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How to Bounce Back from Job Rejection? 13 Best Tactics


Any kind of rejection can be highly painful. Whether its loss or love or a job or a good friend, rejection feels horrible and can get really difficult to deal with. After all, nobody likes being turned down. It is natural to feel bad but that doesn’t mean your life has come to an end. By maintaining a good attitude, you can definitely bounce back stronger than ever. And the post will help you to deal with this reality of life like a grown up. So keep reading to discover more.

bounce back from rejectionTips to Bounce back from Job Rejection:

1. Try to focus on the right face:

We all know that the best remedy to any horrible feeling is talking to someone who loves and cares about us the most. But until that happens, you have to think of something else. And that is focusing on the right face. Look at the persons photograph for the next one minute. This will activate natural painkillers in your brain that will make you feel calm and more relaxed than before. This exercise in fact has been tried and tested by several universities and more than 40 percent declared that pain can be reduced significantly by looking.

2. Use Your Pen:

A second thing you could do is using your pen as an effective weapon. There is a popular technique used these days called self affirmation and it works wonders. All you have to do for this one is writing at least two paragraphs on that one thing that you value and care about the most. Explain how it affects your life and how it matters to you. When you do something like, you automatically become rejection resistant for the next couple of weeks. Ever wondered why? This is because when they crystallize who they were as people and the sources they had… their emotional section becomes more intact and they stop making a big deal out of their feelings.

3. Spend time doing something you like the best:

This is the third effective technique that works beautifully every time. Whenever you feel rejection or emotionally scarred, spend time doing something you really love will always help. You can play with your pets, speak to an old friend after a long time or play a sport that you liked best. Your self esteem will bounce back in the process and you will begin to recover faster.

4. Slip inside something hot:

You could do another thing that is very interesting… slip into something hot! Don’t worry. This technique has also been tried and tested by many and works well too. People who feel lonely should always take a nice hot shower or chill in the bathtub for a while. According to experts, it always works. Since you are given a cold shoulder by someone, you tend to shiver. So when you try something hot, automatically feel better. This is how it works. So next time you are feeling rejection, the hot shower should definitely be helpful.

5. Happy pills:

Another huge surprise for all of you! Taking happy pills shall do you good around this time. This will relieve you from sad feelings and improve mood swings as well. According to a study conducted by University of Kentucky, there will be reduced activities of emotional pain inside the brain, especially if 500 mgs are taken twice a day. The drug has half life or maybe just a couple of hours. But try not to make this a habit. This is definitely not recommended for a healthy lifestyle. If you are suffering with depression, then do take them frequently but after a point you should stop.

6. Game changer:

If you have been shot down around twice, there are possibilities you will see rejection and pain everywhere. It is natural and bound to happen. So what should you do at this point? Change your game. Simple! Game changers make you a stronger person and allow you to ignore social threats in the future. It will also stress your hormones level by at least 17% and help you enjoy life better. For this you will need to download Psych Me Up! This is an app developed by Marc Baldwin who is a PHD of McGill University.

7. Make some lemonade:

You must have heard that popular quote “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Well that is what exactly you need to do. Always know that everything that you desire for is not going to work out in life. If plan A has been shot down, there will always be plan B. And if that doesn’t work out, there should be a plan C in the last minute to pull you out. So try to think in that way! You should try to make some effective plans that will help you when things aren’t working out in your favour.

8. Use the rejection to improve yourself:

Rejection could be a great way to improve yourself. For some, it has been a very good wake up call. It could be one for you too. The publisher may have rejected what you have produced but you still need to work and take care of your writing. So what you should do is seek some advice from a friend who is reliable and give sensible advice. And once you have done so, you will realize where you might have gone wrong and that could be your wake-up call!

9. Don’t take it personally:

The one thing you should never do is taking rejections personally. Remember that rejections say nothing about a person. It simply means that they don’t want you in their lives. Getting rejected is a very regular part of life and it could happen to anyone. So don’t take it personally or don’t bother to make a big deal out of it. That would be a huge waste of time. If it is a relationship rejection, please know that this is not the end and that there are other men and women waiting out there to date someone like you. So relax and let it go.

10. Don’t try to seek revenge:

Another mistake you could be making is trying to seek revenge. That is horrible and will make you look like the loser if the person finds out. So don’t make that mistake. Always remember that things like these aren’t personal. It could be a call for you to look for someone else or try different ways to improve yourself. So take it like that and move on with your life.

11. Don’t let it allow to take over your life:

Do not make the mistake of letting rejection control your life or future. Remember it is a natural thing so you don’t have to dwell on it, rather ignore it. You need to be able to accept those things that aren’t going to work out in your life. So keep yourself move on in every situation. Thinking about the past are going to keep you stuck in your past and will not allow you to have fun in the present. So try not to spend a lot of time thinking about it. Know that it has happened and that you can move on from it.

12. Change your current state:

You should never choose to be in the same state once you have been rejected. Work towards changing it. Start off with changing the environment. This will not solve the big problems but when you relocate the physical self, there are chances you will let go of the dark emotions and embrace the good ones. Here you may use music as a weapon as well. Food also works well in cases like these. But please be careful. You don’t want to over indulge and put on extra weight.

13. Speak to a trusted friend:

When you are going through something like rejection, make sure to speak to a trusted friend. They are the only ones who can genuinely help you in times like these. And most importantly, you should have someone to be there for you. So avoid getting on social media to speak about your grievances and speak to them instead. They can be a great source of comfort and solace and pull you out of the bad situation you already are. And lastly, don’t complain all that much. Just accept and deal with it!

This brings us to the end of the list. As discussed above, rejection is hard to deal with and can lead to depression if it hasn’t been dealt with in the right way. If you try all of these tips, you will definitely find relief in life and heal faster. If you have something in mind or a few questions for us, please leave a comment below. We will try our level best to answer all of them. Till then, take care and don’t take rejections seriously. They are natural, a very important segment of your life and always teach you something.