse during turmoil.

4. Catering to the needs:

Having a high emotional quotient is all about knowing what is best for you and achieving your goal by knowing what others want from you without their having said a word. Is a scientific way that allows you to cater to whims and intuit mood and emotions beforehand in a rather uncanny way. Moreover it is exactly what you need in a metropolis where each and every one is making a living on guesswork. Well this is a kind of guesswork that gives you the upper hand in any field of work. It lets you takes changes sportingly and choose your actions accordingly. All the same, gaining high emotional intelligence makes way for all the delightful changes in your attitude towards life and behavior.

5. Powerful take on matters:

Emotional intelligence will train your mind to see beyond the visible range of mental sight. You will be able to see a dozen more ways to close a problematic matter where you had to run from pillar to post on your days as a lesser mortal. It gives you a clear picture of things that used to befuddle your mind earlier on. Most importantly, you can read other people’s emotions and problems related to it without any difficulty. This is extremely effective in matters of managerial conduct. .

Importance of Emotional Intelligence:

1. Alertness:

Being emotionally intelligent gives you the high hand in every matter. This is a result of improved alertness and active consciousness. High emotional intelligence works in a way that equips you to analyze each and every situation with precision and effectiveness. EI alerts your sense to any circumstance giving you proper insight into the matter. This in turn is responsible for flawless decision making and marks almost no error of judgment. On top of it all high emotional quotient opens you to a wide range of astounding mental capabilities with which you can help others let alone yourself.

2. Quick adaptability:

Amid many qualities EI has to offer, being flexible to your environment is one of the most rewarding. In other words you can never be taken by surprise or thrown off base. You will always have something up your sleeve to take care of. If your work demands you to travel, then this comes as an icing because evidently you will find yourself in a completely new atmosphere than you were used to. EI will then show you the way to win hearts at work in completely alien area where not a soul is known to you. Also it can be useful in a conversation while comparing policies. With your thinking cap on, you will not only win negotiations but also attract more buyers.

3. Getting a clear head:

Without a high-functioning mind you cannot obtain the high standards of living through your way of work. It is just not possible because all the successful people walking the very surface of earth have high emotional quotient. And if you want to be counted along that line, then you will have to take the mud out of your head. Thinking loud and clear is the first way to ensuring success. To right minded people, any tough state is nothing but a daily challenge they have to overcome to make ends meet. And people with high emotional intelligence make this look effortless.

4. Being presentable:

In every sphere of work looking the part is highly essential to get the job done. Every avenue of work has a uniform. Uniforms serves a purpose and show cause. All the same, high emotional quotient and presentability. If you are not attired properly at work you are not going to see a happy end to the day because chances are that you will be blown off by customers themselves if they cannot put their faith in you because of the way you look. Knowing what to wear on certain days and how to make an impression are two very important qualities expected in an employee and emotional intelligence paves the way for you to realize what you need.

5. Determination:

Perseverance and determination are the key to success. These two ordinary things can see you through a lot of endangering situations. Anything short of that comes at a price of not being taken seriously by anyone. Therefore try to show promise at work and what better way to do than meditating for high emotional intelligence. There are a lot of ways to carry yourself to a level of empathy where you will be able to tackle problems more effectively. Even convincing people becomes easier if your determination is at peak. All of these are just one step away if you are truly moved to yield the blessing of emotional intelligence.

Value of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace:

1. The norm of self-regulation:

This is a crucial requirement at work and is made possible by proficient take on matters by way of emotional intelligence. We workers know how important it is to be well informed on latest trends and products. Therefore self-regulation is a must for all those who aspire to reach place sooner than later. Self-regulation means being able to be at par with things that you are not well acquainted with. In other words it means that you will have to be brave in the face of danger. And to do so you will have to make sure that you are not at your wit’s end. Exercising to improve upon your self-regulatory skills by way of EI is a great way to utilize and run what you have achieved.

2. Motivation:

We are often used to get motivational speeches from our bosses on account of our performance. Some people are so religious about it that they start their day with an early morning dose of motivational music to get them going through the perils of the day. Everyday hundreds of people look for a flicker of motivation whereas the answer lies with themselves. If you open a level of high emotional intelligence you will find yourself hitting upon the best ideas to get you going through the day without feeling worked up in any way whatsoever.

3. Care for others:

Once you are able to unleash the potential of emotional prowess you will be able to perceive everything with clearer vision and precision. Being emotionally empowered opens you to a world of kindness that will help you connect with your surrounding better. Not only will you start caring for others to the degree that they start taking you as one of their own, but make you a worthy recipient of their kindness as well. Moreover it does wonders on humanitarian grounds as well since the world so far has too much of violence and can really use a touch of generosity.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace:

1. Improves relationship with colleagues:

Your performance at office primarily revolves around your interaction and relationship with your colleagues. Any botched communication can severe your ties with others because the scene of alteration is going to leave its mark on your mind. Having high emotional intelligence not only helps you know better than to lose your mind over something petty, but also teaches you the true meaning of preserving a flowering relationship with your colleagues. Having friends at work pushes your interest in your work to new extremes.

2. The ideal leader:

Having a sizable emotional intelligence at work can prove pretty useful when it comes to honing your leadership qualities. Everyone wants to look up to a leader. So you will have to show certain leadership traits that will mesmerize others. This becomes easier when you put your mind in bringing yourself up to scratch with your needs. And there is no better way than to see this through, other than with your emotional prowess. Only then will you be seen as an ideal leader for the masses. Moreover, it is going to turn you into the person to whom people would usually go to for help. People will be able to entrust you with the confidentiality of their problems if you give them faith.

3. Positive turnaround:

Having high emotional intelligence gives you a positive bent of mind. People suffering from depression and low self-esteem have gained much from trying to nurture the science of emotional intelligence. Things take a much better turn once you figure out how to channel your focus onto one thing and that is to empathize with others and see things through a lens favorable to them and act accordingly. Apart from this you will notice a steady rise in your confidence.

Having said that emotional intelligence despite being essential at work, it is also vitally necessary at every step of life where this becomes a deciding factor for your personal integrity. Moreover, this is one mantra you can blindly swear to live by and the above tips and values regarding emotional intelligence are definitely going to give you a clear perspective.