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16 Effective Tips for Communicating with Recruiters


Wanting to know how to communicate with your recruiters the right way? Do you want to know how you can stand out in front of the rest and make a good impression? If the answer is yes, then this post will definitely help you. In this article you will learn how to communicate with the recruiters the right way and grab their attention like no other!

communicating with recruiters tips

How to Talk to Recruiters:

1. Use social media to approach the recruiter:

There are plenty of recruiters who are at the moment engaging themselves with what we like to call these days ‘relationship recruiting. These people are always active when it comes to social media, always look for ways to connect with several job candidates even though they really don’t have a good job at this point. You can connect to them through social media, look for some common interests if you can and even some other ways in which you can connect yourself. You should always remember to be a professional and stay authentic always. Be as friendly and as social as you can. Remember to limit the connection you have with social media sites. If they start popping up everywhere, your impression could be ruined.

2. Show your enthusiastic side:

If you have ever met someone who has become too strong towards you and you feel like it is so annoying and turn off, always remember to balance that with yourself. There is no need for you to comment on every single media post. Neither do you have to show up in every recruiter’s office without letting them know from before. Also you should not call the recruiter until you have a good and proper reason. You should find new and interesting ways to come across as an enthusiastic person without having to cross that line or even annoying some recruiter.

3. If you don’t know something, don’t hesitate to ask:

There are going to be times when you will have no idea on what exactly the protocol is. Is it wrong to wait for a week in order to follow up with the people? Should you be expecting the recruiter to keep communicating with you daily and more regular? What is the kind of format that every recruiter would like to see in your resume along with the cover letter that is sent in it? You should ask questions during such situations which ensures that you don’t make any sort of gaffes in terms of the communication and always help people around you know what they should expect.

4. Always be straight forward and precise:

Another thing you should remember to do in order to approach and communicate with the recruiter in the right manner is by being more straight forward and straight to the point. These people often deal with several and hundreds of people on a regular basis and if everyone is bought into the question, then time is certainly money for all of them. In case you have some questions or if you feel the need to contact them from outside even for a short media post, you have to keep things short and speak clearly. This will actually impress the recruiter and help you in building good channels of communications.

5. Follow all the directions given:

It is also important to follow all the directions given to you. By avoiding this, the IT recruiters simply decide that you are not a good candidate for this job even if you end up meeting all the right qualifications.

6. You don’t have to take but should also give:

Robyn Melhuish who happens to be a communication manager at stated that it is always a good idea to make use of the articles given to you by the recruiters. You should always share the posts on social media, offer them referrals on a regular basis for jobs that they usually do not qualify in. In that way, you will be able to show that you do have something great to offer this recruiter and that they will also look forward to meeting you and maintain a good relationship with you. Always remember that relationships are a two way street. It is not just about you but also about them!

7. Try to build a new connection:

Recruiters have their mails full of two hundred and fifty spots almost every day. No matter what position you are applying for, there will be around that number who want the spot as much as you do. So how can you grab their attention! Building a relationship with them is the best way to go about it. You may connect with some of the recruiters both on social media as well as job boards. A survey which was conducted by Jobvite said that there are over 93% of the recruiters who have already used or planned to use social media just so that they can support and recruit their efforts while another 73% plans on increasing most of their investments so that they can begin with their social recruiting the same year.

8. Don’t reach them everywhere:

Even though the recruiters are present on almost every platform, you don’t have to approach them on every single one. There is no need to bombard them with a hundred messages and requests. You can reach these people directly by using several platforms but please don’t ever over do this as it will only annoy all the recruiters and it will place you inside their stalker list instead of looking at you as someone who is stable and very much qualified for the position.

9. Breaking the ice:

Sending a message or an email to someone over social media can surely feel a bit awkward and even uncomfortable for the matter. In order to break the ice, you have to find something that the two of you have in common. What are the interests that the two of you share? Are they similar? Do you happen to be from the same organization? Have you graduated from the same school? Go look up some places on social media with some job boards which will. But surely, you don’t want to come across as a person who is too strong or even too desperate. You have to express your enthusiasm the right way without going too over the top.

10. Keep the details in mind:

When you speak to the recruiters or even connect to them, make sure you have all the qualifications which are needed for the job. There are about 50% of these job seekers who really don’t have the basic qualifications which are needed for the job they are hoping to pursue. On top of them there are so many companies which have open positions with no talented ones to fill in. Recruiters actually do spend a lot of time going through the profiles of these candidates who are just not right for the spot. So speaking to a recruiter about a job you don’t even qualify for, will get them all frustrated.

11. See if the skills match:

Once you have seen the description of the job, make sure you have what it takes to be a part of the job. If you need, make sure to tailor your communication skills to that kind of position. Be very specific, explain why you need these kinds of experience or even skills and that you are a good match to what they are looking for. Even though we know you would like to customize the communication you have to this job, there is no need to twist the information in order to fit those qualifications. There are about 96% of the recruiters who don’t fit into the qualifications.

12. Be very patient:

Waiting for a good response can become quite nerve wracking and there will be times you will want to check with the recruiter once again hoping that they will respond to you this time. But you should never give into that temptation. Even though you can and definitely should be able to follow up with the recruiter, communicating with them regularly will actually do far more harm to you than good. On an average level, filming for such a position will take around 24 days and also more than 39 days in some other fields. You have to be patient as this process will take some more time.

13. Know how to write a good resume:

You should have a resume that must be written in a chronological format. There is no need to use resume formats that are too functional or even resume summaries. Recruiters often find that useless so there is no need to use them. The executive resume formats are very much essential for making a good impression with your recruiters of course. I would also suggest you to not go back after fifteen to 20 years of experience. You will not get hired in a market like this if you have done something 20 years back. You should keep things which are relevant and recent.

14. External recruiting companies are not the same:

All the recruiting companies vary in several ways. Two recruiters are never the same. There are so many firms all over the world which vary in different terms. Some differ on the basis of environment while the others will also differ depending on the jobs that they are being approached on. You should however always keep a note that if the job ad had been posted by an external recruiter, then it should say somewhere inside the ad only. You will be able to use this info in order to research on them.

15. Recruiters do not make the final decisions:

You should always remember that the recruiters are not the ones who make the final decisions. You must also understand that there are external recruiters who do not make any decisions when it comes to any person. While most of them have the input in front of them, the final decision is always made by the company. After that being said, recruiters will need some strong advocate just for you when the company is inside the process of making these huge decisions on hiring.

16. Find out how these external recruiters get paid:

When you are speaking to a recruiter about a job coming up in the future, you should always ask them on how these guys even came across such a vacancy. This will give you several clues on what and how the guys are getting paid by the employer. There are going to be pros and cons which come with working with several kinds of recruiters. Towards the end of the day, there is no one method that has been paid better than the others. As a result of this, you should always remember to keep all the doors open with these recruiters, no matter how these guys are getting paid.

Working with a recruiter who is good is very much like other relationships where you have developed a life with them in real. Like most of these relationships which are worthy, it requires a whole lot of time as well as research. If you think you are not getting all these calls back from the recruiters who are executive, then immediately make it a point to shift gears and put extra effort with the help of an executive recruiter like you do with several other professional relationships. You will soon find that you are going to be on your way to having dealings which are successful when it comes to good executive recruiters.