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How to Fix your Derailed Career: 19 Excellent Steps


Unemployment has been the main problem and is not considered to be good news. There are about 9% of Americans who want to work but are not able to get linked to employers. There are organizations that still fire people; the fact is that recruiting is still done with less growth. If your career has fallen off track, then it is your duty to concentrate and put it back. There would be some weakness in careers which must be fixed in order to move up the career ladder. Hence, let’s glimpse through a few aspects about how to fix your derailed career.

how fix derailed career

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10 Behaviours That Can Derail Your Career:

The derailment of a career can happen due to many reasons. Though most of the time, we will be the reason but your manager or boss can also be the cause for it. Working under the right boss or work culture would surely help you avoid derailment of your career. Moreover, such places would provide you better growth opportunities.

Now to look at some of the behaviours that can lead to derailment or destruction of your career are as follows.

  1. Not being social with your team
  2. Always complaining to your boss relating to demands
  3. Not willing to learn from the mistakes you make
  4. Not following office ethics
  5. Poor stress management
  6. Negativity
  7. Lack of basic etiquette
  8. Bad body language
  9. Having a lack of skill but not admitting it
  10. Not able to think out of the box

Career Derailment? Step to get Back on Track:

1. Do not count your twenties:

20’s have been a tough period for many individuals as they would have faced a tough economic climate and recession period. It has been a period of saving money and also has led someone to borrow money. Individuals should consider the twenties as a period to make moves in order to fix their careers.

This is a period where you need to start your life where you need to make choices regarding the city, job, and other aspects. This is a period where you need to make ready for your thirties. Choices that a candidate makes before 30 are just practice. Your career will be fixed by what you choose.

2. Choose the right career and then move on:

The fact is that the candidates must figure out what they desire to be before they land up for an actual job. Psychologist Jay mentions that twenties are an ideal stage where the individual builds their identity capital where little bits of experience are collected to mark identity for you.

Instead of looking for an absolute dream job, it is good to accept a job which isn’t ok for your choice. The job would surely have the chance that can lead you to another better opportunity. Your career can also be fixed by starting with a job that knocks your door first rather than rejecting it.

3. Fear dictates many actions:

There are many people who encounter difficulties in their career and do not take initiatives in pushing them through. Fear is one such aspect that does not allow an employee to enjoy his job. There are a number of reasons for which candidates fear for. The candidate who does not find their desired job keeps quitting their jobs to find their best one. They do not put complete effort on chores that don’t reward them. They are also caught in critical situations though they work hard.

Fear is just an assumption, in order to fix ones derailed career fear should be avoided and overcome. It is an assumption that our hard work isn’t recognized. It is our fear which refrains us from reaching success. Hence avoiding fear and overcoming them is the right way to fix a derailed career.

4. Ensure to make a choice:

It is always good to present all your career choices which makes it simpler for you to find the career that best suits you and keeps you excited. You can also keep your energy level high by choosing your choice.

You may be employed in a job where you can prepare a list of all the pros and cons or make use of mind mapping techniques or ask for a suggestion to your friends who understand you well. Making the right choice in a career at any stage is a perfect way to fix your derailed career.

5. Enjoy work by taking risks:

In order to fix your derailed career, one needs to perform the best in their organization. To be the best in a career, one needs to take risks. In your organization, do not hesitate to ask for more tasks, make sure to try for similar job roles in other companies. Try to experiment with various other categories of jobs so that you’re interested in. Plan and try to develop a new company.

There are people who do not love their jobs but do it. Candidates who do a decent job are interested in their jobs and do not find it stressful and they enjoy every challenge they face. Hence taking risks would be interesting for those who love their job. This is one way to fix your career.

6. Develop your skills:

Employees who desire to move up in their career ladder need to develop their skills by updating them with the latest updates that happen in their industry. Employees who develop their skills and use them would find their job more successful and interesting to work at.

7. Performing job outside your job details:

In order to develop more possibilities, it is good to perform more aspects which are outside your job details. Do not hesitate to ask your co-founders if they require any help in their project work, your boss can be one who can provide advice on your reports, there may be few projects in your organization which you are interested in asking your boss for those projects. Formulate and design new projects which are useful to the company.

8. Identify your weakness and fix it:

Every candidate has some kind of weakness in their career. It is advisable to identify your weakness or behavior that keeps you back. Once detected, it is good to work on them and rectify your weakness. This is one way to fix your derailed career.

9. Identify the error:

For employees who desire to troubleshoot or fix their career. The employee must make out what has gone wrong and what must be done to correct it. The root cause or the real problem which has led to the development of the problem must be identified. By finding out the root cause, the problem to be fixed can be found out.

The problem can be with your co-worker, boss, with the company culture, work environment and so on. Hence, identify and correct the problem in order to fix your derailed career.

10. Be consistent:

Maintaining your own reputation is important. It would be good to establish a strong online presence. Another important fact for candidates is to maintain an online brand that is consistent.

When you speak about online brands it means that your online brands, social media accounts, business cards, your office and also your appearance are consistent. These are few aspects which are noticed and must be in the right way in order to fix your career.

11. Check your attitude:

In order to fix your career it is mandatory to know your attitude. Get to know your attitude a number of times each day. Get to know your attitude each time and whether you are productive each day.

12. By being positive:

To fix your career and move up to success it is mandatory to stay positive. Remember not to show people that you’re irritated or frustrated. Any doubt within can be clarified by asking questions but remember to stay positive. Poor communication is the main reason for the reputation to get damaged in the workplace. In such cases, there is a long term loss and loss of credibility too, hence being positive is important.

13. Make a list of priorities:

It is a good habit to keep a notepad and write down all the priorities each day. The workplace is considered to be hectic and not everyone would find time to list down priorities. At this time, you can make a point and find out jobs that are important for you. By this way, you can do your job well and people will view your job too. For employees who aren’t sure about the important stuff can inquire their boss and work on them. This is one way to fix your career.

14. Being peaceful:

There are employees who have negative emotions that are associated with their careers. They must free themselves from the negative emotions that they are linked with in the past. It is always good for employees to be excited about their careers instead of thinking of the past negative ones.

It is good to get a mentor or a coach for yourself. Get hold of some professional whom you inspire in your work life and work with them if they allow. By making peace with your work and forgetting bad memories in the past, your career can be fixed.

15. Prove your hard skills:

You can be an employee in a company where you need to market their services. For the same, you need to show your skills such as team-player, compassion, friendly, organized, helpful and more. These are a few soft skills that can be contributed to the organization from your side. But remember these skills aren’t quantified by the employers.

They wanted to know the approximate value that you bring to the organization. You require showing the organization that you save and also bring in money for being hired. Hard skills such as marketing, financial analysis, sales, operation management, customer service, project management, and more need to be presented.

16. Fix your goals:

As an employee, you would know what your skills are and it is important to fix your goals and aim for the target. Working for your goals is another way to fix your career. Every employee needs to have perfect goals which associate with the organization’s goals in order to reach success. Your career is moving on the right path and the employee is said to be a perfect one, only if he works for his goals.

17. Be the best in the organization:

In order to fix your derailed career, there are few things that are required in the work environment. The employee should possess to have manageable goals, engaging work, and good control over the results. It is the employee’s duty to develop an engaging work with goals. They should also be friendly with the people with whom they are around. Try to get help with the most potential employee in the organization. these few steps can help you fix your career and move ahead.

18. Speak perfect:

Thoughts are the initiators from where actions begin, so treating and respecting yourself is important. Make your speech slow, perfect, easy and accentuating in whatever you speak. Only when your thoughts are organized in the right way, can your speech be perfect. So speaking perfect is important for fixing your career.

19. Saying no:

There are employees who wanted to grow their business, keep their clients happy and didn’t want to say no to their clients. This may lead to a pile of work, which would consume your complete time and avoid you from completing your actual responsibilities. Employees should learn to say no, at times required.

Saying no is not a negative dialogue and does not mean to break the relationship with clients or other employees. While saying no, you can also mention the reason for the same. You can say that this work does not fall in your schedule and you already have other tasks to complete. Saying no is one way you can fix your career and move ahead.


These above mentioned are a few steps which can be utilized to fix your career. There are many aspects of a career that can be derailed or possess a few faults. These aspects may hinder you and never allow you to reach success. For the same, these tips can be used so that you can fix your faults and make your career successful.

Employees can also hunt other resources and get to know more tips so that their career is fixed. Employees who desire to make their career path move in the right way without hindrance can fix their career with these hints. Apart from usual behavior and thinking these pointers provide you with more details which can help them climb up their career ladder. Follow these tips and get benefited.