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Importance of Luck to Your Career and Life Success


Generally, people do not easily accept luck as a reason for their success as it hurts their hard work and self-determination.

In this most competitive career world, nobody wants to tell luck behind their success. There is a misconception, telling that you are lucky enough in a career is seen as you did not succeed by your own talent.

In reality, what is luck?

It is the right opportunity at the right time. Even though people do a lot of hard work for the given job, and people recognize it as being very lucky, remember those words are not to hurt your determination but to tell you that you got the right chance.

In reality, good fortune has a big role to play in all the matters we do.

how to Improve Luck in Career

Is Luck a Career Factor?

In a recent survey conducted, people who were successful in their careers have told that all three elements of luck, hard work, and determination contributed equally to their success.

Though many would not accept the reality of luck, the truth is it is some good fortune that helps to get better chances than others.

There are some very famous sayings which add to the importance of having a good fortune in a career, but also what adds more to be successful. Few good sayings are,

1. “ The harder I work, the luckier I get ”.

This is a very famous saying said by Abraham Lincoln, the most successful president of The United States of America. Here in this, he means that luck always favors the hardworking people. Always expect luck to favor you after doing hard work.

2. “Luck is believing you’re lucky”.

This is a popular saying by Tennessee Williams, who just remarks, Luck is just as the confidence in yourself.

3. “I believe that people make their own luck by great preparation and good strategy”.

Here this saying by Jack canfield expresses, how good preparation and planning strategy helps to get lucky in what we do in a career.

4. People often remark that I’m pretty lucky. Luck is only important in so far as getting the chance to sell yourself at the right moment. After that, you’ve got to have the talent and know-how to use itFrank Sinatra

Here this saying tells, that luck only grabs the right chance for you, but to make it further you have to work hard.

Importance of Luck in our Life:

Luck has a significant role in life either in a positive or negative way. There can be no specific pattern of how luck has changed life from time to time, but it has played a significant role in a few things which have changed life totally upside down.

For instance, in day to day life for every minute around 105 people die out of starvation.

Do you think the world does not have enough food to feed them?.

Well we all know the answer, we waste food a lot and it happens all over the world. But, why these innocent people have to die out of starvation.

Of course, it is the misfortune of those people to become prey without food.

It might be a little depressing to accept the fact, that luck plays a significant role in life inspite of putting lot of effort or determination in doing any task.

But, the reality is it also contributes to life accomplishments. It has never lessened our efforts to do things but added along with our efforts.

We have to accept that there are many things in the world which are out of the control of human life. Right from birth to death we have so many things taking place without our influence.

It is never like our own confidence, efforts, and struggle in doing things have gone in vain but luck helps to do things, enables us to cope up with bad luck around us.

One good example of luck in life is we might have few people who come into our lives just to help us to do things better.

Irrespective of other things, luck has helped us a bit to get a good maths teacher who helped us to ease the subject, the best baseball coach who made your talent shine brighter or be it, life partner, it has played a significant role.

There is a famous speech by Mr. Michael Lewis who is a very successful author who wrote books like ‘Liar’s Poker‘, ‘Money Ball‘, ‘The Big Short‘ etc. This speech is about, how luck had played a significant role in life.

In this speech, he made a clear depiction of what luck means to him in his life. He tells luck is something which is the difference between a successful person and a non-successful person who is equally talented and has the same confidence level.

He adds, that we should be thankful to the Lord who has made us lucky enough to get the opportunities in life apart from the efforts we put in all and the experience he got through the financial lessons he learned.

We have to accept that all people in this world do not get the right chance at the right time and he too believed that lucked has played a role.

Ways to Create Your Own Luck:

Here are a few tips on how to be extremely lucky, which further leads to attaining career success.

  • Work on your potential
  • Be adaptable to new things
  • Being flexible to new changes
  • Effective networking
  • Go by your intuition
  • Aim higher
  • Think big

Role of Luck in Success:

Luck in life is always uncontrollable. It is also unpredictable. All we have to do is make things work for us in career and try to become lucky.

A person’s success is always unmeasurable. And he/she is said to be lucky in career only if they overcome all pitfalls, meet right people down the lane, and take the right route to success.

Luck is very important in a career because there are two important things which decide our success in a career. That is,

1. Meeting the right people at the right time:

Meeting the right people at the right time is very important because it takes all from there. And this is not in our hands. Here luck plays a major role.

It decides who comes in our life, that too at the right time. But it is also in our hands to move and meet the right people.

2. Grabbing good opportunities:

Opportunities always knock the door only once. But good opportunities are on the way for people who are lucky.

Luck here is meeting the right opportunity. In a career, one has to always grab all the opportunities to excel in life and prove you are worth the luck.

How Important is Luck to Career Success?

People usually say that when preparation meets opportunities, luck is by your side. Luck has several definitions and each individual has its own versions.

Now if you ask, does luck leads to career success?

My answer would be 50% YES and 50% NO.

YES, because luck is also an important factor for success.

NO, because luck is not the only factor and completely depending on it is a mere waste of time and opportunity at hand. To achieve success, you need to have talent, skills, hard work and the right strategies used at the right time.

Professor Richard Wiseman, a public psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire and author of The Luck Factor states that people who believe that they are lucky are more successful in life than people who believe they are unlucky.

The basic key here is that, if your work is effective and best, then luck will surely play its part, thus leading you to acquire success.

Through the studies done by Professor Wiseman, there are few principles of luck that he has derived. They are,

  • People who feel lucky always create and work on opportunities
  • They take more successful decisions by going by their gut feeling
  • Never move back fearing failures and take more planned risks
  • Learn from their experiences and work hard to reap a good fortune.

Luck is a trait which only resides with the one who is confident about himself and willing to work hard to achieve success, be it in life or career.

How to Improve Luck in Career: 6 Great Tips

Luck is something which happens by itself and you cannot force it to happen. Few people describe luck is decided by our fates or the star we have been born and many more. But there is always something for ourselves to bring good fortunes in life.

Hope is something which drives our life. Here are a few things we have to add to our lives to bring good luck to you, the changes you bring in yourself will bring good luck to you.

1. Listen to your heart:

Before making any decisions in life regarding career, try to believe in an intuition that tells you before you step out to do something. Be silent and hear the words of the heart first, and then decide.

Sometimes your gut feeling might help you make a correct decision. Practice meditation, it will help to clear your mind and open your thoughts with any confusion.

2. Face the fear before your race:

The only way to overcome fear is to face it. Never take a step back because you are scared to face the failure.

It will become tough when you opt to stay back than race. Once, you face it you might look for greater opportunities than before.

3. Pygmalion effect:

This phenomenon is called the Pygmalion effect. What you expect, what you believe happens in life.

Think well for you, good things will happen for you. Positivity is the basic criteria for all good fortunes.

When you see people around you, lucky and unlucky people might differ only in the way they think. So, practice it a little to be successful in a career.

4. Luck favors positive people:

Success comes to people who keep working towards their welfare of life. Never stagnate while working. When things go wrong, and luck does not favor you it does not mean you are not lucky.

It just means you need to be more positive and more active to chase the dream. This universe has got lots of lucky forces, make sure you move forward to take it yourself by being positive.

5. Embrace the change:

Luck always favors people who embrace the change and try new things. Always try to accept new opportunities and never hesitate to welcome the change.

You might not know the new change you embraced might turn a life-changing decision. Always dare to be different and accept the change to bring luck in your career.

6. Be motivated and visualize the lucky you:

There is an age-old proverb that tells, ‘Luck favors the brave‘. But, at present luck favors the people who stay motivated and always visualize them to be luckier than anybody.

Even at bad times in your career, try to think that you are always luckier than others because you have got a chance to know what is right and what is wrong. More motivated you are, luckier you become.

Regardless of how lucky you are, always try to appreciate the good things you have got in life and work hard to make things work for you. Passion towards your career will make turns odds and make you a good fortune.

According to the dictionary, luck is defined as “Force that brings good fortune or a force that operates against a person or favorable to person”.

So, just believe there are always two sides it might be or might not be. It is in our hands to make it happen in a positive way. Try to be thankful for all good fortunes which gave life, and some bad times which made us even better.