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How to Become a Ballet Dancer (Ballerina): 17 Tips


What Does it Take to be a Ballerina?

One might think that choosing to be a professional ballerina is a rather unconventional career path to choose, yet what most people do not know that it is not only becoming a ballerina rather tough, but there is a great deal of competition between those who wish to make it big in this field.

If you want to know how to be a ballerina, you must ensure that you are willing to give it your best. If you are not willing to commit yourself entirely then this is certainly not the line for you. And, If you are serious about becoming a ballerina, then you should follow these steps to help and guide you along the way.

how to be a ballerina

How to be a Ballerina: 17 Best Tips

The following mentioned are a few tips to become a professional ballerina. They are

1. Formal training is an absolute must:

To become a ballet dancer, it is very important to seek formal ballet training. You cannot expect to make it big in the field if you do not seek the right kind of guidance and help.

You must get professional ballet training from the best. Ballet schools and academies are available in all big cities and you should be willing to spend the money if you want to make a career out of this ballet dance form.

Invest the money and you will be able to reach very rich dividends in the time you come. Having a good teacher and mentor will be of the immense source of guidance, help, and support.

2. Go in for some ‘cross training’:

To be a ballet dancer, you must ensure that your muscles are strong and powerful. In addition to the training which you receive, you should spend your time doing some cross training as well.

Cross training implies doing some other physical activity which will help you to keep in shape and increase your strength. Such training can include activities like hiking, cycling, yoga, power walking, etc.

Indulging in these things will be of immense help for you in the future. As you do more cross training your body’s stamina will increase.

3. Starting at a young age is the best option:

Ballet schools accept children who are as young as five or six years old. When you train children from a young age, not only do they develop an interest in the dance form at a young and tender age but they also can become graceful and petite as well.

Once a person is too old then he or she will find it tough to train the body to move in a distinct manner in which a ballerina does. Maintaining a ballet body or ballerina body is difficult for elders when compared to young ballet dancers.

4. You must be willing to dedicate a lot of your time to it:

If you wish to become a ballerina you cannot think that one or two hours of praise per week is enough. You must dedicate a lot of your time to the dance form if you wish to choose it as your career path.

The more time you dedicate the better it is going to be for you. If it is truly your passion then it will not seem like a burden upon you, rather you will enjoy your training sessions and you will continue to try out the new things which you have learned at home as well. So ensure that it is something that you are genuinely interested in.

5. It is certainly not as easy as it looks:

Doing ballet might look very easy but it is most certainly not. One cannot become a ballerina overnight and it takes years of practice to even be able to point your toes correctly.

A ballerina is the picture of dignity and poise, these things don’t come easy. Not everyone is cut out to become a ballerina especially if they have no coordination and they are unable to move easily.

A true ballerina is a pleasure to watch as a dancing ballerina move resembles that of a delicate swan.

6. Attention to detail is an absolute must to succeed:

Wanting to become a ballerina is not merely enough; you must ensure that you have what it takes to become one. Paying attention to detail is very important if you want to become a ballerina.

You must ensure that you pay attention to every little thing your teacher is showing you whether it is the movement of her hands or how she is positioning her feet.

Every mistake you make will be noticeable on stage and that is why you should spend your time trying to perfect whatever is being taught to you and ensuring that your lines are perfect.

7. Developing a team spirit is very important indeed:

If you wish to be a ballerina you must ensure that you are someone who can work well in a team and that you have no trust issues. Most performances are put up in groups and if you are unable to get along with others then you will not do well as a ballerina.

So do try and work on your people’s skills and ensure that you do not let jealousy or other petty things come between you and your success. Have your head on your shoulders and always be willing to help a person who is in need.

8. Your personality must be very powerful indeed:

To make it big as a ballerina, you must ensure that you are not someone who moves along with the herd and have a powerful personality of your own. You should let your personality shine forth even when you are dancing in a group.

In addition to this, you must ensure that you have the confidence to put up a performance all on your own without feeling shy or scared. Opportunities to perform solo do not come along often and that is why you should ensure that you are making the most of whatever chance is given to you.

9. Maintaining a healthy ballet diet is of paramount importance:

Eating correctly is a very important part of becoming the best ballerina. You must ensure that you do not get tempted to eat fatty foods that will make you put on some weight.

Your trainer or teacher bound to give you a ballet diet chart and you must ensure that you follow it carefully.

A professional ballet dancer or ballerina doesn’t starve herself; rather she eats the right kinds of food which will keep her in shape in addition to providing her with plenty of energy. Drinking a lot of water is also very important.

10. Physical stamina and strength is an absolute must:

A ballerina might look thin and lacking in strength but they are very strong and have tremendous strength and stamina. In addition to being physically able, a ballerina must have a great amount of fortitude to deal with criticism and rejection that might come her way.

Even a minor mistake can cost her a lot and that is why she should accept all trials with courage. A ballerina always expects to control and never give vent to her emotions in a loud, crude and undignified manner.

11. Taking some rest is very important as well:

To become a ballerina you must be willing to dedicate a lot of your time to training. Yet in addition to this, you must ensure that you do take some time off as well and give yourself a break occasionally.

Many people in the attempt of becoming professional dancers like ballerinas overwork themselves and over time they lose their actual passion for the ballerina dance form and think of it as just a dance career.

No matter what, you should ensure that you retain the love which you have for the dance form and continue to keep the fire burning within you.

12. Go one step at a time, don’t try to overreach:

As mentioned above seeking formal training is the best thing to do as a teacher will help you to go one step at a time. You should ensure that you are perfecting one thing at a time rather than trying to be a Jack of all trades.

You should not be in a hurry to learn new things, just take it easy and go with the flow. Not everyone has the same ability. Some people can pick up things faster than others.

13. Having the proper clothing is very important:

To become the best ballet dancer you must acquire the right costume or dress so that you did not merely look the part but you also feel like a true ballerina. The costume is usually very delicate looking.

For ladies, the uniform most often consists of some stretch tights, a leotard as well as a skirt which make of georgette fabric. The costume is light and facilitates movement. At a young age, ballet dancers usually dance without any kind of footwear. Yet when they grow up their teacher advises them to put on special kinds of shoes.

14. Learn to deal with the injuries that will occur:

Injuries are a part and parcel of being a ballerina. If you wish to become a professional ballerina you must be willing to deal with the injuries and not let them get the better of you, no matter what.

You should read up to know how the body functions and the various pressure points in the body, so that you can minimize your injuries.

15. Take notes from other professional dancers:

In addition to paying close attention to whatever your teacher is teaching you at a given point in time, you should ensure that you watch the performances of other dancers as well and allow the things which they are doing to influence your style as well.

The more you learn and expose yourself to the better it is going to be for you. Don’t let your knowledge be limited to what one teacher is telling you. But, ensure that you do not confuse yourself trying to take in too much from various diverse sources.

16. Do not be afraid to experiment and implement your ideas:

Once you have taken note of what your teacher has told you as well as what you have seen of other professional dancers, you should try to experiment a little more and put your ideas and practice.

Ballet is, after all, a form of art and you should not shy away from changing things to suit your self. Start from the bottom, acquaint yourself with the ballet basics and then go ahead and expand your wings.

You will be surprised by what you are capable of doing. A truly good ballet dancer has courage in her own belief and never doubts herself.

17. Learn to express your emotions via your dance:

Ballet is a beautiful dance form and you should look at it as a means to channelize your energy and express your emotions. Very often what people are unable to express via their words, they can convey via their dance.

The more you practice the more proficiently will you be able to do this? If you are feeling sad, do not stay away from your ballet class, rather use the opportunity to vent your emotions and let people know what you are going through via this powerful medium.

So after going through the steps on becoming the best ballerina in the world, you must have understood that your path is going to be fraught with a lot of obstacles. If you give in and lose faith in yourself, then you will never be able to achieve success.

Continue to have faith in yourself and your abilities and you will surprise at what you will be able to achieve. Take one day at a time and constantly practice what has taught to you.

Over time, you will be able to become a successful ballerina that is poised, graceful and a delight to watch.