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How to Become a Good Database Developer?


In every industrial society that is modern and civilized, it is highly important to have computer networks and some good electronic databases which can be considered as the backbone of this field. The information that is available will first of all allow most individuals and businesses to save, put together and manipulate the data with very smart techniques that are efficient and have resulted in a good increase in individual and business productivity over the last couple of decades. Nonetheless, in this article, you will be taught how to become a database developer. No, it isn’t very easy but surely is worth your time.

become good database developerTips for Becoming a Database Developer Expert:

What is a database developer’s job like?

A database developer’s job is quite cumbersome and time-consuming. The first and the most important skill that every database developer needs to have is the capacity to come up with new designs for normalised databases. The essential skill here is this one and can never be over emphasised. A second skill is to be able to demonstrate the ability to come up with several SQL inquiries that include indexes and several other database objects such as tables, functions, views and constraints. You will also know how to update, delete and insert SQL inquiries that will utilise the inner joins and other sub inquiries.

What education do you need?

Obviously if you want to become a good database developer, you will have to have some education. Yes, you don’t always have to complete a degree to end up in this field. But it is important to have a general idea on this. The employers will usually require you to get a high school diploma and a general course in college. Plus if you want to make yourself more attractive and trustworthy to the employees, make sure you have tried a couple of additional courses.

Come up with a portfolio:

A portfolio would be good if you want to impress clients and become a database developer without any degree. There are many people who like to get a professional certificate done. You might have already come up with database system for your fantasy football stats. Always make it a point to polish them and use them to show your employers what you are capable of.


If you haven’t got an official degree in this field, it would be good if you get hold of certificates. That would certainly help you in the long way. Certification is something that is very important for database development, especially those who do not have any professional experience. Oracle and Microsoft happen to be the two biggest players in the market, especially when it comes to the database sector and other certifications such as Microsoft

Certified IT Professional:

Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL5. Developers have good credentials that are always liked by recruiters and employees

Know about database programming languages:

Another thing you need to get done is database programming languages. Structured Query Language, SQL programming happens to be a standard for most management systems which are a database in nature. Several versions of SQL are present in the current generation but they all possess the same and basic command structure. There are plenty of other database developers off late who like to use Visual Basic and Java so that they can come up with a general custom mode that will improve the interfaces of the person who is currently using.

How to Become a Database Developer:

Here are a couple of tips and ideas that will tell you the roles and responsibilities and SQL skills one needs to possess to become a database specialist.

Establish a strong database:

The first thing you need to do is establish a database that is strong. You should learn about Regional Database design. It could help you in several ways. Once you have finished that, try to come up with a small normalised database which will help you make use of one to one and one to many relationship strategies.

Come up with a database that is bigger:

The next thing we must tell you to do is establishing a database that is highly complex. If your current database project contains only four tables, you could always try something like bigger database projects that will have around 6 tables in total.

Give some feedback in return:

Another important thing to do here is give some feedback in return. You could ask someone else who is already successful in this field to give you back some review on your current set up. You could incorporate that into the next task which helps you involve and establish a new and better database.

Take several interviews:

If you want to master this, you have to take several job interviews. You should write a resume that is professional with all the database buzzwords written properly. Make it a point to also add some of the summaries that fall within all the database projects. Once you have done that, do send all your CV and samples to every job recruiter or company you are aware of. The more resumes you send and the larger number of interviews you attend, the higher is your chance of getting into this field.

Take as many practice tests as you can:

You should also take several practise tests and quizzes on matters related to database development. This will help you understand how far your knowledge has expanded and how much more do you need to know in order to nail that test. The more you know, the better it is for you or for anybody who wants to become a part of this field. Plus if you are able to get above a 90 percent in most of your tests, it means you have nailed it!

What Kind of Education and Credentials Do you Need?

Every database developer should have excellent credentials if he or she wants to excel in this field. We have lined up three types just for you!

Communication Skills:

First of all, you need to have good communication skills. There are several SQL developer who have very good hand written as well as verbal skills. This is probably because they work with managers, customers and other programmers who are very much a part of this business. Plus speaking to these people on a regular basis improves their communication skills a bit more.

Functional Skills:

A second point comes functional skills which is important as well. There are several hands on database skills and SQL query writing skills which will not only give you credentials but also help you learn a lot more than you expected. You should have good knowledge on the principles and some practise or idea on the regional database designs. This also includes SQL Querying.

Formal Credentials:

You should also possess a couple of formal credentials. A good four-year college degree will take you a long way. The employers will always care about your functional skills than they will about any other college major of yours. And there is no need for you to have a computer science degree if you want to excel in this field. You could have an MBA degree as well and that would suffice. As far as you are well aware of this business, nothing should stop you.

What kind of software should you be using?

Most of the good database developers are very careful when it comes to the kind of software they should be using. According to our recommendation, you should definitely use Relational Database Management Systems. There are other data management systems such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Some of them have a programming language that is quite common and used among others popularly. However, it is Relational Database Management Systems that uses its own version of SQL differently. Examples of data management systems would be Microsoft Access SQL. SQL could also be used to come up with different kinds of database structures such as Data Definition Language which can be used to maintain or query the data that has already been stored in some of the database. One of the names that are quite often used in this field are called Data Manipulation Language or DML.

This completes our list of things that you need to get done in order to become a successful database developer in the future. If you have a couple of questions regarding this field or have some interesting points to tell us, please feel free to comment below. Hopefully, we will be able to answer all your questions. And in case you don’t have any idea on database developers, make sure to follow all these points mentioned step by step. Not only will you be helped in the field but also learn how to become a good database programmer. On that note, good luck!