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How to Deal With a Boss in a Bad Mood?


As we are all well aware, that given the present global economic crisis, finding a job has become a near impossible task, so this having been said, not all of us can dare to challenge or ignore the demands of our boss. Previously, if your boss was someone who was moody and often had mood swings, you could easily hand in your resignation, however now things are certainly not so simple and that is why you need to learn to deal with it. Given here is a list on how to deal with a boss who is in a bad mood.

deal boss in bad moodTips for Managing Your Boss Bad Mood:

1. Give him his space to cool off:

Having to work with a boss who often gets into bad moods is something that isn’t very fun or ideal at all, yet of course it is something which has to be done. So in the event of him being in a bad mood, mostly he will be seeking solitude and you constantly trying to ask him questions or clearing doubts might only make him more annoyed. So at such a time, one of the best way to deal with the bad moods would be to give him some time to cool off as well as gather his thoughts. Give him space but be at arm’s length in case something is needed.

2. Ask him categorically what he wants done:

In order to avoid him from getting into a bad mood at all, you should make it a point to understand each and every instruction that is given to you. In this day and age, many people believe that when they ask questions they are showing themselves to be weak or mentally inferior, however this is absolutely not true. You should always ask questions when you are unsure about something, rather than making a blunder of the task which has been assigned to you, yet at the same time this certainly does not imply that you keep asking silly questions.

3. Have a note and pen when taking instructions:

Just so that you can carry out each ask to perfection, you should ensure that you carry a pen and paper along with you so that you can jot down each instruction which is being given to you. When you do this then you are ensuring you don’t miss out on anything, but at the same time you silently communicate to your boss that you are someone who is a hard worker and take your job very seriously indeed. If he does notice that you are someone who is making a huge effort to be a perfectionist then chances are that even when in a bad mood he won’t let off any steam on you.

4. Ensure everything you do is signed by him:

If your boss is someone who frequently is in a bad mood then chances are that he is a forgetful person as well, this is because in anger people often lose their ability to think clearly and concisely. So in order to avoid any trouble or confusion at a late point, you ought to make sure that you run everything by him and also have everything in writing. This may seem like an added task to do, but it will help you in the long run if you are in any sort of trouble. Getting him to sign every piece of paper is something which is absolutely vital as well as necessary.

5. Don’t try to take matters into your own hand:

In the event of your boss being someone who frequently gets into bad moods in the office, then you should ensure that you strictly follow what is being said to you and you do not ever take matters into your own hands. Bosses are obviously skilled professionals who know exactly what they are doing, so when they tell you to do something in a particular way you ought to do it. If by chance you think that your way is a better one, then you can run it by him. Bosses hate surprises so do not think you are going to be rewarded for disobedience.

6. Don’t take anything said personally:

It is indeed a well known fact, that having to deal with the bad moods of a boss is something which all employees have to deal with and believe it or not, no one likes to be at the receiving end, especially when important work needs to be done. The best way to deal with these bad moods of your boss is by not taking anything personally. Ensure you take in whatever unnecessary thing is being said from one ear and take it out from the other ear, having an attitude like this one is something that will certainly help you a great deal in the long run.

7. Don’t get into a bad mood yourself:

In the event of such a thing happening, one of the worst things which you can do is actually get into a bad mood yourself. When a person is in a bad mood he or she is naturally not able to think straight and has no control over the words being spoken, so at all costs you should try and keep your cool as with two people who cannot keep their cool in the work place, things are just not going to function smoothly. Just accept his bad moods as one of the many hurdles you have to cross at your work place and do not even think too much about it.

8. Do not challenge his authority:

One of the chief things which you need to remember is that a boss is someone who always has the best interests of his company as well as employees at heart. So unless you notice otherwise, do not go out of your way to challenge his authority or even back chat with other employees as doing things like this mind land you in a great deal of trouble or might even put you in his bad books. Bosses will certainly not take such unprofessional behavior lightly and if you continue you might find yourself without a job, soon enough.

9. Ensure that you do not give up any substandard work:

For any individual to reach the stature of a boss, it is of paramount importance that he or she is a good as well as capable worker, the reason that bosses get into bad moods so often is when they notice that the employees are not doing their best in order to take the company to the next level. So what you ought to do is constantly ensure that you are giving your one hundred percent and are constantly giving good work at all costs and under all circumstances, cultivate such an attitude toward work and you too might end up as the CEO of a company in time to come.

10. Do not show that you are too over whelmed and scared of him:

Chances are that if you show that you are someone who is weak and timid then the boss is just going it take advantage of your vulnerability by keeping on badgering you for no reason at all. It is in human nature to target the weak, so you should always try to stand tall with your head held high. As we all know that the twenty first century business world is a cut throat one indeed and if you show that you are both weak and vulnerable then you are sure to be steam rolled over and this is something that you absolutely do not want to happen under any circumstances.

11. Do not get flustered as you will end up making more blunders:

One of the best ways to deal with a bad mood of your boss is by not getting flustered at any point in time as chances are that you are sure to make even more blunders. Needless to say that if you make more blunders, you are going to put him into an even worse mood. Dealing with a boss who frequently gets into bad moods is something which is a sensitive issue indeed, yet over time, you will get used to it and you will not get to you at all.

12. Encourage him to meditate:

Doing meditation as well as yoga is something which can go a long way in helping people to relax and keep up with today’s hectic life. So if you think that meditation and yoga could help your boss deal with his moods then you should put forth your idea to him in a kind as well as respectful manner, do not make it seem like you are poking fun at him as that is something which will not go down well with him. This having been said, meditation is something that could help you deal with his bad moods better, so if possible you can try your hand at it as well.

13. Is it something which you can help?

The only way to deal with the bad moods of your boss is by understanding exactly what it is that really makes him mad. Getting to the root of the issue is something that can help you a great deal in the long run. You can try and avoid those things which you know are going to get him mad in the first place. Keeping your boss content and at ease is something which should always be your primary concern, because if not it just means that you are not doing your job in a proper manner. Ensure that you leave no stones unturned in tasks allotted to you.

14. Never shy away from being true to your own beliefs:

No matter how bad his mood is, you should not shy away from putting forth your own points of view at any cost. As an employee of the office you do have the right to be heard. So if your boss knows that you will not stand for any nonsense he will most certainly respect you for this.

15. Try to accept that a high end job like his is stressful:

The faster you realize that being a boss is a high end and stressful job, the faster you will learn to deal with you bosses moods. Remember that he has no person cause of envy, so you need not delve into the matter the much as there is nothing personal in the business world.

16. Do not stand for too many bag mood swings:

As mentioned above finding a job is indeed a hard task, yet at the same time if this is a recurrent thing where he constantly acts like a pertinent as well as unreasonable child, then you should not think twice before handing in your resignation as such sort of an atmosphere is certainly not conducive to work and is not going to be best for you. If you are a hard worker, then rest assured that companies will welcome you with open arms.

So these are some of the simple things which you can do in order to deal with your boss, in the event of him being in a bad mood. There are only two ways to deal with the issue, if it’s your fault, you try and improve the manner in which you work, if it’s a matter beyond your control, then you just let him be for a while and he will come around sooner or later.