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How to Dress Professionally and Stylish for Interview


Rather than dressing for an interview nowadays many people have the misconception that they ought to dress down for an interview. Nowadays there is immense competition between companies and every organization wants to employ those employees who have the complete package and know how to dress well and look professional, in order to set a good impression in the mind of the clients. When appearing for the interview you must pay attention to your interview dress and looks so that you are instantly able to create a powerful impression. Here are some ways on how to dress for an interview and choose the perfect fashionable interview outfit as per the interview dress code.

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Top 16 Job Interview Outfit Tips and Ideas:

The following mentioned are few tips on job interview attire and what to wear to a job interview.

1. Plan your complete outfit well in advance:

When planning for an interview, it is advisable that you think about what you would like to wear well in advance so that on the day of the interview you are not confused about what to wear to an interview. Planning your professional outfit in advance is always a better option as it keeps your mind free as the day of the interview draws near.

Plan ahead and buy a new outfit if you do not have anything suitable or if you have some suitable professional and stylish things to wear then ensure that you get it dry cleaned and ready.

2. Take into account even the smallest of details:

There are many people who believe that you need not worry about your interview clothes when you go for an interview as the recruiters are not worried about petty things like dress and garments, yet this is something which is absolutely false.

The manner, in which you dress, is a reflection of who you are as a person and shows whether you are someone who is careful or careless. When going for an interview, you must leave no stones unturned and do everything which you can in order to stand apart from all the others applying for the job, lest a good job opportunity will slip through your fingers.

3. Do not show too much skin or look vulgar:

When you go for an interview, your aim should be to show that you are someone of high moral character as well as integrity. These are the qualities that employers look out for when they are recruiting.

Dressing professionally is important, yet in the attempt of trying to be stylish, you should not wear clothes that look vulgar or inappropriate. Leaving too many shirt buttons open or wearing a skirt which is too short will give the impression that you are trying to use your body to get the job. Doing something like this, will not only show you in bad light but also tarnish your professional reputation.

4. Do not allow your clothes to speak louder than your words:

Wearing fashion-forward clothes is a very good idea to show that you are someone who is interested in fashion as well as looking professional and stylish. At no point in time should you wear loud clothes which attract too much attention to themselves, so much so that the person taking the interview cannot even pay attention to what you are saying.

Wearing clothes in neon or bringing a bag which has a huge figure on it is a very bad idea and will show you as someone who doesn’t know how to dress aptly for work. If you are unsure about what to wear, it is always better to keep it simple.

5. Wear something which is comfortable and suits your figure:

In order to dress in a professional and stylish manner, you must have a keen understanding of what clothes suit your body type. Each of us has a different kind of body; clothes that suit some people might not necessarily suit others. So pay attention to your body type when you are shopping for your interview outfit. Make sure that what you are buying is also very suitable as per the weather conditions.

Remember that chances are that you will have to be in the office for a number of hours so ensure that your shoes and clothes are comfortable and cause no problems to you at all.

6. Seek some advice from some stylist or professional:

If you have some ideas about what to wear for an interview then that is great, yet if you are confused about what you ought to wear when trying to get that perfect professional and stylish look, then it is advisable that you seek the help of a professional who will be able to give you some personal help and ideas about things which you ought to try on.

Take into account what is being said to you and do not feel shy of trying out some of the latest fashion trends. There is no hard and fast rule that you need to stick to a skirt and blouse, especially if you are a woman, you can even try on a well-tailored suit.

7. Consult some magazines or search online:

If getting a stylist is not something that you are interested in, then you can simply browse online and see what people in your field are usually expected to wear. Gathering some ideas, this can really help you get your act together.

Nowadays, there are many people who prefer to buy their clothes online since they find it more convenient and fast, so if you are one of the people who believe so too, then you can log on to your favorite online shopping site and pick up some trendy work clothes which are bound to look professional and incredibly stylish.

8. Using monochromatic colors is a very good idea:

When appearing for an interview many people prefer to stick to the basics. They think that wearing too much color is a bad idea. Based on the kind of person you are and the job which you have applied for, you should think about what colors you would like to wear.

If you are confused, wear something monochromatic as you will never go wrong this way. Rather opting for the regular black, white or grey you can opt for other royal colors like maroon, dark blue or even emerald green. Colors like this look very good and create an aura of authority around the person who is wearing it.

9. Wearing the right accessories is very important:

When appearing for an interview with the aim of looking professional and stylish, you must ensure that you spend some time thinking about what accessories you would like to wear. Invest in some good looking accessories which will accentuate and even compliment your outfit.

Your accessories need not be branded and high end, they should just look nice and smart. Make sure that you wear a watch and do not go overboard with the bling. Remember that an interview is a formal event and you can wear all the jewellery you want at a party or dinner. Knowing what things to wear when is very important.

10. Do not blindly follow any latest trends:

Just because something is the latest trend that does not mean that you have to blindly follow it. Being stylish does not mean that you have to have all the latest clothes. It simply means being comfortable as well as confident in your own skin and carrying off whatever you are wearing in a proper manner.

At no point should you try so hard to look good so much so that you do not even pay attention to what your answers are going to be. So try and incorporate some trends into the professional attire or outfit which you are choosing for your interview, but do not go overboard.

11. Invest in some good looking and fashionable office attire:

The impression which you create during your interview will be important in determining whether or not you will be able to bag the job or not. The aim of the interview is to be able to see the candidate in person and make a note of his physical appearance and manner of speaking.

Though it is not advisable to burn a hole through your pocket, when trying to look professional and stylish for your interview, yet you make it a point to spend some money in trying to look the part of a skilled professional who the company would be honored to have on their team.

12. Let your clothes complement your personality:

Rather than treating your clothes as simply physical objects, you should use your clothes as a tool in order to highlight your personality. Many people believe that what you wear is an extension of who you are.

So when deciding on what to wear for an interview, ensure that you incorporate a bit of yourself in the outfit, so that the interviewer can see you for whom you really are. Let your dress show you as someone who is unique, individualistic and not lacking in confidence. Companies are always on the lookout for those employees who are proud of themselves and very sure of who they are as individuals.

13. Dress professionally according to the job you are applying for:

How can you possibly look professional if you are not dressing in a manner which is befitting the job which you are applying for? If you are appearing for an interview as a primary school teacher then you ought to wear something which is colorful and delicate.

For such a job, wearing floral prints or patterns is not a bad idea at all, whereas, if you are appearing for an interview for a corporate job, then it is advisable that you wear a professional suit that will look formidable and smart. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dressing for an interview, but you must be sensible and keep in mind what job you are applying for.

14. Look beyond your clothes pay attention to your nails, hair and makeup!

Many people pay so much attention to their clothes, bags and shoes without even sparing a thought for their own body. They appear for their interview with unkempt hair, dirty nails and badly put makeup. Little things like this do account for a lot, so ensure that you are not forgetting about this aspect of your look.

If you go looking dirty then it will seem very unprofessional. In addition to this, when applying makeup, women should ensure that they keep it to light makeup which will not melt in the course of the day or which will not come across as cheap.

15. Wear appropriate socks for men and stockings for women:

When talking about undergarments, it means that you ought to wear clean socks, if you are a man and skin-colored stockings if you are a woman. You should ensure that everything is coordinated so that you do not come across looking like a joke.

16. Be sure to do some prior research before the interview:

Finally, when you are appearing for an interview and you want to look both professional and stylish it is advisable that you spend some time from beforehand noticing how employees in that company usually dress so that you know exactly what you need to look like. Doing this will help you immensely along the way.

Dressing for Interviews:

Dressing for the interview is an important part of interview preparation, so you must not take it lightly. Your dressing or attire at interview helps you give out a fine first impression about you to the interviewer.

Though nowadays few companies are not so keen on interview attire but maintaining a minimum dress etiquette especially when attending an interview is very important. Moreover dressing well will help you boost your confidence which is necessary especially when the candidate can get a nervous breakdown, due to interview pressure.

Casual interview outfit male:

  1. Always dress in a professional manner suiting to the job role you applied for.
  2. Follow the company dress code policy(if it has one)
  3. A nice suit would work very well for an interview
  4. Make sure you wear a matching tie
  5. You can opt for a darker color suit with the light color shirt
  6. Choose the color which suits your skin tone
  7. Do not try loud colors
  8. Your attire should be neat and wrinkle-free
  9. Your hair should neatly be brushed
  10. Trim your mustache and beard if you have long ones
  11. Pick up neatly polished formal shoes with right socks

Interview dress tips for female:

  1. For women, a suit would be good choice with skirt or pants
  2. If you feel comfortable only then pick the suit(or else you can try something else)
  3. Make any alterations if you think it is required
  4. Try a light-colored shirt for your suit
  5. Make sure that your skirt is not too short
  6. Have only a little makeup
  7. Your shoes should be low-heeled
  8. Your dress should be neat and wrinkle-free
  9. Make sure you apply a light perfume
  10. Tie your hair as a ponytail or as a bun


It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. So if you look bad on the day of your interview and do not pay attention to your outfit for the interview and general look then you will never be able to bag the job. No company would like to hire employees who do not look neat and presentable.

You need not spend all your money trying to look great, you simply need to look stylish and professional. As mentioned above, paying attention to the small details will take you far and will show that you are someone who is a perfectionist and pays attention to even the smallest of details.