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Career vs Marriage: Which is more important for you?


There are many benefits to staying single while you are pursuing the career of your dreams. You don’t have to rely on anyone else’s opinions or restrictions when working your way up the corporate ladder or starting your own business.

That being said, there are many benefits to having a happy marriage while reaching your professional goals, as well. A spouse can offer happiness, stress-relief, and emotional and financial support throughout your journey.

Career vs Marriage

Do you have to pick one over the other, a career or a marriage, in order to get the most out of life or can you really have it all?

Here are 5 relationship advice tips to help you decide.

Career vs Marriage Relationship Advice:

1. Don’t Give Up Financial Independence:

Studies show that when it comes to marital conflict, arguing about money is the most salient and repetitive topic couples squabble over.

When you are single, you are able to run your life the way you see fit. You will not have to give up any of your financial independence or worry about providing for a family. This means that any excess finances or wealth that you accumulate through your business go directly to you. You do not have to worry about starting college funds for your children or spoiling your spouse. You don’t have to worry about excess car payments, date nights, or buying a larger home (unless you want to, of course.)

Being single also means that there is no risk that a divorce could separate you from your hard-earned money or assets.

2. Establish a Career for Yourself:

When you are able to establish your career as a single person, there are many benefits. For example, you won’t be held back from moving to another city or country in pursuit of your professional goals. You have discretionary time to spend working on your business.

Some may also say that it is easier to take professional risks when you are single because you don’t have a family to worry about supporting if your decisions go south. That being said, you will also lack the financial support of your partner if your career opportunities diminish.

As a single person, you can devote as many hours a day as you like to your work without missing out on family time or feeling guilty for being away. This lack of distraction gives your career more of an opportunity to take off – though it is certainly not a guarantee.

3. Start Dating at the Right Time:

There may be benefits to staying single while building your career, but there are also incredible benefits to being in a committed relationship.

For example, if your professional life takes off and you have an impressive income, it may make you wary of dating. You may start to wonder; do they like me for who I am or are they attracted to my wealth?

If you begin dating at the right time and give your spouse the opportunity to join you on your journey, they can be your greatest supporter and cheerleader. They will be there to pick up the slack both emotionally and financially. You will also be free of doubts about your spouse. You know that they love you for who you are and not what you make.

4. A True Partner Won’t Hold You Back:

Great relationship advice for finding the perfect spouse is to find someone who can adapt.

Studies show that adaptability is the most important aspect of a happy, thriving marriage. Life is always changing, so couples must learn how to thrive in new circumstances – especially financial ones.

If you have truly found the right person for you, they will not hold you back or make you feel like you can’t pursue your dreams. A loving spouse will support you and cheer you on. They will celebrate your successes and support you during times of distress.

5. Think Hard About Your Future:

The best relationship advice you can get for whether to pursue a marriage or career is to do self-reflection. What do you want out of your life?

When you picture where you will be ten years from now, do you imagine a spouse and children to come home to, or are you still working at building your business?

Think hard about what you want:

  • Will you be disappointed if you have not reached certain milestones throughout your journey?
  • Are you lonely?
  • Do you desire someone to share your life with?

If you do make marriage a priority in your life, it’s important to maintain a proper work-life balance. Great tips for doing this include:

  • Leave work at the front door
  • Have a regular date night to maintain an emotional and physical connection to your partner
  • Make time for the family each week
  • Prioritize your time
  • Know your strengths
  • Make goals and go after them

Doing these things will ensure that both your professional and personal life remain successful.

Final Thoughts:

Getting married should be about falling in love and finding someone who compliments you perfectly – not about meeting criteria on a checklist. If you want to pursue your career before settling down, then by all means – do it!

There is also much to be said for the love and support a partner gives and the joy they bring into you.

If you are looking for relationship advice on having a career vs. getting marriage, just know that the answer to this question is largely up to you. Which is more important in your life at this time?

Always remember, you can certainly do both.

Author Bio: Rachael Pace is a noted writer currently associated with She provides inspiration, relationship advice, support, and empowerment in the form of her motivational articles and essays. Rachael enjoys studying about today’s evolving forms of loving partnerships and is passionate about writing on all types of romantic connections. She believes that everyone should make room for love in their lives and encourages couples to work on overcoming their challenges together.