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17 Best and Most Helpful Productivity Apps for PhD Students


Student life involves dealing with the long assignments, tests, exams, note making and all. The higher the class, the more will be the burden and more will be the work for you to accomplish. Being a graduate, post graduate is different from that of being a PhD student.

PhD demands inevitable work that demands quick action and timely work. The higher the class, higher will be the responsibility.

So, in between the responsibilities, one should try and make his or her work easy to do by making use of the various computer as well as mobile applications. A PhD student can make use of various applications like:

apps for phd students

Great Productivity and Best Apps for PhD Students:

1. Latex:

You might have got bored with Microsoft Word, so here is another solution and alternative to it, which is Latex. It is one of the type setting programs. All the documents here are coded in .tex format. In this application figures, tables and page numbering is automatic. It is best used while writing thesis or one can also make use of the preformatted template or make up of your own.

2. Bib desk:

This application is a bibliography manager. Simply you can also make use of it to connect and link to the papers you read. When bib desk is used in conjunction with latex, then it automatically formats citations and compiles a reference list in your final PDF format. Other applications which perform the similar job are mendeley etc.

3. Good Reader:

This is a super robust PDF reader with advanced reading, highlighting capabilities, excellent file manager, annotating, text file reader and editor, Safari like viewer for MS Office, audio/video player. It synchronises with Google Docs, drop box and many more. This application is highly advisable for reading and annotating best articles.

4. Evernote:

Evernote makes it easy for you to capture multiple things like images, videos, notes, articles, screenshots, audio recording and so on. You can easily tag your notes and organize into notebooks, share with your friends or keep them with you as private. This app is of universal nature as it is available for android, iOS and all other major platforms.

5. Documents to go:

Here you can view your documents, edit them, create in PDF, PowerPoint, MS office, word, excel and so on. You can also sync your important files in Google Docs and more. This app is available for blackberry, Android and iOS.

6. Blue fire:

This is one of the easiest apps for reading, highlighting, bookmarking and annotating PDF’s. Only with a single click, you are able to highlight the important, look up for a definition, share your excerpts via Facebook, twitter or any social networking site. Through this you can create a large library of books, organize books and can even export.

It also provides with a search option where you can search for a single word or a particular name, or even for a particular paragraph.

7. Dragon dictation:

This app is very easy to use. Dragon dictation app is powered by dragon naturally speaking. This app turns our voice into text and works in a surprising manner. This application is for iOS users only but gives us all in one voice solution.

8. Log me in:

This app is for iOS on your iPad or iphone. It allows you to have an easy access to your home as well as work computers. You can get your computer files and then edit from your iPad or iPhone.

9. Notability:

This app is also one of the easy using and accessible apps. This application helps a person to write, illustrate and even annotate with the help of links. Notability zoom window helps you to quickly draw every single detail that too with accuracy. This app provides you protection form unwanted marks. Only what you need to do is choose the right pen and paper for the project.

10. Wunderlist:

This is one of the easiest ways to manage your daily to do list. This helps in linking all your devices and keeps you on the top every time so that you are able to do what you want and when you want to do. It assists you in easily sharing your projects with your friends, colleagues and relatives or you may even collaborate you work with team and the group workers.

11. Instapaper:

This is one app which allows you to go offline and read what you like to. One can save a whole article into instapaper so as to read afterwards. You can even adjust the fonts so that you are comfortable in reading it. Such type of editing and offline facility and features are not available in any of the application.

12. Lecture capturing apps:

The students attending lectures may miss out many of the important points on the notebook. But now lecture capture applications are a great option.

Some of the lecture capturing apps are sound note and share your board. The sound note application is available for iOS. It acts as a notepad and the audio recorder.

By this way, it helps the students to record whole of the lecture both in audio and visual form. Another application called share your board is an app which allow users to capture the whiteboard and store all the data for later revision purpose.

13. Exam preparation apps:

There are many students who make use of applications in order to prepare for the exams. Some of the exam preparation apps are bench prep and TCY Exam Prep. These are android apps and widely used by the students.

14. Wake up apps:

The students of PHD have to work and study day in day out. For them remaining healthy is necessary and sound sleep is also of utmost importance. Some of the wake up apps is ‘sleep if you can’ and another one is ‘sleep cycle.

Sleep if you can‘ is the app which allows users to complete the task before the alarm turns itself off. This application also gives you weather update and protects you from scorching heat or clouds and rain by giving you an alert before stepping out of the house.

Sleep cycle‘ app helps in correcting user’s sleeping pattern by waking them up during their slightest sleeping phase. It first notes both the time and the movement when the user went to sleep.

15. Knowledge enhancer apps:

The students apart from their regular studies, one must also go through other knowledgeable things by making use of applications. One of such apps is
Socrative‘. This app is useful for students to prepare for quizzing and preparing various thesis and assessments.

16. dictionary and thesaurus:

Having such an application on your device helps you in enhancing your vocabulary as well as makes you aware of the technical jargon. This is the app used by students offline and can have its access any time being anywhere.

17. Healthy eating apps:

The healthy eating apps are also essential for the students. These applications give a person an overview of what things are healthy while which are not. A student has to keep himself or herself fit along with working hard, indeed the need of an hour and life.

Some of the healthy eating apps are Rock in Ramen (iOS) and meal board (iOS). These apps help student to make healthy things in few minutes thus giving them extra hours to study and complete their long assignments. These apps plan healthy meals, recipes based on what they have in fridge at that moment.


So above are some of the apps that are widely used by the students of higher classes. These apps help make students work easier and without any hassle free.

A student’s time is saved along with the money as some of the apps are free. It makes the work for a student easier as paper work is reduced and writing every bit is time consuming.

So these applications are time as well as money saviour. Most importantly, the student should not neglect his or her health while working and studying as it may affect health afterwards, which is probably not good.