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17 Awesome Ways for Finding your Ideal Career


Narrowing down on career path for yourself is never an easy thing for anyone to do. Since it is no easy thing to pick out a good career path for yourself, you should take your time to do so and not take the decision in a hurry as chances are you might regret your decision in the future. Given here is a list of tips for finding your ideal career, so if you are fresh out of college or thinking about how to find your ideal career then you should definitely go through the list as it will give you some helpful guidelines to assist you in your endeavor or to find your dream job.

finding your ideal careerTips for Finding Your Ideal Career:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to choose a career and best career options

1. Know where your interests lie:

One of the first things you need to know before thinking of choosing an ideal career path for yourself, is where your interests lie. If you choose to have a career in something which you love doing, then your job will never feel like a burden to you, rather you will be excellent at what you do and you will think of each day as a new adventure waiting to be explored by you. It is only those individuals who are not interested in what they do and feel their jobs as burdensome and unpleasant. Take your time in getting to know yourself first.

2. See if your talents and interests lie in the same field:

Just because you are interested in something it does not imply that you have an aptitude for it and that you will be able to excel in that field. This is a mistake which many individuals make when thinking of a career path. To help you along your way, you could always take some career aptitude tests that could help you in finding out where it is that you inclinations are and to which field would you be able to make top contributions to. After all, success in our careers fields is all what we want.

3. Gain some self knowledge to help you along the way:

Gaining some self knowledge will help you tremendously when it comes to picking a career path for yourself. When you know where your strengths lie then you can work on developing these strengths and similarly when you know where your weaknesses lie, you can start to work on them too and you will not feel hurt or bad when other people point them out to you. Just because you are not good at something that does not make you a failure as there is surely some other ability which you might be having that will make you unique and indispensable.

4. Visit a career counselor:

Taking the help of a skilled professional or career planner who could help you if you are at sea and are looking out for an ideal career path. It would benefit you greatly to listen carefully to what is being said because after all he or she is not speaking random words rather is basing the inferences on proper scientific and statistical data which have been attained after proper career test. So rather than listening to the passing comments of various individuals it would benefit you to visit a good and renowned career counselor who can also give you concrete career options open for you.

5. Think about accountability you would like to have:

If you think that you cannot stand taking orders from someone else then maybe an ideal career path for you would be to start your own business and be your very own boss. Then you would be accountable to none other than yourself.

6. Know the kind of schedule you would like to have:

Thinking of the kind of schedule you would like to have could also help you on picking an ideal career path for you. For example, if you would like to work according to your own hours then you can be a blogger at home, or if you wish to have a hectic work life where you are okay with being called on duty at any time then you can get a corporate job. It is all up to what you would like to do. To some their career is the single most important thing in their life where as to others family is more important above every job that is why they deserve more time.

7. Learn to manage stress:

When climbing the ladder of success you will realize that with each higher position that you enjoy at the work place, you will have to handle the higher amount of stress. So before choosing on a career path you should learn to keep calm and not fret when an unforeseen situation presents itself at an unlikely hour. If you learn to think fast on your feet as well as come up with quick solutions for problems then you can opt for a job in the corporate world where they are constantly on the lookout for such cool, calm and collected individuals.

8. Be patient and give it time:

Remember that finding your ideal career path does not happen in a single day and you should mentally prepare yourself that “yes, this will take some time so I must be patient”. In addition to facing resistance along your way chances are that initially you might make some wrong career decisions as well, that is why you should not let any success or failure get to you initially when you are just deciding on your career path. Give it time and give your decisions proper thought and you will find your ideal career which you will both love and excel in.

9. Talk to friends and family members:

It often happens that the only people that know you better than yourself are your friends as well as family members. Therefore since you can trust them and know that they will always have your back you can discuss things with them as well as find out what they think that you ought to do. Chances are that if you are lacking in confidence or self belief then it is their words of encouragement that will help you along the way and encourage you to have faith in yourself. They always desire the best career for you; hence they will never guide you wrongly.

10. Do not shy away from doing something different:

When you are looking for an ideal career path, one tip which you should use is that you need not look for an established career type that many other people opt for. Do not shy away from doing something new and unique which has never been done before. Yes, that does make things even harder for you, but if it is something which you love doing then it is worth the toil. If you are not one to follow conventions then why should you think that you have to go into a conventional career path? You can be a path breaker and do something that’s never been done.

11. Do not let failures get to you:

In the event of finding your ideal career path you should be prepared for failure that will come along the way. You might find that in the course for this journey and times you will feel immensely demoralized as well as lacking in self confidence but you should not begin to doubt yourself as that could really stop you from achieving excellent and become an impediment in your path. So just learn to go with the flow and take everything as it comes and that will eventually lead you to finding your ideal career.

12. Even if it is your ideal career, it will take hard work:

Once you strongly believe that you have found your ideal career do not think that things will be smooth sailing from now on. Finding your ideal career path is just the first step; the next step entails actually doing the job and proving your self worth. No one is simply going to take you at face value, you have to show that you are able to deliver top quality work and it is this skill of yours that makes you perfect for this career path.

13. Follow your own heart and mind at any cost:

The best tip to help you finding your ideal career is to tell you to constantly follow you own gut and mind rather than letting others dictate to you what to do. If useful career advice is being given to you then you should listen to it, but if someone is forcing you to enter a career path against your will, where your interest does not lie, then you should put your foot down and give them a firm no. It is your career and you should choose the career choice what you love doing, no matter what it is.

14. Do some reading up online to help and guide you:

Reading up online about what career paths you can enter with your educational qualifications could really help you along the way. In addition to this if for example you find that your interest lies in fashion designing yet you do not have the qualifications, it is never too late to attain the right kind of qualifications and then go on to achieve great things in the future. There is a wealth of information available online that is indeed helpful, however do not believe any and everything you read as sometimes there may be some old, wrong or out dated information.

15. Remember that money is not everything:

In this day and age money is necessary in order to support a family and make ends meet, yet it should not be the only deciding factor for you when picking an ideal career for yourself. Remember that often the more money you earn, the more your job will encroach and usurp upon your personal life and you will have less time with family and friends. In addition to this even if you earn a lot of money, if your interest does not lie in the field then you will not gain any job satisfaction at the end of the day.

16. Try your hand at a number of things to eventually narrow down on one:

Unless you are one hundred percent sure, never choose the first internship which you try your hand at as your career path. It is advisable to do as many internships as you can when you are young just so that you can get career ideas of which job seems to suit you the best and gives you the greatest sense of fulfillment. You might find that what career path looked best on paper for you is actually not as good as it seemed and your interest actually lies in another area altogether.

17. Make sure that you feel challenged:

An ideal career path is one that makes you feel challenged and with each passing day you feel energized to go and do something great. If you think that a 9-5 job is a stable job that you are looking for then maybe that is the ideal line for you. But if you are someone who wants an interesting and unpredictable job that heralds change then maybe you can opt for something like journalism.

So after going through this list of things which has been presented, you have certainly realized that things will not be easy and you will face a fair bit of failure as well as opposition. The journey to finding your career will be a tiresome as well as pain staking one, so be sure that you are ready for the struggle. So just be positive and work hard as at the end, hard work is what pays off.