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Blue Collar Jobs Advantages and Disadvantages


Blue collar jobs are not for everyone, but so are white collar jobs. If you want to ditch the corporate world and become a blue collar employee, then give this post a good read.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the several advantages and disadvantages that come with blue collar jobs and the different kinds of jobs that fall under this category.

Keep reading the article to know everything you must know about blue collar jobs in the post below. We promise you will find a lot of benefit from this.

Blue Collar Jobs Advantages Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blue Collar Jobs: Advantages Disadvantages
1 They can leave work whenever you want No mental stimulation as such
2 They always feel accomplished Loss of jobs to automation
3 There is no reason for you to hit the gym Hazards
4 Plenty of work all the time Social prejudice
5 They pay you very well Very few jobs
6 Very little stress Physical exhaustion
7 The student loans aren’t very expensive Less pay compare to white collor jobs
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Advantages or Pros of Blue Collar Jobs:

1. They can leave work whenever you want:

There are several advantages that come with blue collar jobs such as the right to leave from work whenever you want and having a better life as well. After the shift has been done, the persons loyalty may shift from their employer to their family.

On the other hand, white collar workers who happen to be in a managerial position will be asked to make sacrifices in their personal life in exchange for loyalty of their company. While the blue collar workers if forced to work for a longer period of time, such sacrifices must be well compensated and voluntary.

A person who has been kept off from the blue collar job also has a proper and defined skill which could lead to employment in other places but a white collar employee who is laid off shall be expected to learn several new skills.

2. They always feel accomplished:

Most blue collar workers always feel this sense of happiness most of the time. Someone who is working in construction could walk past a piece of infrastructure and know they have played an important role in it.

A factory worker may take a quick look at the final result in any handiwork or probably just check a few store shelves. Those who are service workers may also bring about a sense of happiness knowing that several people shall be able to benefit from their efforts.

There are several blue collar employees who have great satisfaction and skills knowing that they have earned their livelihood with skill and hard work.

3. There is no reason for you to hit the gym:

One of the most wonderful benefits of blue collar jobs is that you don’t have to hit the gym. With the amount of work you will be given, it will be simpler and easier for you to stay fit.

After all, blue collar jobs have a lot to do with construction. And that is exactly what shall be expected out of you. Plus health and fitness is such an obsession for most of you people.

This could be a great chance to simply workout without having to spend too much money. In short, not only are you staying fit but also saving up cash.

4. Plenty of work all the time:

This is literally one of the most wonderful benefits of working as a blue collar employee. You will have work all the time.

So if you have wanted a job that keeps you up and moving, the job of a blue collar employee could really help and benefit you in the long run! You wouldn’t have to sit alone in one place for very long.

You can be up and moving all the time when you are a blue collar worker. People who have been doing this job have always given us such amazing comments and feedback. We bet you will too!

5. They pay you very well:

If you are working as a blue collar employee, you can expect them to be very well paid. Most jobs as blue collar are very highly paid and have their salary that could up to six figures.

People who have plenty of experience in the right field could actually earn a $100000 a year. Can you imagine how much money that is? Even though it does come with a little risk, a white collar job is totally the best for people who want to be financially stable.

6. Very little stress:

With blue collar jobs, you can expect very little stress in your life. In fact, there shall be no stress in your life at all.

When you are working under this department, you will not be asked to submit tasks on time, come up with new exciting ideas and presentations and what not.

Most of the hassles that come with the corporate world shall not be enforced on you in this field. In short, you will be happy most of the time and miles away from stress.

7. The student loans aren’t very expensive:

Most of the blue collar workers can get on their job training or even attend a few training or technical colleges that may at times be paid by the government entirely.

Some of them actually don’t expect you to pay too much. Also some of them have these amazing scholarships you can make use of at one go.

Having to worry way too much about paying back the student loans is not something you should worry about being a blue collar worker. And that is literally the best benefit you could get.

Disadvantages or Cons of Blue Collar Jobs Today:

1. No mental stimulation as such:

This is the sad part about blue collar jobs. Unless you come to an ownership position or maybe a position where you are able to wield power and authority when it comes to making decisions, the work routine shall be repetitive.

There are however some really wonderful exceptions most of the time this statement holds. Such a flipside is that you will not be facing the same kind of stress when you are working as a disc jockey.

2. Physical exhaustion:

Even though you can really stay fit and stable while working in the construction company, the sad part is that he will have to deal with too much of physical exhaustion very often and that may at times get very exhausting.

You will have to deal with various weather conditions and what not in such weather and to be honest, all of that can really make people down and put you in a sorry state after some time.

3. Hazards:

Yes. This is true. You could be putting a lot of things at stake when you are working as a blue collar employee. You will be actually expected to do a lot and your life could put you at risk. Whether you wash the windows of a tall building or even sweep a mine coal, a lot could be put right here. The carpet tunnel syndrome must be the least of one’s concerns.

4. Social prejudice:

Whether you like it or not, there are many people who actually tend to look down upon people who work under this field. This never really amazes us because they are also the first person to call whenever they need something fixed in their house, maybe like their fridge or an appliance at home.

Speak about hypocrisy and this would be the perfect example. If you pick their career path, do know about this injustice and ignore them.

You should be able to make money instead so that you can have a better and bigger house where you can show off your lavish lifestyle and that will hopefully shut a lot of people up.

5. Very few jobs:

This could become a huge pitfall for anyone who has a blue collar career. So carefully read this section. The union leaders and politicians with some statisticians will spin this to serve all of their won interests and if you do a bit of your own research, you could surmise that the picture is quite bleak.

However I have to urge you not to let people cloud those facts. When the automation process comes, you will realize it is not bad at the end. Yes there might be a few dips and displacement when it comes to job creation and availability, but overall these new jobs and the areas or such inevitability will surface for all the blue collar workers.


Working in the blue collar field is certainly no joke to us. Even though you have several advantages that come with such jobs, you also have a few disadvantages that could disappoint you in the long run.

The whole point of this article was to give you the truth and a good idea of what you can expect. And if you like what you’ve read and found some benefit from it, you can let us know in the comment box below.

Also if you have questions regarding the job, feel free to raise them to us. We would be more than happy to answer all of them. On that note, good luck.