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How to Dress for Casual Fridays at Work: 16 Best Tips


If you have decided to enter into the business world then needless to say that you wish to slowly but surely climb the ladder of success and make something out of your life. This being said, if you really want to go from strength to strength and be recognized for all the right reasons in a company, then it is of paramount importance that you look into a number of different factors, including the manner in which you dress and look.

For your benefit, given here are some guidelines on how you ought to dress up for casual Fridays at work, so that you really look and feel good.

casual fridays at workWhat to Wear on Casual Friday?

The following mentioned are few tips on casual friday work outfits and casual outfit ideas for friday at work.

1. Wear something which you are comfortable in:

The first thing about casual Fridays which you need to remember is that instead of dressing to please others and create a good impression in the mind of onlookers, this is a day when you don’t have to pay much attention to what you wear. As long as you are comfortable in what you are wearing, that is all that really matters.

The phrase being comfortable here has two connotations, first is that you have to be physically comfortable in what you are wearing where as on the other hand you should ensure that you are not wearing something which is making you feel conscious about yourself.

2. Ensure that your casual dress is age appropriate:

When dressing up for casual Friday, naturally you do have the freedom to wear whatever you like to, however this being said it is of paramount importance that you put to use your best judgment and do not end up wearing something that is unbecoming of a person of your age, or your position and stature.

Yet rather than thinking too much about what others might say or think as long as you are happy about the way in which you look, you need not send too much of your effort thinking about things like this, especially when it doesn’t matter much on casual days.

3. Make sure that you are not looking too dull:

Casual Fridays are a great day to show in your office how very fashionable you are capable of being. You should most certainly not shy away from wearing colorful clothes and things which you do not get to wear on regular days at the office.

So if you want to go all out and wear something which you bought on your recent vacation, you should go ahead and not have any qualms about it at all. The happiest people are those which follow the dictates of their own heart as well as mind without letting other peoples harsh words as well as negativity get to them in any way at all.

4. Shy away from wearing revealing and vulgar clothes:

At the end of the day the clothes which you wear to some extent reflect on you as a person. So no matter what you must remember that even on casual Fridays it is of paramount importance that you do not go too far and wear something which is absolutely inappropriate and bound to make those around you uncomfortable and awkward.

Though it might be a Friday, yet chances are that clients as well as investors might still come walking through the door and the last thing you want would be for them to get a bad impression of you as a person or an employee in general.

5. It should not appear that you are trying too hard:

Some people are genuinely interested in casual fashion and dressing up and they know exactly what they ought to wear and when. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum there are also those individuals who try their best but are unfortunately never able to get it right

When it comes to dressing up, they are always either overdressed or even underdressed. In order to be a hit on a casual Friday it is important to not look that you are trying too hard to look casual, no matter how much effort you have actually put into your clothes. Being cool is the key.

6. Causal doesn’t mean old and shabby clothes:

When dressing up for a casual Friday at your work place one of the biggest mistakes which you can make is dressing up in your old and shabby clothes and coming to work. No one is asking you to go all out and spend hours pondering over what you should wear the next day to work, yet this having been said, on the other end of the spectrum it should not appear like you have rolled out of bed and you couldn’t be bothered about the way in which you look. So invest in a few good shirts, t-shirts, shorts, trendy skirts and scarves and you will certainly not go wrong on casual Fridays at work!

7. Wearing too much jewellery isn’t advisable at all:

On regular days of work it is advisable to keep your jewellery to a minimum and not wear anything which is too chunky or blingy. Yet this having been said, on casual Fridays you are free to wear whatever you like, yet this does not imply that you walk into the office wearing all the jewellery which you possess.

Casual means that you just look how you would if you were going for a brunch with your friends. Wearing some beautiful pieces of jewellery could really help take your outfit to the next level and fetch you a number of compliments at work as well.

8. Ensure that you look casual as well as chic:

The very fact that it is almost the end of the week and you have the weekend coming up where you can take a break and chill out means that you can afford to be happy. This being said, when you are dressing up for casual Fridays, ensure that you are trying your best to look a little cool and chic so that people really take notice of who you are as an individual.

Small things like a nice scarf or a pretty jacket could really help in making your casual friday outfit look complete. So invest some of your time in trying to make yourself look good, as when you look good you automatically feel good.

9. Do not blindly follow any style trends:

Being up to date with the latest trends in the fashion industry is certainly not a bad thing and even trying to implement these trends in the way in which you dress is also another positive thing. Yet this being said simply because you have seen that some piece of garment is in vogue at a given point in time that certainly does not imply that you follow that trend blindly without even considering whether this trend suits you or not.

One of the worst fashion disasters you can make on a casual Friday is wearing something that doesn’t compliment you or even your body type in any way at all.

10. Do not dress to attract any kind of attention:

Contrary to what is popularly done, you should always dress in order to make yourself happy rather than trying your level best to get people to look at you and take notice of you. Trying to attract unnecessary attention to yourself is something which is immature, unprofessional and also extremely undesirable.

This having been said, you should be happy when anyone compliments you and you should take this as a boost to keep encouraging you to dress up and look good. Take care over the way you look and do not forget to look into your personal hair and body care as well.

11. Consult any fashionista you might know:

If you are someone who is extremely career driven and has no idea about the modern trends then you can consult some friends of yours who is interested in fashion and ask him or her what it is that you should wear on casual Friday days at work.

He or she is sure to help you alone the way and even guide you when you might be making the wrong decisions with what you have selected to wear on a given Friday. Be attentive to what is said and slowly you will get a hang of what suits you and what you should refrain from wearing to work.

12. Do not forget to get hold of proper accessories:

As mentioned above wearing the right kind of jewellery is very important as well. But when speaking of accessories you should also make it a point to ensure that you have a nice bag and shoes to go along with the outfit you have chosen to wear on a given Casual Friday

13. Ensure that you gauge how casual is ‘casual’:

Before you go about purchasing clothes and thinking about what you would like to wear, it is advisable that for the first few weeks at the office that you do not experiment too much and just gauge how casual things really are on Fridays at work and whether or not wearing shorts and a casual shirt is acceptable.

14. Wear something which brings out your personality:

Rather than trying to copy someone else’s look, it is advisable to dress according to your own personality. No matter what you should never shy from showing the world who you really are as an individual. If you show that you are genuinely comfortable in your own shoes then no one will have the courage to jeer at you or even poke fun at your choice of clothing.

Along with your clothes it is vital that you do not forget to put on your smile and let the casual clothes which you are wearing really bring out the calm and serenity within you as an individual.

15. Looking good need not cost you a bomb:

There is a popular misconception which many people have, that in order to look good and fashionable you have to spend a lot of money as well as burn a hole through your pocket, yet this is something which couldn’t be further away from the truth. There are a number of people who look great without even spending a lot of money, this is because they shop during the sales and more important they wear whatever they want to and carry it off with grace, elegance and confidence. So above everything else try and inculcate the correct attitude in yourself.

16. You can always Google images if you are confused:

Last but certainly not the least is that if you find yourself at sea about what you should wear and how you should approach any casual Friday, then you need not worry at all, that you need to do is go online and search for images on Google. You will get ample ideas and tips which can really help you and guide you along the way.

Remember that the key thing about casual Fridays at work is that for once in the week you need not put too much effort into looking professional and dapper. You can simply slip into a pair of casual jeans for work and a comfortable t-shirt and that will be enough.

Finally :

Casual Fridays have become a trend of sorts, where even the biggest and most successful companies allow their employees to lay off on their formal wear for one day off the week and dress in comfortable clothes which they can easily wear after work when they might decide to go out with friends to even go partying. Follow these simple guidelines and you will certainly not go wrong, as long as you are comfortable in your own skin nothing can bring you down.