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17 Interesting Habits of Exceptionally Charismatic People


Are you one of those individuals who find it difficult to interact with others as well as make friends? Do you simply envy those charismatic individuals who are able to mix well with others and seem to have it all? Here are the habits of exceptionally charismatic people, so even if you were not born with these habits it is never too late to try and improve yourself by developing these skills in yourself. These skills also pave out way as jobs for charismatic people.

exceptionally charismatic people habitsCharismatic People Habits You Must Know:

1. They know how to steal the limelight:

Charismatic individuals are not those that go and on for hours about boring and dreary topics which appeal to no one, rather they talk about gripping and interesting things which are instantly able to draw the attention of everyone present in the room. They are not people who just speak for the sake of speaking instead they are able to come up with intriguing conversations that are able to challenge and involve everyone on an intellectual level.

2. They speak very well:

In order to be charismatic, you have to have the gift of the gab, to be able to put forth your ideas as well as point of view in a coherent and comprehensive manner. Unless you have a speech impediment, which is excusable, you should try and develop this skill in yourself so that you can be able to impress people with your ability to give a monologue or an oration. Getting some help by attending some classes may help to boost confidence as well.

3. They have good social skills:

Charismatic people are easily able to mingle in any gathering as they have very well developed social skills. Everyone is instantly drawn to individuals who have naturally very good social skills as well as those who have good manners. It is often said that good manners can never go out of style, so if you are one of those individuals who are a little rough around the edges then you could always attend a grooming class to help you better yourself.

4. They have clear minds:

In order to be a charismatic person personality, you must have the ability to be able to focus on the positives and let go of the negatives. Charismatic individuals could never be the way they are if they were to be pessimistic. It is their clear and positive thinking that is able to make them so endearing and well loved. After all who does not like to be surrounded by a person who has his head on his shoulders and is always so positive?

5. They are altruistic and unobtrusive:

One of the most admirable habits of any charismatic individual is that he or she is able to do good without expecting praise or any material gains in return. It is only those with big hearts that are able to continue to give more than they can ever hope to receive. So if you want to become charismatic and much loved then you must develop this ability to be both altruistic as well as unobtrusive in your dealings with others.

6. They are well read:

Charismatic people are most often extremely well read. They are not the kind of human beings who read so as to impress others or even to appear erudite. Rather the fact that they are so well read is what makes them interesting and magnetic in the first place. However being well read or even highly educated does not naturally imply that one is charismatic. To be charismatic, in addition to being well read you have to have exceptional communication skills.

7. They are not uncomfortable with eye contact:

As silly as it might sound, some people find it very difficult to be able to maintain eye contact with other individuals. Charismatic people are those who do not shy away from making eye contact with individuals who they are in conversation with. When you maintain eye contact with the person who is speaking to you it means that you are silently communicating to them that they are your top priority and at the moment you are giving them your undivided attention.

8. They have positive body language:

People are instantly drawn to individuals that have positive body language, as they are always welcoming in the manner in which they conduct themselves. In addition to this charismatic people are very open, when they meet you they give you a warm hug or even a polite hand shake when you do well they do not hesitate to give you an encouraging pat on the back or even a good old fist bump! In most of the careers for charismatic people, this skill or trait is very helpful to them.

9. They have a wonderful smile:

The smile of a charismatic person is one of the things that instantly draw anyone to him or her. It will be one of those smiles that will truly be able to light up your day and make you feel good about yourself. So if you want to become a charismatic personality then learn to freely give out warm and genuine smiles straight from the heart!

10. They never lose their cool:

There are some individuals who are unable to keep their cool even when things go slightly wrong and then there are charismatic people who are able to think on their feet and easily come up with solutions to problems that may come their way. Under any circumstances a truly charismatic person, will not completely let himself go and start screaming or hurling abuses at his colleagues and family members when things do not go as planned.

11. They are very respectful:

No matter how rich, successful, popular or accomplished a charismatic person might be he or she will never think it is alright to throw their weight around. What habit of charismatic people that instantly draw us to them is their ability to be respectful to all living things, including animals. Men become extremely endearing when they acknowledge that women are not inferior to them in any way and they treat them with respect and dignity.

12. They think before they speak:

A charismatic person might not be one who constantly keeps talking, rather even if he says two sentences, they are bound to be powerful and intelligent. This is one of the defining habits that make charismatic people who they really are. In addition to speaking intelligently, they make sure that they do not talk unnecessarily or without reason.

13. They are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others:

Charismatic individuals are by nature very caring, this is why so many people hold them in such high regard; they constantly make sure that their actions as well as their words do not hurt or cause pain to their friends, their loved ones and even their acquaintances. They are not like those insensitive people that make jokes without realizing that they could be making others feel incredibly insecure about themselves.

14. They crack intelligent jokes:

When they notice that someone is feeling sad or under the weather, one of the first things that a charismatic person does is crack a few jokes to lighten up your mood. By virtue of his nature, a charismatic person is unlikely to crack an offensive or coarse joke that some people might find distasteful or even repulsive. Intelligent jokes that tantalize our intelligence a little bit are always much more appreciated than vulgar bawdy humor.

15. They are confident in their own skin:

In order to get others to like you, the first thing that you must ensure is that you love yourself and are not insecure or apologetic about the way you are. As opposed to what it might seem, charismatic people do not ‘Have it all’ they simply love themselves just the way they are. They do not try in any way to alter themselves or their habits so as to get others to like them and accept them. They live by their own standards.

16. They are not judgmental:

One chief habit of a charismatic person is that he or she doesn’t instantly jump to conclusions about people who they have just met. When you are non-judgmental then naturally people are instantly drawn to you and they feel comfortable that they have a shoulder to cry on or a friend to speak to when they think that others are going to think negatively about them.

17. Speak their mind:

Charismatic people instantly speak their mind without worrying about what others might think of them. They speak respectfully, so as to make sure that others feelings are not hurt, yet at the same time, they make sure that they get their views across.

So these are some of the chief habits of a charismatic person that instantly make them so welcoming as well as endearing to one and all. Having charisma is a gift, but luckily it is a gift that all of us possess and have the ability to develop.