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How to Handle Unrealistic Expectations at Work: 11 Best Tips


Expectations are usual in human beings and enhanced among business people. Bosses and managers in work place expect more than their limit from employees.

In the same manner employees also expect beyond limit in some aspects in a work environment.

Employees who are well-versed and experienced know the tactics and skills to handle unrealistic expectations at work.

Not all situations can be fought like a battle, but smart ways need to be followed in order to handle expectations.

In that manner there are many tips and tricks that need to be followed to cool and manage your boss. Let’s glimpse through a few aspects about how to handle unrealistic expectations at work.

handle unrealistic expectations work

How to Manage Boss Unrealistic Expectations:

1. Checking reason for anxiousness:

From your office, your boss may have deputed to you with tasks with a too tight deadline or for projects that are beyond your capacities.

Your higher officials like your managers or boss may force you out of your comfort zone for the reason to enhance your skills.

The employee feels stale when doing the usual job without new challenges. When you’re overwhelmed with tasks, first ask yourself why, if you can do the work, is it new or if you aren’t comfy.

With these checks you can get out your anxiety for the task as insecurity or inexperience and handle the expectation accordingly.

2. Discuss with your colleagues:

When you’re assigned with work load which you can do, you can always discuss with your colleagues who has expertise and experience in their work.

Apart from work, your colleagues can also help you to handle unrealistic expectations at work.

Your colleagues can help you with tips to handle work load as well as your boss in your work place.

3. Breaking your silence:

There are many bosses who are demanding and provide inordinate deadlines; they do not realize the hours that it takes to achieve the objectives.

The bosses do not take interest in your well-being and also offer you little recognition for a powerful task. The bosses may not be bothered if you possess tools and resources for the assigned task and they would not be available too. This shows that the employees should do the assigned task.

To handle such unrealistic situations at work the employee needs to break the silence and be the voice reason.

4. Avoid taking things personally:

A boss can be demanding as he needs to deliver output to his boss and not with the intention that the employee has not offered enough output.

To handle such unrealistic expectations, employees should learn from other team members and must avoid taking things personally.

5. Listen and repeat:

An employee should listen to his boss very carefully for the ideas and directions he provides. When an employee is unsure about anything discussed, the employee should speak and clarify matters.

When you are assigned with a set of work, make sure to repeat them at the end of the meeting so that the boss realizes about how unrealistic his expectations are.

This is one silent way to handle unrealistic situations at work.

6. Setting priorities and mutual expectations:

When an employee is assigned with a task, he first needs to identify where the task sits in his priority list.

The employee must research about the assigned task and find out if he has everything he needs. A reality check is to be done to find out how it affects others.

By this way the employee must make an agreement with the boss before he starts his work. By this way unrealistic expectation at work can be avoided.

7. Be a problem solver:

When an employee knows that he is about to miss his deadlines, he must make sure to offer an intimation to boss well in advance.

A potential solution should be taken to the boss and show him the status.

In case there are hindrances in your project bring the same to light so that boss understands the actual scenario. This is also a right way to be a problem solver and handle unrealistic expectations at work.

8. Usage of positive support:

When you identify some positive behavior in your boss such as advanced planning, reasonable goals and deadlines then make sure to appreciate your boss.

Appreciating your boss at times is also a way to handle unrealistic expectation at work.

9. Focusing on resources:

Resources are the main parameters which makes an unrealistic expectation at work into a realistic one.

Before going to extremes, list out the resources that are required and outline how it can be utilized. When unrealistic tasks are assigned, concentrate on things that can be achieved and strive for what is required for success.

By this way good results can be achieved and unrealistic situations are handled.

10. Timings at work:

Timings at work can be unrealistic depending upon the project.

Team members need to work for late night hours when they are working on tedious projects with strict deadlines and hence employees need to take it in an enthusiastic way and handle the situation.

They need to maintain a positive attitude and work to finish by deadline.

11. Do not expect complete guidance:

Employees would be assigned with their tasks and they should never expect complete guidance in whatever they do.

They need to research or seek help from their colleagues in order to complete and provide a quality work. Working hard by learning can be one unrealistic way to handle at work.


These are a few tips that can be followed in order to handle unrealistic expectations at work. Every work place has unrealistic expectation from both the employers and employees.

In that manner the above mentioned tips can be useful to handle the expectations from both sides. For employees who are unable to handle tough situations can run through the tips and follow them in their career. .