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How to Become a Messiah: The Complete Guide


Messiah, as described in the Jewish and Christian history, is the saviour of humankind in the time of misfortune. The last Messiah will be the best pioneer and political virtuoso that the world has ever seen. He would be the greatest man to ever set foot on this mortal world. He will put these unprecedented abilities to use, to accelerate love for god in all individuals. As you may know, the messiah is expected to urge the general population to wind up saviours, and good feelings within every individual heart. Anybody who has the abilities can become a messiah, if he/she is truly interested in sacrificing everything for the love of god.

How to Become a Messiah

More about being “The Messiah”

The world is like a big family for us. Some people may have a family of two or family of five. Some people may not have a family. But for a messiah, the whole world is like his/her own family. Every mother is his own mother; every father is his father too. He considers every insignificant creature to be his own kind. And the ultimate father is our god.

Trust that God is salvation. Ask and get a free endless life by effortlessness. Implore the god by these precious holy words

“Master Jesus, starting today, I solicit you to fill up my life by your grace. I trust that you kicked the bucket for my wrongdoings of the Levitical Law and rose again from the dead. Master, I admit that I am a miscreant and I atone for my wrongdoings. Much obliged to you for excusing me and purging me by the blood of Jesus, the ideal sheep that paid for my transgressions. Come to my life and aide me to live for you starting now and into the foreseeable future”.

Fully accept and get salvation from the almighty:

The god is the only one in this world who can help the one in need. Remember that submitting you to god will help become a better person. Always believe that god is a supreme energy through which you can attain salvation. The world needs the heavenly power of the god to guide them to a better or new path and here the messiah is the only one who can do it. He/she is the only one who can lead the lost ones to the rightful path i.e.; the path of god. The path where goodness resides, the path god wishes us to follow.

Stop confessing for the bad deeds and keep believing that only gods grace can save you:

Confessing your misbehaviour or bad deeds to god won’t help you to receive salvation. If we do something against the will of god or not follow his path, it will only lead you to destruction. If we kept on doing wrong and just came to confess then it is no good. Just regretting on your past will not lead you to your betterment. Only gods grace can help you reach salvation and you will only attain gods grace, if you do good work more than bad ones. If you forget yourself and the past and only rely on god and also if you help others and take care of others with your own will, then these things will help you to get closer to the god.

Never have a doubt upon the god’s grace:

One shouldn’t avoid god’s grace. Of course one should do good deeds but refusing the grace will only come in the way of the salvation which is not preferred. We should never doubt on the grace of the god which has been enlighted upon us. God has given us this grace by looking at our current self. You should think about salvation and just keep on doing the work god bestowed upon you. God is our father and he knows the best for us. He wouldn’t lead us to a wrong path. So one should keep believing on his words or on his way of showing us the right thing to do.

Trust the god and keep following him:

One should forget or stop worrying about death and sins or anything else which is nowhere useful for the work of god. Only believe in Christ, the god of all as he is the one who will lead us to most righteous way to our salvation. So stop thinking about useless things and concentrate on your work of god. Do fine deeds and keep pleasing the god with your effort. He is the one who watches all of his children and does the best for them. The path of god is never easy, one must do his best to be on the right course.

The god’s grace is all you need for your salvation:

The god is the mightiest one and his grace is enough to lead to your desired salvation. Be free from your bad deeds by confessing it and cover it all up with your work of god. If you do more good chores then ofcourse god’s grace will shower on you. Remember that we are humans, not god, it is very oblivious for us to get distracted at some point of our life that why we should keep reminding ourselves of our work of god and what should be done to for the lord’s grace to remain with us.

Believe in him and his sacrifice, as we are the pitiful ones:

Always keep in mind that we are unworthy sinners which have been given so much that asking for more is completely unreasonable. God has given us so much that asking for grace is not desirable. One cannot be perfect like god but should try to follow his path and somehow reach his radiance. Only then a good salvation can be attained.

Find your fellow believers:

Find those people who have similar believes like you. Have meetings with them or talk with them regarding your issue. Help them in their work of god and they will help in yours. This chain will help you to get better in your way. Avoid the bad works and concentrate on the good ones.

Always believe on the righteousness of the god and whatever he is planning for you is the best. The god will show you the path of your salvation and you just have to follow his path with pure heart. The god loves his children and anyone who loves him with the equal trust of feelings will gain his lord’s grace. The god is the most indiscriminate one who will help you in all ways to reach your desired goal. Never loose your faith in god and always love him. Be true to yourself and always the people around you. As it is said that, if the person who can’t love the people he sees, how can he love the god he can’t see. So always help others in need and show the Christ that how much you love him. Only then you will reach your salvation through his grace and can be a messiah.