It is again that time of the year where both the appraiser and the appraised have butterflies in their stomach.

The appraised employee is tensed regarding whether he has lived up to the expectation of the company on one hand. Secondly he has slogged the entire year and wants the covered promotion which is also being eyed by his fellow colleagues also.

The appraiser on the other hand is tensed as he has to put additional hours of work and also evaluates the employees well, using correct professional and formal performance appraisal comments.

In most cases performance appraisal is filled up by the immediate boss and with the support of the HR department of the company.

Below we have discussed the different types of performance appraisal methods available today and the basic procedure to fill up an appraisal form for your team.

how fill performance appraisal form Different Varieties of Employee Performance Appraisal System:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to fill performance appraisal form for employees and on employee performance management system

1. The 360-Degree Feedback:

In the 360-degree feedback, an effective performance appraisal of an employee is undertaken by a HR employee who receives multiple level feedback from various people in the company.

These people or raters as they are known as might be superiors, team members, clients and even customers.

Here the objective of the 360-degree feedback is not only to get a picture of how effective he is in his work, but also gage his interpersonal skills and behavior pattern. This would help the company to plan his career and development well.

Also the employee can understand the feedback and work on his various limitations over a period of time.

2. MBO or Management By Objectives:

Peter Drucker was among the first people to encourage the use of Management by objectives.

Here the manager and his employee have to discuss and agree on specific objectives that he has to achieve. These objectives for the employee are for a specific period of time.

For example, a sales professional is given the objective to increase his sales turnover by 30% in the next 6 months.

After 6 months the manager would check and analyze the employee regarding the percentage of objective that he has achieved and how he can improve further.

3. Rating-Scale:

The rating-scale appraisal system is quite similar to one we had in school. Here the employer develops a customized rating system for the employee.

The areas which would be graded are teamwork, technical knowledge and communication skills. Each employee needs to have minimum grades, after which his appraisal can be graded positively by the company.

In case they are problem areas, the employee would receive development plan from the superiors and HR of the company.

Basic Tips to Fill up Employee Appraisal Forms for Team Members:

Being a team manager or a supervisor, you do understand the significance of filling up a performance appraisal form of a team member in your team.

This procedure is very simple and can be undertaken by following the basic steps explained below-

1. Do your homework well:

Before appraisal form filling of an employee, it is important that you study the appraisal data of last two years. This would help you to understand the various objectives which were undertaken by him over the years.

It would also help you to estimate how he has grown professionally and if he has improved on the limitations which were indicated to him.

Studying both these facts would help you to appraise him in a better manner.

2. Understanding the ratings in your appraisal procedures:

Each company has its own appraisal ratings. The most common ones begin from Exceeds Expectation which is given to an outstanding employee, to Unsatisfactory Performance for a bad performer.

You as a manager have to rate the employee in several areas like how far he has achieved the job objectives which was given to him in the last appraisal, has he overcome his shortcomings which was mentioned to him and what are his interpersonal skills with his peers, subordinates and superiors.

Here you also have to gage his ability to grow as a leader and undertake responsibilities. How he manages time should also be considered extensively here.

In the end you can commend him for the work done and also notify him on the areas where he needs to improve.

3. Point out the extra initiatives that he has undertaken:

Apart from marking him on the normal areas of the appraisal system, you can also accept and praise certain initiatives which he has taken on his own.

This could be representing the company in an inter-company badminton match which he won and brought in glory for the company or commend the way he helped the financial department by helping them considerably during audit weeks.

The feedback should be constructive and this would help your team member to grow in the company.

4. Setting goals for the future:

While doing the individual ratings for the employee, study the areas which might require changes. Then you can add the total ratings for the employee.

Also you have to set the objectives for your team member for the next year and also mention how he can achieve them in a positive manner.

This would complete your procedure of filling appraisal form for your team members.

Important Guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Spend time when doing an appraisal:

The appraisal form that you are filing for a team member is important. This might take him to the next level of his career or he might get laid off too.

Therefore do not hurry up the procedure and take your time to do it well.

It would also be ideal if you can wait a single day and see if you can add any additional inputs which would give the employee some benefit.

2. Do not indulge in Recency Bias:

When you are appraising your team member you have to take hold of facts for the entire year.

As a seasoned manager you should not fall under the trap of recency bias, as the employee has been over performing in the last two months.

Here you need to analyze his work performance for the entire year and then fill the form accordingly.

3. Schedule interviews for the employees:

Before filling up the employee performance appraisal forms, most supervisors sit with their team members and have face to face interviews regarding what they have undertaken in the last year and how they have achieved their objectives.

Here you can also request him to mention what are the challenges he has for the next year and how would he undertake it.

Discussions in the interviews help the manager to understand the pulse of the team member and then he would appraise him accordingly.

4. Consult with your superiors:

If you are facing an area of challenge in filling up the appraisal form for a specific team member, it would be best to consult your superior.

Here you could discuss the challenge you are facing and why are you facing it. Then listen to what your superior has to state and then fill up the form.

A second experienced opinion always works and it also ensures that you are fair in your judgment.

5. Be sincere and honest:

As a manager you should be honest and sincere to all your team members. You should never be partial to a good performer.

As senior personnel you have to understand that everybody works hard in a team and some may over perform, while others are average.

With your guidance and mentoring an average employee can also over perform in the next few months. But if you show favoritism you are preventing them to give their best.


Mention that you have a responsibility towards our team and these members would also help you to take your career to the next level. Thus be dedicated and sincere when filling up their appraisal forms.

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