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10 Important Factors to Consider when Evaluating a Job Offer


So you have worked extremely hard in order to land a decent job. You have sent amazing cover letters, filled your resume with brilliant details of your past, you’ve been in touch with the recruiter and hiring manager and finally after a good while, you have found a job offer!

But is it the time to rejoice? Not so easily! Yes, when the job market is a little tight, it is important to get hold of whatever that is being offered to you.

But what if you are offered with something far more appealing? Maybe you are a very lucky person to get several offers from various companies or you could be still stuck in the interview stage but the job offer they have is definitely mind blowing.

Yes, that is quite a nice problem to have but we all have to go through a tough time in order to sort it. It is very important to consider what is valuable and go through the offer you already have in hand but if you want to land something that will benefit you in the long run, you definitely need to use some tips. And this post will definitely help you!

when evaluating job offerCriteria to Consider when Evaluating a Job Offer:

1. The Question Of Money:

If money isnt all that important to you; then consider yourself to be a lucky individual. But there are plenty of people who aren’t as fortunate as you are. For some, money is extremely important and the job offer they accept is quite dependent of the salary they are getting paid per month. So when you are evaluating a decent job offer, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind

  • Is it possible for you to give up on his offer in and hope to find something better in the future?

If you are keen on waiting and would like to land your dream job, it would be okay to wait for a while. Patience is also the key to success. If your financial condition isnt all that great and you need money in order to pay your bills, then this can become a difficult decision for you. Also if this condition persists, you will end up accepting a salary that isnt all that appealing. However, at the end of the day you have to decide whether you really need the money now or can you still manage and wait a bit more

2. Managing:

There are a couple of jobs that look absolutely amazing and appealing on newspapers and online advertisements. But things could take a turn when you meet your hiring manager or boss.

What good managers do is that they make a difficult job extremely rewarding with amazing compensation and fine behaviour. But a bad manager on the opposite hand makes things far more cumbersome and tiring. If you didn’t know, your boss will not just have a strong control in the office but also influence your behaviour.

Some of the questions you must consider in mind include: Is your boss friendly enough to work under? Have you seen him show respect towards people working for him? Is he someone who receives compliments or do people like him at office? Does his style fit in with your working habits? Once you begin to answer these questions, you will know whether the job offer is suitable or not.

3. The Environment You Work In:

You will never know about the environment of your work place until you begin your day at the office. However, if you are smart enough to ask a couple of smart questions during the interview, you can definitely get some idea of what’s going on. Not just that, you can speak to the other workers and employees in order to learn about the work culture. You should definitely ask yourself questions like: Can you see yourself enjoying and doing your best in an environment like this? Does the company focus on promoting people or hard work and training? Do you think the values of the company match with yours? Answers to these questions will give you a much better and clearer picture about the work environment you are about to step into.

4. What kind of a job is it?

Since you are thinking of saying yes to the job, you should also think of the position you are about to be given. Not just that, you could be expected to work for long hours so keep that in mind as well. Ask yourself whether the job offer gets you all thrilled and excited or not? What kind of role would you play at work and the methods you will use in order to mix and interact with people belonging to your company? Do you think you will be able to maximize your skills once you hold office? Apart from these questions, think about whether this job would give you the respect and visibility you are looking forward to. Once you answer them, you will know what you really want.

5. Future Probabilities:

In a world like this, where economies are constantly collapsing, it is so difficult to find a position that will last for very long. The truth is, it won’t. So it is important to keep the future prospects in mind before you accept the job offer. Ask yourself whether this job will really help you stick for long? Will you have the opportunity to learn new things on a regular basis? Do you think you can establish a proper system of networking? Will the job you are about to accept benefit you the next time you apply for a job? When you question yourself like this; it will definitely become easier to find know whether the job is suitable for you or not.

6. Are the people good enough?

When you work for long, you will realize it isnt all about the money, its more about the people you are working with. No one can work amongst a group of individuals who are of a different mentality altogether. Yes, not everyone is the same and not everyone is going to like you but you must also remember that your happiness is entitled to the sort of people you are surrounded with. Look at the people during the interview and ask yourself whether they are friendly, whether they asked just professional or personal questions? And most importantly, did they ask you to come back on time? These questions will definitely tell you whether the superiors will treat you like an employee should be.

7. What are the benefits behind this?

If you haven’t given this a thought yet, then please do. If you are offered an amazing job opportunity that gives you several benefits, you definitely have enough reasons to accept the offer. Check whether they offer you some nice employment perks such as health and retirement plans. This will show the company is financially in a good position and can keep you happy. If it doesn’t, then maybe the size of the company is limited. It could also mean they are still in the struggling phase. Even if benefits don’t matter so much to you, working for a company that doesn’t have any gives you double reasons to consider

8. What about your career?

The most important question you should ask yourself is whether this career opportunity will benefit you in the long run… in terms of career and scope! Ask yourself whether the job will allow you to grow and become a professional over time. Do you think you will be able to learn new and interesting things once you hold office? If yes, say yes to the offer! It could be perfect for you.

9. Your abilities:

You also need to see whether you are capable enough to handle work pressure, whether you have enough qualities to deal with difficult situations. Also ask yourself if you will be handed over the resources in order to carry on with the job. Do not ever make the mistake of saying yes to a job where the job and the colleagues expect you to do all the work without much help or description.

10. Conclusion:

So when you are finally contemplating or thinking of the benefits that this job will offer you, make sure you keep all of these points and ideas in mind. However, don’t forget that personal reasons should also be considered before you make a final decision. The money could be of bigger importance to you right now but several years later, you will understand the importance of work culture and how vital it is. So think carefully! Even though it can be a difficult choice, this job offer could also change your mind. Nonetheless, if you were clueless about this earlier, we hope you have found some help through the post. On that note, we wish you good luck and may you find the best job the universe has in store for you!