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How to Be On Time to Work Every Time?


It’s 7.00 am and you still have to sort all your work to reach your workplace. Today you are late again. So why am i always late?

No matter what, time just doesn’t seem to wait, isn’t it?

You would be wishing if time could just stand still? Well, time won’t wait and that is why you need to manage your time to get to work.

How to Be On TimeGetting to work on time indicates you are punctual. Your next thought would be-

Why is it Important to be on time?

-It is an important trait of a person as it indicates that he/she respects time and those around them.

-By coming on time to a workplace, the employer gets impression that you are dedicated to your work and honor your words.

-Through the work process, you generate a positive environment around you that carries forward the work at quicker pace. It finally leads to advancement in your career.

-Punctuality indicates that you are trustworthy and can be bestowed with any work that would be completed, no matter what.

-You are considered to be reliable person as well.

-By keeping the pace, you are known to be dependable person having consistency in your work.

– As productivity depends on punctuality, it indirectly indicates commitment to work.

What If you are Not on Time?

You are a part of the whole process of events or part to close the loop of the process in a manufacturing industry.

Imagine a machine that needs to start at 6.00 am and you got late. What would be the implications?

Obviously there would be delay in output and henceforth the shipment. Definitely it would affect the people working on the whole process.

Effect would be in terms of resentment and dissatisfaction that is visible as there is a disparity with the late comers. This in turn brings about division amongst employees.

Moreover, if you are a leader, being late for work gives a message to others that you are irresponsible indirectly lowering the morale of your counterparts. Also, you miss out on important information.

  • By coming late person gets stressed
  • Performance of work gets degraded
  • It becomes a habit
  • Chances of losing your job
  • Tend to lie for coming late
  • Not able to focus on potential issues
  • Affects financial situation

Being on Time Improvements:

1. Rethink your routine:

As you find yourself getting late, you have to start thinking of all the activities you get involved with whether at home or work. It usually start with beginning of the day. There are many activities in your routine that you are involved with which needs to be revisited.

2. Verify timings:

Once you have made the list, revisit and verify how much time you spend on it. Some activities may require you to be involved more time while some may not. Keep observing how much time you take to complete the work.

3. Causes for delays:

By regularly observing the pattern of events, you would be surprised to note where you have delays and why.

It helps you to understand what are the causes or why does it take more time for any specific activity.

4. Make necessary changes:

By getting to know about the delays, you should take measures to work out solutions for making changes to the work activity.

There is possibility to change the way of performing the task or doing the work. It could be by adding in a gadget to help you out or making small changes.

5. Prioritize schedule:

Sometimes, the work activity need not be conducted at that moment which is not necessary to be done. It could be rescheduled to another part of the day or another time, thus allowing you to get ready earlier.

6. Try step by step:

There may be many places where time is consumed quickly. Instead of working on making changes to all activities, it is better to work out on one by one taking efforts to make necessary changes slowly.

7. Practice well:

Having the work rescheduled or changed, it requires time for adopting into your daily cycle. By making it a practice, you are sure to make improvements in your life!

How to Be On Time to Work?

It requires one to train themselves to wake up early and get ready for work to be efficient.

a. Organize yourself:

Its better to prepare yourself the night before on what you need to do the next day. By getting prepared mentally it helps you to execute the tasks without any confusion in the morning. It can include the food you need to prepare, clothes you need to wear, arrangements for your partner and children.

b. Setting alarm:

Allocate time for each activity and plan your work accordingly. Sometimes it requires you to multitask to manage your morning chores, especially if you have small children. Then set alarm with extra 15 minutes and place it further away so that you get up to put off, thus waking you up.

c. Prioritize tasks:

As you start your day, prioritize the activity in your mind and execute them giving time for each activity. By keeping safe time limit for each, you are liable to complete the work on time.

d. Know reasons:

Working your day through various tasks you would be familiarized with certain activities that gets delayed. Try to analyze and find the reasons behind it so that you can change the course of work or reschedule the task.

e. Buffer time:

Its better to keep a buffer of 10 minutes for each activity as some work might prolong. To provide contingency plans for such scenarios or some gaps that were missed out, it’s better to maintain buffer time.

f. Set same time:

All your work at home is being executed by watching the clock or your mobile or laptop. Have the time set on all the devices and gadgets to be same without causing confusion.

g. Little early:

If you commute by local transport like trains or buses, then get to know which is the feasible timing to reach office. By doing so, you can approach the station or bus stop a little early so that you are not late as there are chances for the local transport systems to reach earlier than schedule.

h. Arrange transport:

In case you find that some work has taken toll of your time or you had got up late, then make prior transport arrangement for getting yourself to your workplace without delay. It would avoid stress at the last moment.

i. Energize yourself:

As you start off your day early, it’s advisable to have good breakfast to energize yourself and carry forward your day. It leads to better efficiency at work as you tend to work quicker.

j. Habituate:

Once you realize that you are able to reach on time by following the pattern of work activities, you need to habituate yourself. Of course, it may seem monotonous, you could bring liveliness into your work everyday if you aim for climbing the ladder

k. Practice managing time:

There may be many activities in your daily chores that you perform. You have to decide which task has to be scheduled first and which one later. You could figure out which needs to be done immediately and which can be done later of the day. By working out the importance of the task, you can decide how to manage your time.

l. Follow 5S:

When at home maintain same places for your keys or travel cards so that you don’t need to search for them. Always allocate a specific place for each item so that you deposit in the evening and collect it at the same spot in the morning. There is nil chances of missing anytime.

Benefits of Being On Time to Work:

  • Keeps your mind relaxed and calm
  • You could prepare and prioritize the tasks to be done
  • It also helps to delegate necessary assignments
  • Helps you to start your work without stress and plan the work ahead
  • You could review all the task that needs to be done for the day and plan ahead
  • You can accomplish more as you are able to focus well
  • You are able to take control of time and pace with momentum
  • You get time to unwind.