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Career Change Ideas at 25: Tips to Break into a New Career


A career change may not be a very easy option when you go to think about it. It involves risks and impediments of many kinds. Suppose one day after you have happily settled down in a job, you feel like quitting it. However, at the age of 25, this ordeal may not be that difficult. There would obviously be a number of things which you may have to do.

As people who would have just finished with their graduation or post graduation by the age of 22-23,  switching careers or their jobs after a year or two may come as a lesser surprise as compared to when you are 30 and plus.

However, making a career change at 25 requires precisions, decision and complete strictness to follow it. Here are some career change ideas which you can implement:-

career change ideas 25Best Career Change Ideas at 25:

The following mentioned are few career tips that help to choose a career path or how to make a career change at 25.

1. Do you really need to change your career?

Begin with a valid yet required question- Why are you doing this? The one thing which you must ask is whether if you are really unhappy about your job. There are people who sometimes throw the baby out along with the bathwater. They may not exactly have a clear idea of what they are doing. Thus it is better to analyse exactly why you are so keen on revamping your career before you even oblige to press ahead.

Changing career paths at 25 is a big option and you cannot just do this just because you are bored. Is the treatment you get at present position that has been dragging you down? Is the wok becoming too monotonous or your growth is stunted? Is it because of your rude manager that you are thinking of opting something like this? Is it your office colleagues or may be the whole act of going to office? Remember, Career change and career growth are two different things and one must carefully analyze that.

2. Start from the right place:

At 25, all you may need to do is have the beginning right. A interesting career change advice can come as a refreshing start if you act wise. All that you need to think is the fact that whether what you are doing is right or no. When you want to start at the right place, you need to go back to your basics and ask –will I be able to pull this off really well? Before asking others, the most important thing which you may need to ask could be what this change has in store for you. You should ask yourself what really ticks you. Don’t look at your CV and make decisions. Instead mediate and try to analyze what life has for you in store. Thus, think hard and chose a good start.

3. Dig for your passion:

At 25, if you feel like taking a break and following your passion, it will the most right time to begin. This may be the actual and right time to come out of the closet and declare your passion to your friends and family. At 25, you would be still that jumping kid trying to find one’s course. However some basic savings of yours or a student loan can help you kick-start with your aim.

Your passion finding needs to be that impactful enough though. It must be so that when you decide to go along with it, you will be answerable to every one of your close people. Thus, with the dedication and readiness you will be able to do it.

4. Know the job market:

25 is a good age of starting up something new and gives you a variety of options. You can be cautious enough and easily have an eye on the market needs and demands. If you know that what you take will be a different course altogether, you must be dedicated to follow it throughout your life.

Handling things sensibly by having a good peace of mind calls for wisdom. Examples may include that of Journalism. If you would have done engineering and choose career as a writer then you need to weigh the pros and cons of it. It is possible that at the age of 25, it may not be difficult for employers to hire you; people can still take you if they need you.

You yourself need to be that sure that you will stick to it and not sway off. However you should equally understand that you are a novice and have lesser experience than all your colleagues out there. Thus, if you know your job market well, you will be in a position to give something different to your company that others may lack.

5. Inquire about a course that you may want to work in:

There are many crash courses these days which help you attain jobs in your required field. You even get to do diploma courses. However, be very choosy and picky about what you undertake. Do not just think that you can hit it off, acquire some qualification and it will easily get you a job. Not all of these courses are equal and many may not even necessarily lead to jobs. Thus it is necessary that you ensure about the course’s employability rate before you even apply. There are some institutes which directly employ you after you have studied with them.

For example, many software engineers wanting to be the future animation master join good reputed colleges which directly place them in the industry.

6. Understand exactly what’s involved:

Decide really well before opting to take up these decisions. At 25, the decision to need a career change or changing jobs can also fail you, leave you alone and stranded. One should also be focused to find out what their new career choices will actually involve. Suppose if you want to leave job and do a business, you need to be aware of how risky it can also be.

It will involve immense profits but at the same time, it will be required for you to be stable when no one is around to help you. What you need to realize is that though it may make you get more money, you will need to be committed to it. Though the new choice of career will make you travel endlessly, you will need to be prepared for it.

The new job that you chose if asks you to be demanding, mean and ruthless which you may find it difficult to be-You will have to know what it takes for that. Thus these are all basic things which you must focus upon.

7. Be careful of how people label you:

Do not go out in resumes and interviews talking about how it was difficult for you to find a good career before. As you are young and still come in that bracket of below thirty, people will take you up for your energy levels and ability to run around. But if you go around talking about how you are a big example of terrific career change, things may go down for you.

No organization will take someone who is still not capable of deciding what they want. You need to present yourself as if you are in the ideal job position which you ever wanted. Also you must really try and consider the format of your CV. You don’t necessarily require your employer to primarily focus on your employment history.

One must design one’s resume in such a way that it actually starts with your (required for the job) relevant skills and also experience. Your career history can be buried in the next page. This is the right thing to do if you do not want to be a loser in the end. Thus look out for the future and present yourself as someone who will also be the future of their company.

8. Knock on the right doors:

At 25, you may find it hard to take important and complicated decisions like these. You thus need a helping hand. It can be a very risky and averse job market. Employers will be on the constant look out for somebody who would have done the job before and it is easy for them to get those people at the click of a mouse. Thus at such an age and time when you have absolutely no experience, the right career advice would be – Don’t look for jobs – look for people in the field.

You must actually go to them and tell them about how you are looking for an ideal job for yourself, find out what it may be involving and also ask them if they know of any of such opportunities. Be good to these helpers and keep an eye for some helpers from the industry who will guide you.

For example:

Asking them for a coffee can also be a nice way to chill out. When you show such involvement, the employer will feel happy. With your words, a convincing talk you must be able to make them look for you. Basically, be ready to lobby for yourself.

9. Do good internships:

Remember getting some on-field experience with no motive of profits can also be good. This can be a good way to steadfast your process of getting into the industry. Remember the Chandler in series of Friends. When he decided that he would have to do an unpaid internship, he did not say no.

An internship is the primary most stage of your new job career where you will be able to brush upon all your basics. Thus, being an unpaid intern at your age (25) may be a little difficult but it will definitely be a good start. Thus, internships can help you get closer to your passion job.

It will just heighten your chances of getting selected and being known among your probable employers. This is going to be a very good thing as far as meeting and hanging around people who will be associated to your new calling is concerned.

By acing in your internship you will be able to prove to them that you are the best and you do not require to be considered any lesser only because of your age or any other factor.

10. Be prepared to take small steps:

Be ready to take those small actions which can make you move forwards in specific and niche career directions that interest you. What can happen is sometimes in these small steps, you may not make sense but you may find what you have to do.

It will be possible for you to connect the dots when you look back and then make fruitful decisions. It can be the right way to go about it. Small talks, pep talks from others, or even conversing with others without a motive can give you hints as to what is required for you to do.

What is needed at this crucial most stage of your life is patience. You cannot afford to lose the belief you have in yourself. Remember, your choice is what makes you. It could be just better if you could hold up and wait for long till you get something. Internships, meeting people, waiting are a learning period in which you will build yourself. It will be safer to stick to your current job, find another back up job and then make the career switch. At 25, it is okay to move slowly. As you may feel a little too immature to rush with things . However, if change of career is the way to go then following above tips can be a good move.