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How to Make a Change in Appearance for Interview


When you appear for an interview, your chief aim should be to try and make a very good impression so that right at the onset of things you are someone who forces the recruiters to sit up and take note of you as someone who needs to be taken seriously.

When appearing for an interview it is of paramount importance that you look your best so that they think that you are someone who will properly represent the company. Given below are tips on how to make a change in your appearance for an interview so that you are able to dress in an appropriate manner and make a bold statement.

make change in appearanceIs appearance Important to get a Job?

The way in which you dress most certainly is an important factor when it comes to determining whether or not you will be able to get a particular job. Here are some ways in which your appearance plays an important role in helping you to bag a job.

Change in Appearance and Personality:

1. Looking good is bound to be a boost to your confidence:

There is definitely some truth to the very common saying that when you look good then you automatically end up feeling good as well, this having been mentioned, you must realize that when you appear for an interview you should always give your one hundred percent under all circumstances as well as at all times.

If you are nervous and intimidated when you walk in for an interview then chances are that you will not be able to speak well and put forth your thoughts in a comprehensive as well as coherent manner. When you dress up well then your self esteem naturally goes up as well and you do not feel inadequate and inferior to anyone in any way.

2. You will appear as someone who is very presentable:

When you look good on appearing for a job interview then naturally you will come across as someone who is very presentable. Companies are always on the search for those employees who in addition to being good at their own jobs, will also be able to interact as well as communicate with clients in a very effective manner.

Companies will certainly not want people who are not properly dressed to represent them at social gatherings or office parties where various people from the business world come together. They would not want someone unsightly to be part of their company at any cost at all.

3. You will come across as someone who is a perfectionist:

It need not be stated separately that nowadays, there is a great deal of competition between the various top companies and it is only those people that are at the top of their respective games that are recruited to these companies.

To be employed in a top firm you have to ensure that you are someone who is not good at merely one or two things rather you are an all rounder who is capable of handling a number of different things.

Dressing well, will silently communicate the fact that you are someone who is a perfectionist and is not willing to let go of even the smallest of imperfections. Being a perfectionist will in fact take you far in your career.

4. It shows that you are someone who takes their job very seriously:

If you take time to ensure that your appearance is fine, then you can rest assured that the recruiters and seniors at the company are going to believe that you are someone who is not casual about anything rather you take your job very seriously.

Companies want to employ those individuals who they know are not flippant and careless in their mannerisms. Rather, on the other hand they want people who are mature enough to know that working in a top company is no joke and you cannot take things lightly at any point no matter what.

5. That you know how you need to conduct yourself in a professional manner:

The manner in which you dress will directly point to the fact on whether you know what is expected of you in a professional environment or not. If you happen to walk into an interview in jeans and a t-shirt that you will not be able to bag the job.

No matter how capable you are, a company will not be willing to hire someone who lacks the basic knowledge of what is expected of him or her in a big office. One of the chief ways by which you can show whether you know how to act in a professional manner or not is through your appearance, so be mindful of this at all times.

6. It will give you an edge over the other candidates:

The very fact that you have been called for an interview shows that you are someone who is well read and has in-depth knowledge of things in your field. However, chances are that you are not the only one who has been called for an interview and there are other equally well educated and qualified people who you will have to compete with.

So in addition to brushing up on your knowledge you should ensure that you take care over what you are looking at as this could certainly give you an edge over the others who you will be competing with. Even a slight advantage could do you a world of good in the long run.

7. It reflects the fact that you must be organized in your manner of working:

Taking care over your appearance is of paramount important as if you are particular about the way in which you look, it silently communicates to the recruiters that you are someone who is organized in the manner in which you approach things and you are someone who can create order from disorder.

Someone who is neat and tidy, is usually someone who is neat in the manner in which he completes his work as well. So try your level best to mindful of this fact so that you are able to really shine in your interview. Taking things easy will not get you anywhere in the long run.

Importance of Appearance on a Job Interview:

1. You can instantly make a good impression as you walk in:

No matter what is said , that clothes don’t matter it is what kind of person you are that matter more, though there is some truth in these words in the ordinary world, yet in the business world this does not hold through much.

A person who looks good and neat is someone that will naturally be able to attract a lot of attention to himself or herself as opposed to someone who looks like he has just rolled out of bed. In the business world, the ‘look’ of something is very important whether it is a product or even a person. You must ensure that you constantly try to look your best so that you make a good impression in the mind of the recruiters.

2. You can ensure that you can be someone they will remember for a while:

As mentioned above making a good impression is important, yet even more important than making a good impression is making a lasting impression, so if you are someone who appears smart, neat and well dressed then you will surely be remembered by the recruiters.

In the corporate world, your chief aim should never be to try and fit in or blend in with everyone else, rather on the contrary you should always try your level best to stand out so that people remember you as someone who is novel as well as unique. Being one of the many is not something that will help you.

3. It allows you to concentrate on other aspects of the interview:

In an interview you are going to be judged on the manner in which you look, the manner in which you speak, the manner in which you talk, whether or not you have good ideas and also whether you are a good listener, so naturally all this having been stated, you have plenty of things to be nervous about.

However once you have made it a point to dress  up well as well as look worthy of being employed in a top company, then your problem about how you look ends right over there. So ensure that you look into your appearance well in advance so that at the interview you can concentrate on other things.

4. You must ensure that you leave no stone unturned when you appear for an interview:

On appearing for an interview, it is important to ensure that you do whatever is in your power so that you are able to bag the job and achieve something in life. You can never really tell who will be your interviewer and whether or not he is someone who is swayed by appearances or not.

So to avoid any complications later on, on the day of the interview, it is better that you come for the interview looking like you are really looking to impress the recruiters at any cost. If they see that you are someone who is genuinely eager to please, that is a quality they are bound to find incredibly admirable.

5. You wouldn’t want to come across as someone who is shabby and unkempt:

Dressing up and taking pains over your appearance is very important as you most certainly would not like to come across to the recruiters as someone who is unhygienic and dirty. If you seem unkempt and off putting right from the start then you can be sure that you are not the kind of person they will be wanting at their company. Taking pains over how you look only points to the fact that you love yourself and you respect yourself. It doesn’t point to the fact that you are an individual who is vein and proud.

6. If you look bad you might be immediately rejected for the post:

Anything can happen at an interview and this is something which you have to be prepared for at all points in time. So rather than being rejected for the job immediately based on how bad you are looking, ensure that you are dressed well and your hair is neat, shoes have been polished and your nails are clipped.

7. Always remember ‘First impression is the last impression’:

It is important to remember that the first impression is usually the last impression so based on what you look like during the interview that is the way that you will be seen for the rest of your stay in the company. So ensure that you respect yourself enough to look good, it is important to realize that if you do not respect yourself then you most certainly cannot expect others to respect you either.

Finally :

In conclusion it is important to note that if you spend a few extra hours trying your best to look good for an interview you can be assured that your efforts are most certainly going to pay off and that they are not going to go in vain.

Having mentioned this, you should not neglect the other aspects of yourself, like your theoretical knowledge and the documents which you ought to carry. Your appearance is one of the many things which you need to pay attention to when appearing for an interview but it is certainly not the sole deciding factor.