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How to Ask for a New and Better Job Title (Change)?


There are some job titles that give you this sense of respect. You come across as a more stable and accomplished person once you’ve been awarded with a good post. Plus a title will always have an impact on your career and the way in which your employees and seniors will behave.

Of course, you can expect them to be more respectful and cordial towards you. So if you are looking for a title that will boost your personality and appearance then make sure it matches your qualifications. You must also have a long talk with the boss if you really are looking forward for a change.

In this article, you will learn the top and easy ways using which you can ask for a job title change. So keep reading!

ask for better job titleHow to Ask Your Boss for a Job Title Change:

1. Gather a list of all your accomplishments:

If you want to change your job title, you must show how capable and well deserving you are of it. So we would suggest you to you in cases like this to open a new folder of file where you can keep a track of all the experiences you have gathered so far and places where you have achieved great things. This should however be related to the title you would like to change to.

If you want to go from Projects Manager to Projects and Marketing Manager, you have to come up with a long list of tasks that are related to handling projects as well as handling marketing jobs. Here you must mention the skills you possess. Also add some letters of recommendation from your clients and seniors.

2. Have a meeting with your boss:

A second thing you must do is having a thorough discussion with your boss. And if you want to make that happen, you must set up a meeting with your boss. If you would like your boss to take it seriously and give you a title change, you should send them an email and ask for a 30 minute meeting.

This will be a chance for you to discuss the issue. Also mention in the email that you would like to discuss changing the title of your job. You must remember to be dedicated while the meeting is conducted so that your boss has enough valid reasons to give you a chance and grant request.

3. Having very little control:

In case you happen to have a job that expects you to control others or if you are expected to speak to customers after which you will make decisions for the benefit of the company, make sure to pick a title that will explain the standing, you have with the company.

Plus in case the job title does not speak much about your position, then there is very little respect you can expert from your juniors. You will have to speak to your manager if you would like the title to become official or even apparent.

4. What you should know about negotiation:

In case your company is on a schedule that is very tight, there are chances your boss will be more than happy to give you a better title instead of salary raise. There are several titles which could help you resume look better. This will also let you land a better job in the future. So when you are speaking to your boss about making a change in your title, make sure you are doing it in very private.

If there is some kind of title that you have in mind, then speak to your boss about it. Don’t do something too over the top like becoming vice president. Choose something that is normal.

5. Think of all the things why you need to change the title:

You will have to sell yourself to your boss if you want them to allow you a title change. So its best to prepare yourself from beforehand. You should think of reasons as to why you should go for another job title.

One example can be used to help you understand. If you have been doing things that are outside the job description on a regular basis, then prepare a long list of the tasks you have completed so far.

You should also add some of your best qualifications. Plus mention how some of them can help the company. This will give the employer a good impression about you. It will also portray you in a positive light.

6. Boosted Responsibility:

In case you have been noticing some of your work responsibilities improve after a time without some kind of change in the title, then we would suggest you to take some time and speak to your boss.

Negotiate about the title and how you deserve this. Even talk about the new salary package. Also you must develop a proposal in written. Here you should mention all the responsibilities you have handled with great care and the significant highlights made so far.

Make sure to talk about the contributions you have made. Plus if you go by our recommendation, we would ask you to speak to your boss in private where you can talk about your case freely.

7. Politics should be thought of:

When you are thinking of the new title you might take up, you must think of politics at least for once. According to famous experts, it is the right away to go about something like this. They also recommend you to refrain from choosing those titles that are similar to the titles some of your peers and seniors have taken.

In that way, you will be competing with them. It will also create a lot of unnecessary stress. Plus competing with a senior is never advisable. Also do not go for a title that will make you reach a higher level of authority… something you might not be able to handle too soon.

8. Bring it up once again:

If your boss doesn’t agree with the title of getting a title change done, you should ask him what needs to be done so that he can change his mind in the future. There are chances he will say that you will have to show much more responsibility and that the performance should improve.

Additional tasks that are given to you should be taken care of. After this you can tell him that you would like to revisit the issue after a couple of months. You should in cases like this send him an email which shows what you need to complete. Also show that you will have to keep in check with him always about the progress and that you are very much interested in meeting him in the future related to title changes.

9. Don’t confuse the title!:

There are some cases where the title does not perfectly describe what you are currently doing. Some of them create a whole lot of confusion among clients. An example can be used to explain this. There are several titles such as specialist and representative that are so boring and vague. Plus they don’t even give enough idea on what your work is about.

There are cases where some clients will not be able to understand what kind of work you really do. They might also ask you for a explanation. In case, you see that the job title in getting the way of how you should be doing the job, make sure you tell the manager about it.

Also you must mention all your problems to the boss when you request him for a job title change. Speak about the problems which are associated with the job title and how changing will be of great help to you and the company.

10. Be polite and clear:

When you are speaking to your boss about the job change, make sure you are polite and clear enough. Don’t beat about the bush for too long. If you are too nervous, then we think you should rehearse a good speech.

Not that you will remember everything, but at least you’d be more confident! And make sure your words are clear enough. Often people fumble out of nervousness. Make sure you aren’t one of them. Be as nice as you can while speaking and be straight to the point.

Asking for a job title change is certainly not easy. There is so much you have to consider before asking your boss. Plus the way you handle the conversation and what you say to him is also significant. Hopefully the article has answered all your doubts and queries. If you have gone through all points carefully, you will easily be able to ask for a better job title. On that note, good luck. And if you have a couple of questions you’d like to ask or some opinions you want to express, feel free to comment below. We would love to hear!