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How to Find your Passion: 13 Tips to Find a Career you Love


Looking for your passion in life is very important these days. Nobody wants to be unhappy in life. If you do something that makes you feel unhappy, then you are definitely doing it wrong. Doing those things that make you feel proud is the best way to go about. And doing that can often become difficult because some of us don’t even know what makes us happy. You certainly don’t have to be one of them. In this post we are going to reveal to you the top ways on how to find your passion in life and tips to follow your passion.

how find your passionPractical Ways on Finding Passion in Life:

There are many things to be passionate about life but knowing your passions in life is very essential. The following mentioned are few tips on how to discover your passion and pursue your passion of life.

1. Go back to your childhood. What did you enjoy doing?

A great way to find your passion is by going back to your childhood. Experts have suggested that you should always make a list of things what you liked doing best in those years. Try to think if you would enjoy the same activity till today. Take the example of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America’s biggest architects. As a child, Frank loved to play with wooden blocks. It would give him happiness and a great way to spend time alone. Later that developed into a passion and he soon followed a dream into becoming an architect.

2. Put together a list:

A second and effective method that could help you find your passion is by putting together a list. There are some people you highly respect and would like to be something similar to them in the future. Make a list of all of these guys. Study them one by one and try to read some of their success tips. If you want to be creative person, curate a rigorous and formal plan. It is not always the plan that is creative but the process that you will go through will open so many other possibilities.

3. Start doing all the things you love:

Another suggestion would be to start doing that you enjoy doing. There are several people who wait to come up with a business plan along with investors who are willing to throw cash. We don’t want you to waste time in waiting. Start doing something productive right away. For example, start doing those things that make you a happier person. Try to figure out ways in which you can monetize it. After that you can think of establishing a business network.

4. Give the business thinking a break:

A fourth method we would suggest you to implement is giving the whole idea of business a break. While it could feel uncomfortable to step outside the comfort zone, the mind definitely needs to rest from all the business thinking. Maybe for you it could be in the form of writing, painting, running, poetry etc. After you have taken a mental vacation, you will start to notice something you are so passionate about. You will actually be amazed at how refreshing and creative some of your ideas are going to sound.

5. Follow those things that make you curious:

There is always something in our lives that make us curious. The more intrigued you are by a certain thing, the bigger chance you have of finding your passion. The only way to know that is, by chasing after it. Even though you could be having a very clear vision of your career, you are definitely curious about a couple of things that are not very obvious to you. It is very important that you keep a track of those things and uncover interests that are less obvious. Pursuing them will open new doors or creativity and fill your mind with new thoughts and ideas.

6. Don’t make money your first priority:

Money will not always buy your happiness. So be careful. A lot of people tend to choose lucrative professions because they give you a whole lot of money. Of course it is a good thing to have luxurious lifestyle and to be able to afford expensive stuff. But you can’t always make it the first priority, because money and happiness never go hand in hand. It is great to have both money and the thing you like doing the best. But when you have enough money but not the kind of work you want to do, it will obviously make you unhappy.

7. Slow things down a bit:

We love in a fast and advanced world where things are constantly undergoing some form of change or the other. It is natural to fall into a situation like this. And before you know it, you are following the crowd and doing something that you never wanted to do anyway. So take our suggestion and slow things down for a bit. If you want to see the best version of yourself, just let things move slowly. This means you should be meditating, practising yoga, going on long walks, reading a good book or maybe learning a good skill.

8. Look forward to changing your story:

We all know ourselves very well. We know who we are, where we come from and what we are capable of. So if we stop those self limiting stories like “I am not capable of doing this” or “this will never make me happy”, then we can clear our mind and create new stories. This will actually be a fun process because the stories we formulate are going to be grounded in courage, strength and wisdom. It will be good for someone who is trying to learn about their passion.

9. Focus on the fun part:

Too often we are engulfed in the expectations and goals that we have set for ourselves. We tend to focus a bit too much on the details instead of what is much more important in life. So focus on the fun part instead. Try to think of all the things you love. What makes you smile? If you had all the money in the world, what would you be doing?

10. Write it down:

Writing things down is a great way to find what you really enjoy. Ideas also flow more freely when you just sit down and begin to put your thoughts in paper. New ideas suddenly appear in our minds and it becomes so much easier to connect all the dots. You should spend some quality time everyday so that you can write all thoughts and ideas down one by one.

11. Boost more confidence:

Now, this something that you must do if you want to find passion for life! If you keep telling yourself you can’t, you definitely won’t be able to. So say the opposite to yourself and try to feel it. A difference will surely be felt. Boosting self confidence is a great way to finding passion in life. It helps you succeed in what you do, create new affirmations and create a vision board which could help you with future success. Of course there will be times in life where you will fail. But staying firm and determined is what matters more.

12. Put fear far behind:

Another thing you must do is put fear far behind. It sounds very attractive when we tell ourselves to chase after what we want in life and do everything it takes in order to reach the top. But where we go wrong is when we think that if we have more time, better things will happen. We must look at all of these excuses as masks and try to push all fears as far as we can. It is only clear that when we let go of all our fears, we are able to do better.

13. Look for the themes:

A final thing you could consider doing is looking for themes. What are the themes that always resurface in your life? What are the things that you are drawn towards again and again? What are the areas in your life where you experience both pain and discomfort? What are those areas that are full of joy and excitement? This will help in the future.

This brings us to the end of the list. Finding your passion in life is certainly not as hard as you would like to think. If you follow all these tips and ideas, you will be definitely be able to find your passion for work sooner than later. But always remember to choose something that gives you joy and improves your life. Otherwise it would be futile. In order to live a life that is fun and enjoyable, you must set your own rules and do those things that make you feel proud of yourself. On that note, good luck and here’s hoping that you will find passion in life. If you have questions, feel free to post a comment below.