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How to Pick the Right and Best Coding Bootcamp?


Computer programming and bootcamp are becoming quite popular these days. Most importantly they are springing everywhere and have catered to a large number of people. Coding bootcamp help you learn, experience and share new things. Not just that, they assess your abilities and bring your strengths and weaknesses on the surface. It is hard to make an informed decision with very little understanding of history. But if you are willing to learn how to choose the best coding bootcamp, this post will be ideal! This article will help you learn which coding camp is good for you and which one should be avoided.

pick right coding bootcampWhat is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is defined as a technical training program where you will be taught different types and parts of coding and  programming. It will help you understand the current needs of the market and also allow you establish a startup of your own. Plus best coding bootcamps allow students learn coding with proficiency with special focus on some of the important aspects of coding. After finishing a coding bootcamp, you can easily solve real world problems.

40 Top Coding Bootcamps Around the Globe

1. Le Wagon 11. BrainStation 21. Founders and Coders 31. V School
2. App Academy 12. Thinkful 22. Tech Elevator 32. devCodeCamp
3. Ironhack 13. HackerYou 23. Fullstack Academy 33. LearningFuze
4. Bloc 14. Wyncode 24. Coder Foundry 34. CareerFoundry
5. Startup Institute 15. Codesmith 25. Dev League 35. Codeworks
6. Flatiron School 16. Code Fellows 26. Skylab Coders Academy 36. Grand Circus
7. The Tech Academy 17. The Software Guild 27. Ubiqum Code Academy 37. Coding Dojo
8. Epicodus 18. DigitalCrafts 28. Sabio 38. Galvanize
9. Tech Talent South 19. Dev Mountain 29. Code Institute 39. Lighthouse Labs
10. Makers Academy 20. Actualize 30. Hack Reactor 40. Launch Academy
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The Best Coding Bootcamps in NewYork(Nyc)

App Academy Sales Bootcamp
Product School Noble Desktop
Flatiron School Byte Academy
NYC Data Science Academy The Data Incubator
Hack Reactor Product Gym
BrainStation Grace Hopper Program
Codesmith Technosoft Academy
Fullstack Academy Velocity 360
Metis Shillington School
First Step Coding Insight Data Science
Data Science Dojo Principal Analytics Prep
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Top Coding Bootcamps Los Angeles

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Best Coding Bootcamps in India

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Guide to Choose Best Coding Bootcamp:

1. Ask yourself some important questions:

Before you pick a bootcamp for yourself, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. See whether you can afford it first of all. Most boot camps usually cost 200 dollars a month. Sometimes it can go up to ten thousand dollars if you are going for several months. So check first of all whether you will be able to handle it. Second, see whether you have all the needed coding skills. There are some boot camps such as thankful which have been made for those people who literally have zero experience when it comes to coding. Third, see the amount of time you can commit to this. Most of the boot camps run for three months. Check whether you have enough time for that. Finally, you should know if you are willing to move. If the program is close to your place, then it is surely not a problem. But if it isnt, then you have to consider moving.

2. Know the quality of the instructors first:

Before you pick a bootcamp you should be well aware if the instructors are good enough. Check whether the teachers are proficient enough. Second, are these guys professionals or have they recently got into the industry. Third, do any of them have experience when it comes to teaching? Fourth, check how many hours per week are they willing to teach and if they are available for extra classes. Fifth, will they be available to assist you at all times? These are some of the main questions you need to consider.

3. Check whether the bootcamp is too difficult for you:

You must also know if the bootcamp is too tough to handle. It is a deciding factor and can help you learn a lot about the difficulty of boot camps as well as application challenges. What you should do here is check whether the application is too hard or too easy. If it is either, then we would suggest you not to go. Once you have the answer to this, you will know whether the boot camp is idyllic for you or not. You should find a school that challenges you enough and helps you learn new things.

4. What is the language you are willing to learn?

Now you must consider the language you want to learn. Coding boot camps are all about teaching languages and not all of them are the same. If you would like to work on the web, then some actions we would suggest you to pick include Rails, Python and ASP.NET. There are other Javascript schools you may try out. If you aren’t comfortable with schools like this, then we can suggest you to try out Dev bootcamp and General Assembly. There are several options in your city as well. Look them up before picking the final!

5. What are your goals after finishing coding bootcamp?

This is also a very important part of choosing the right boot camp. You should know whether you want to land a good job or whether you are looking for a fine startup or do you want a company of your own in the future. There are many revenue models you can try. Some of them will charge you a recruiting fee. In some cases, the schools tend to be less happy about a student who wants to have a startup of their own after learning a code. There are other schools such as Starter Schools which are based in Chicago. It will help you ship your own products and also help you to become a founder of your own kind of business. There are other companies you may check out where graduates have worked earlier and have been benefitted as well. Rocket U is one example.

6. What does your coding background look like?

Like you all must be aware of how far some coding boot camps have expanded, there are some schools that have also narrowed down their admission requirements. So what you have to do is think about the current skills you possess. You must check if you have completed some online courses which help you learn basic stuff about coding. Also, see if you have experience on some technical projects. There are programming schools which claim they can help you learn any language in no time. There are some also which require you to have some kind of background and knowledge in coding. So you should find what kind of background skills do you possess.

7. Express some of your thought processes through this:

If you listen to all candidates who have described how they built it and the challenges that are involved with this, you will have a better idea about the process and how they can in the future handle some major projects. Michael Nutt who happens to the be the co-founder and chief technical officer said that by just hearing what the candidate has to tell, they tried to develop on some of the challenges. And that is what they look for while hiring most grads for a bootcamp. Doing this is much more important than getting all the answers right. If most of the bootcamp recruiters have enjoyed your thought process during an interview or some kind of coding test, they will accept you even if you skipped a few characters in your code.

8. The location is very important:

Do you know how important the location is? Yes! You should always consider this before making a final decision. Most of the bootcamp graduates stay in the same city where they have graduated. This also means that going to NYC for a bootcamp and then moving on to SF is a fine idea. There are people who have actually done this and it worked out well.

9. Come up with your own brand and presence before enrolling:

Most experts and mentors have a suggestion that they like applicants who have already built a strong digital presence along with a good paper resume. If you already have some coding skills or some kind of projects in development, there are several LinkedIn pages and make some kind of personal website… this could include your own coding skills. It will make you come across as more searchable and even professional. You should do as many things as you can before entering a bootcamp. In case you do not possess any of these skills, then try some of the beginner level courses that are available on the next.

In conclusion, we would like to say that coding bootcamp are always fun and a great way to learn, share and experience. Boys and girls, if you want to start a business of your own very soon… coding is something you should have an idea about. And coding boot camps will always help you in such fields. In case you were confused about which one to pick, we really hope you aren’t after reading this post. By following all of these tips and suggestions, you will definitely know which one is best for you. Plus when you have narrowed down your options to boot camps, you will know which one fits your plan the best. Make sure you have searched all application tips, course description and interviews before your choice is final. And if there is some feedback or suggestions you would like to give, feel free to comment below. We would love to hear.