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How to Get ahead at Work as a Woman -13 Awesome Ways


Women now days are moving shoulder to shoulder with men at work. Whether they are working in office or somewhere else, women are carving a niche in their workplace. Everyone always have ideas about how to climb the ladder of success, but which strategies really prove successful and which will be more fruitful, can be known by evaluating some of the points which can take women ahead at work. Some of the tips to get ahead at work are as follows:

get ahead at work woman13 Ways to Get Ahead at Work for Women:

1. Be loud and rapid:

Women often are naturally soft spoken and there is also a religious myth that women does not look good while shouting. But things need to change with time, especially the culture of women not giving an effort to vocal cord while speaking. Yes! You girls as well as women out there need not supress your voice or lower your tone when it comes to work or moving ahead. Be loud; tell for what you need and also reply rapidly. This attitude will give others the sense of leadership in you and will also make a mark at your workplace.

2. Be confident and see eye to eye:

Gone are the days when women used to bow their heads and lower their eyes while talking to others. Women have reached moon, and not by looking down but by moving with the head upright and straight. While at work, be confident and see eye to eye and talk. This will further boost your confidence and will help you in maintaining eye contact while communicating. Maintaing an eye contact does not mean you have less respect for others in your eyes, respect is given form heart within, so do not worry of what others will think if you maintain an eye contact while talking.

3. Be kind in your words:

Try and use pleading words as this is the mannerism you need while working. Do not be harsh, use kind words. This will make you earn respect and earning respect at work as well as in corporate society is one of the biggest achievement and is the foremost step to move ahead at work. Making use of words like, Kindly, please, thankyou are likely to give you an added advantage at work. By this way you will not be looked down at work even if you are loud and rapid.

4. Your body language speaks:

Be straight, do not lean, walk properly, keep your backbone straight, donot sway yourself, or smile too much. Simply do not tail wag. Just be upright. Do not create munching sound while eating. These are the foremost things that speak before your work performance. While you enter, you and your body language is scutinized first and then the resume is given attention. So if you are a fresher then better work at the body language because wrong posture and gestures are likely to give you a red signal at wrk place.

5. Do not frown:

Have a friendly expression on your face. Smiling face is always welcomed as it gives positive vibes and also people like to talk to people with smiling faces. Do not frown and take others easy even when you are over burdened. Do the work happily and do not depend on others for work. Ask for help but do not burden others with your work. If you work happily then only the staff will want to work with you and if you will have a sissy nature, you will loose others interest in you. This is not at all good.

6. Criticism, listen to it constructively and act on it:

Criticism is the part and parcel of work no matter where you work. You are likely to get criticized whether out of jealousy or due to work. Whatever the reason be, just remain positive and also accept criticism in a positive manner. Act on the weakness and make it your strong point so that no one dares to point you out for the similar reason.

7. Ask, answer without hesitating:

Even if you want to ask obvious questions, ask them, do not be quiet. Common sense is the key so do not be afraid in asking. Also keep in mind, becoming a fool by asking once is better than being foolish for whole life. So, go ahead, ask and bid a final gud bye to your hesitation. Hesitation has no place to live at work place. If yo will hesitate or feel shame then you might have to be aloof of many important things in office. Do not give others a chance to grab the opportunity. Be the first one, no matter how many queries you had to ask.

8. Work hard! That’s it!:

Stick this in mind that you cannot have a shortcut to success. You have to work hard to see yourself at the level you have dreamt of. No one can work at your behalf, so work endless without tiring. Once you will work tough, you will be get noticed by others at work. The quality of work will get improved and your work will speak itself. The best quality of work is enough to shut others mouth at work place and also enough to get ahead at the work. Working effectively is needed skill, no matter where you work.

9. Keep your home issues at bay:

Your office is not the place to discuss and find solutions to home issues. Keep your home issues away from office else they will create a cavity in your work and will destroy you. Kids, family are ought to keep away from your work place. Your boss and other higher officials are not there to listen your domestic issues, so don’t even bring tension to you voice or become weak. Stay strong like an iron and tell your all life and personal issues that your strength is enough to fight them.

10. Determination is must. Lame excuses won’t do much good:

Be determined towards the task you have been assigned. Do not make lame excuses in front of the staff. While you are asked to show the presentation in front of everyone, your blank face will surely give you an easy fall and others will lose faith in you. So never let this thing happen. If you take on the task, perform it and surprise others by delivering great results. This will boost confidence of others in you. You will come in the eyes of others and from next, you will be considered for every important task of office.

11. Never ever cry at work:

The stress level may increase at work but do not start crying or complaining. This will otherwise lose your credibility in eyes of your co-workers and your manager. Budgets may get shrink, your targets to be achieved may increase, but crying and complaining won’t do any good to you. So don’t think of earning any sympathy from your boss or managers. Woman should take time to think of the home issues outside the work so that their work is not affected. Even in worry your voice should not get a metallic tone as it will showcase your weakness and this is probably not a good sign.

12. Do not overthink:

Overthinking on any kind of decisions is not admirable. You should try and take quick decisions at work as your delay in one decision is likely to lose a big deal or contract for the company. Be quick but be right in taking decisions. Also give right and good advice to others in office. Advising others will take your back seat to the forefront and you will be able to climb the next step of success. Do not get bewildered in taking decisions. Be clear, short and crisp.

13. Maintain both internal and external contacts:

Just being good to the internal staff is not enough. You have to balance both external as well as internal environment with equal energy. Actively participating in the social outings related to the company is adding to your skills, effectiveness and knowledge. If any opportunity comes outside office, then do not miss it instead move ahead and grab that opportunity. This is because opportunity knocks only once at the door.

So, above are some of the points to be kept in mind by women while working. No matter how hard the situation gets at work, no matter how much you have to work, you will have to stay strong and make yourself tough to fight any situation. Women are considered weaker and often burdened with more work comparative to men. In order to fight for this, one has to raise her voice and fight for the equal rights. By raising voice, leadership qualities, taking an initiative and determination will be shown which will give you a clear path to get ahead at your workplace.