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How to Get a Job in the Gaming Industry: The Complete Guide


The gaming industry is one of the industries that need experience as well as creativity. There are people who work continuously to make it possible and only after so much hard work a game goes out in the market for users to take their hand at. Even after the launch and success, gaming industry never rests because launching the game and success is not the only task, but there is much more work left to do. It needs constant monitoring. If you are thinking of getting your foot into the gaming industry, then we are here to help you.

Gaming Industry Jobs

Gaming Industry Jobs:

The credit of gaming industry startup goes to that hardcore developers who loves machine language and can speak well, very well indeed and develop games for the love they have for the programming and gaming, but as the time changed, gaming industry also changed. Now there are various fields and space where non-programmers work, but they all are professionals from the different field that come together to create an awesome game. The gaming industry is growing, so is the need for new employees.

Like any other industry, gaming industry needs professionals who know what to do, how to do and can work better under the pressure and guidelines. There are so many jobs available in the gaming industry and most of the jobs are filled by the software engineers, creative writers, and other professionals according to need. The Gaming industry is growing at a fast pace, that make it perfect for job aspirants especially to those who love games and wants to work in the gaming industry. Now the question is how to get a job in the gaming industry because there is no predefined procedure to follow or exam to clear. In this article, we are going to discuss how to get into the gaming industry. If you have a passion and wants to work in the gaming industry, then read this article.

Proven Ways to Break Into the Video Game Industry:

Getting a job in the gaming industry is not the easiest job, there are many things you should know as well as have the qualification to enter into the gaming world. Here we are going to discuss the ways that can help you in landing a job in the gaming industry.
There are various steps to get a job in the gaming industry. People do all sorts of tricks and efforts to get the opportunity to work in the gaming industry, but success comes to those who know where and how to make efforts. Go through this article and we hope you get the answer of how to get into the gaming industry.

1. Do your research:

Well, if you are one of those people who send out a resume for every job posted on the board, and then forgets you are never going to be called for the interview because your resume has already done the damage. Smart people choose what they want, work over it and then send out resumes so that they can have what they are looking for. HR departments have hundreds of resumes, almost identical to each other in many ways, but they are looking for someone who knows with a clear head and good knowledge about the job they are applying for and that reflects in your resume. If you want to get the job in the gaming industry, then do your research about what you want. There are so many jobs in video game industry that you need to set your skills for one or two only, you cannot do all at once. So a proper research before the resume is a good first step toward your job.

2. Know your qualifications:

What are your qualifications? This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself because the globalization has made people switch to different jobs, to the jobs that are different from what they had learned so far. So this is important for you to know what you are good at. When we discuss jobs in the gaming industry, there are various positions where you can work like game developer, game tester, writer, musician, graphics, and animator. These are the job need specialization as well as good understanding, not all the jobs need a college degree, but your interest and understanding , for example, a writer can come from any educational field, but still can work as a writer because they have the ability to write dialogs, the story interesting enough that people listen.

3. Understand the job you want to do:

Do you have the clear understanding of how the gaming industry works? Like any other industry, gaming industry has its own way to do the work, you should understand the job you want to do because generally gaming industry requires an employee who knows what they are doing. Actually, the gaming industry is one of those industries who spent less money on the interns and training, there are few who hire interns for the game developer jobs and tester only because these are the fields they can train people. They cannot teach how to write the screenplay, dialogues, and music because of this. So if you want to get the job in the gaming industry understand the job you want to do.

4. Apply for the position:

There was a time when game industry was solely dependent on hardcore developers who developed video games as their hobbies, but now gaming industry is much wider and systematic. There are gaming companies who do the development, production and promotion at very large scale which target the audience all over the world or at least international level like Microsoft, Sony, etc. If you know what you want, are qualified for that and you understand your job very well, then this is the right time you apply for the job. Search for the vacancies for the post you want to apply for and send out your resumes. You can send your resumes to the game development companies that are not hiring immediately, but eventually, they will do and your resume should be the one that they have already had as an option.

5. Networking:

Like any other industry, networking does wonder in the gaming industry as well. The gaming industry is like a close-knit community where almost everyone knows each other and work. If you have a better connection within the industry then there are sure chances that you will get an opportunity. Improve your networking skills if you really want to work in the gaming industry. Your skills are your ultimate tool, but you need a place first to use that tool. Networking helps you in reaching that place where you can use your skills as well as get opportunities to improve your skill. So spread your network, make contacts and attend business parties which involve a great number of people from business industry.

6. Build online presence:

Online world presents you great opportunity especially when it comes to the gaming industry because as we said the gaming industry is a close-knit community where people know each other or have an inkling about each other. If you want to work in the gaming industry and waiting for a chance, then build an online presence because in this time of globalization, you cannot expect an opportunity without the online community because online presence keeps you updated. LinkedIn can be a good option to start with and to create a connection, but there are other options as well where people interact and share their ideas, opinions, and opportunities. Online presence also keeps you aware of the latest technology, innovations, ideas and events that are occurring in the gaming industry.

After fulfilling above steps you have an inkling of an idea that how to initiate your first step in the gaming industry but this is not the end. Gaming industry demand more than just sending a resume, they want passion and experience and you have to build your network. When you know what you want to do, and how to do, you can start on it because game industry usually wants experience so you can just do it by yourself.

Indie Development:

The gaming industry is a place where you have endless opportunities, even without associating your name with a company. If you have talent and know how to use it, then you are an appropriate candidate for the indie development. Indie development stands for an individual who develops their own game without the company name; they do not need a company to show their skills, they are skilled enough to work on their own. Forget the industry and work for yourself because the gaming industry is a place where talent gets accepted no matter who you are, where you work and who you associate with. So don’t wait for the right opportunity and just get set go.

Show your skills:

The gaming industry is a place where you get an appreciation for your work and people respect talent and give opportunities to those who are best in their field but you have to show your skills. You cannot expect appreciation without showcasing your skills, there is no way people will know without you showing them first. Present your working and some work you had done. Online forums can be the best place to show what you have and people might like your work and offer you the opportunity to work with them.

Professional networking:

Professional networking is a networking you do on the professional front by spreading your network among people who work in the same industry and fields but associate with different organizations. Professional networking helps a great deal when it comes to finding potential jobs in an industry where people know each other and whole industry works as a community together. They grow your professional network, attend the conference, seminars, and business parties because these are the best place to meet and greet like-minded people, as well as other people, do talk and exchange ideas at such events because the aim of these events is to grow the network. If you are trying to enter into the gaming industry, then professional networking can be your answer and gateway to enter the world of action, adventure, and pure fun.

Develop skills:

No one is born perfectionist; people learn and grow by developing their skills. The gaming industry is the place where you can use your skills and learn new things, there is always something to learn, something to innovate because humans have a tendency to be bored by the same thing and they want something new every time. Developing new skills is the answer of this ever-changing industry where creativity got appreciation and people respect individual talent. If you want to get the job in the gaming industry then develop skills. Develop skills means not just entails some article writing, learning music or a programming language, but it means developing skills which can lead you further into your career and can take you close to your destination.


There are people who want to join the gaming industry because of their ultimate love for the games, but there are many people who do not like the procedure of building a game and go out of the industry. The gaming industry is booming and there are high chances of that in coming future, it’s going to be on the top, so many people want to get the job in the gaming industry. In this article, we had discussed about how to get the job in the gaming industry.

If you are one of those people who want to work in the gaming industry then read this article. We hope this article helps you in getting the job in the gaming industry and you get the job you are working so hard for.